Monday, October 23, 2006

I do a lot of bitching and whining
But tonight I'm doing my bitching and whining over here.
Thom Yorke says that How to Disappear Completely is his favourite Radiohead song.

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Allison said...

Great post on the Strombo blog!
I feel bad, because I can fully take advantage of watching The Hour at 8 and 11, but I don't. This season I'm watching it mostly online. My tv watching has basically stopped this year. Also, 8pm is just not a good time, I'd perfer 9.
Love that Radiohead song. I'm not the best person to ask if its the 'best' or not. I've been saying 'I'm not here' all day, so people will stop bugging me so I can get work done.

Oh, just got your email. Very happy the cd package arrived for you! Whoohoo. You never know with Canada Post ;)

michelle said...

It's always a sad day when one of your favorite shows gets the scheduling heave-ho. You made your point very eloquently Barbara, beautiful post. Sad, but poignant.

How to Disappear Completely is Thom Yorke's favorite song? That's interesting, I kind of have to wonder if it wasn't written during a bad phase in his life that's now very meaningful in retrospect. The lyrics suggest it might, but that's me re-interpreting the song. :D

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Allison! 9 is the best time to sit down with The Hour, I agree, but I'd settle for anything between 7 and 10.

So you've learned how to disappear completely? Very handy trick when you are trying to get work done. I can't say if it's their best either, although it is fabulous, but it's interesting that's the one Thom picked. Well you knew it wouldn't be Creep!

LLLLOOOOVVVEEE the cds - thank you again every so much. The next few days will be filled with blissful listening.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Michelle! It's nice that you thought I was doing more than just griping and moaning (because it kind of felt like that to me). I do have an extra hour in the evening now though!

You are probably quite right on the lyrics, Michelle, and that seems to be a common thread amongst a lot of Radiohed songs. Thom's just an angsty little feller I guess, and that's why I love him.

mellowlee said...

I'm not sure what my favorite Radiohead song is. I always have a hard time picking favorites! I liked your post on the Strombo Blog too. It makes me sad, but I'm absolutely exhausted staying up until midnight, and getting up at 6am (remember, I'm the girl who NEEDS 8 hours sleep a night, or more)
I love watching it with Sean and Devon whenever I can peel them away from their programs/computer stuff.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't stay up till midnight either, Mel, especially to watch a show that engages your mind the way The Hour does. And, like you, I like to watch it as a group.

btw, I have about a dozen favourite Radiohead songs.

phlegmfatale said...

I just had a dream that we were meeting at a folk music festival. My mom was wearing a black lace dress by Laura on Project Runway, but the neckline was way too plunging, so my modest mother painted on black shoe polish from her navel to her neck. Anyway, I can't tell you who was playing, but we were just about to go on stage and we were having a great time.
Oh, and as for The Hour - give 'em hell - I HATE when a network burns their established viewership - it's SO insulting. I hope they change it back for their sake and for yours.

Ben Heller said...

I think the song must be very personal to Thom, it's a great song and gorgeously produced as is nearly everything off "Kid A", but I wouldn't put it in my top 10 Radiohead songs.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What an amazing dream, Phlegmfatale! Your mom is so inventive. It would be great fun to meet up at a folk festival sometime, wouldn't it? Especialy if we get to go on stage.
The Hour did quite a reworking of their focus and also are shown on the main CBC channel (in addition to Newsworld) this year, so they made a lot of changes, not all of them for the better.

It is a lovely song, but not in my top 10 either, Ben. It would be interesting to learn the story behind that choice though.

Karen said...

I agree, great post Barbara. I have yet to see a single episode of the Hour this season. It's just on way too late for me. It makes me sad.

John Mutford said...

The time zone actually works for me. But I can see your beef. When I lived in Newfoundland everything came on at a ridiculous time.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Karen. It's rather disheartening, isn't it? Damn them, they get you hooked on a show and then they up the ante. grrr.

Another bonus to living in Nunavut, John!
I can completely understand that with such a huge country, somebody is always going to miss out, but somehow the Newsworld episode manages to be aired at 11:00 across the country...