Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm It!

Mellowlee tagged me. I won't be tagging anybody else, because I know that some people love these things and some people hate them, but if you want to join in, please do. Let me know if you do so I can come read up all about you.

1. things that scare me
- blindness, Alzheimer's, tornados

2. people who make me laugh
- you guys, the team of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Steven Colbert

3. things I hate the most
- bigots, people who park like assholes, clutter

4. things I don't understand
- calculus, how time speeds up as I age, why I can never remember where I left my reading glasses

5. things I'm doing right now
- listening to the Jesus and Mary Chain, laundry, admiring my new office/spare room from the comfort of my BONNY chair in front of my JERKER desk

6. things I want to do before I die
- publish a wildly successful and incredibly sassy magazine in which I can write whatever I want, learn to take decent photos, spend summers in a cottage in Muskoka

7. things I can do
- bake bread, write, drive a tractor

8. ways to describe my personality
- amiable, curious, opinionated

9. things I can't do
- cartwheels, drink hard liquor, make decisions

10. things I think you should listen to
- Canadian bands, your conscience, rain on the roof on a cold night

11. things you should never listen to
- religious fanatics, infomercials, bigots

12. things I'd like to learn
-architecture, web design, how to run my own business

13. favourite foods
- curry, anything containing oats, grapefruit

14. beverages I drink regularly
- water, coffee, red wine

15. shows I watched as a kid
-Star Trek, Bonanza, Hawaii 5-0


She's Crafty said...

Hawaii 5-0, always makes me want Hawaiian punch!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It always made me want to handcuff someone. I always like Jack Lord's fringe when I was a kid, Sarah.

Allison said...

I love your IKEA caps (at least I think they're ikea things). So jealous you can drive a tractor, really.

Grapefruit is such an underrated fruit.

Barbara said...

10. things I think you should listen to
- your conscience. LOL
Good one.
You can drive a tractor but you can't do cartwheels?

Leazwell said...

The original Star Trek w/ Shatner, yes? YES!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

They are indeed IKEA things, Allison. IKEA is all about the CAPS.
It's been a few years since I drove a tractor, but I'll bet I could still pull it off.
Grapefruit doesn't get near the respect it deserves. Glad you're a fan too.

Thanks Barbara W. But ummm, I'm searching my brain and can't see how tractor driving and cartwheels are at all related.

You know it Leazwell! The original Star Trek, with the one and only, the magnificent William Shatner. Nobody can chew up the scenery like that guy, to this day.

John Mutford said...

Sorry to do this here, but my blog's a book blog and I can't make this fit. So, if you're still interested:

1. things that scare me
- money

2. people who make me laugh
- the Simpsons (well, the writers I guess), Conan O'Brien, Corner Gas writers

3. things I hate the most
- losing things (though this changes depending on my mood)

4. things I don't understand
- child abuse

5. things I'm doing right now
- putting off showering, uploading pictures to develop at Futureshop

6. things I want to do before I die
- a LOT more traveling, publish a collection of poetry

7. things I can do
- sing O'Canada in Inuktitut, pee standing up

8. ways to describe my personality
- specific

9. things I can't do
- speak French, stop when skating

10. things I think you should listen to
- Barbara B's recommendations

11. things you should never listen to
- the voices

12. things I'd like to learn
-French, how to fix a car

13. favourite foods
- Ethiopian food, cheese

14. beverages I drink regularly
- tea and coffee, lots of tea and coffee

15. shows I watched as a kid
-Three's Company, Hercules

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Of course I'm interested, John, and I am honoured that you would trust this sensitive information to my blog, because you know CSIS regularly visits here. Oh you didn't know that.

Funny that you should mention money - you are the second person recently who mentioned their discomfort with money. I can certainly understand what you mean, but like to think that I could handle having money very graciously. At least I wouldn't mind trying.
I can do neither of point 7, so I applaud you.
Thanks for the pat on the back, and I have to agree that it is almost never a good idea to listen to the voices.
I'm dying to try Ethiopian food.

mellowlee said...

Little known fact a pharmacy technician told me, never eat grapefruit when you are taking medication : it keeps you from absorbing it. Freaky deaky eh? I loved your anwers Barbara, thanks fer playin :)
I've never been able to do cartwheels either, and I've always wanted to. I actually really hurt my wrist one day when I tried and tried to do one :( ouchie!

Ruhee said...

Hi! It's 12 minutes to 11pm here and I just finished Ulysses. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That was fun, Mel. Thanks for tagging me. I'm glad at least one other person in the world can't do cartwheels. Non-cartwheelers unite!
I think grapefruit only interferes with the absorption of certain meds, but probably best to avoid it while medicating.

RUHEE!!!!! You da woman, woman! You get bonus points for finishing with an hour and 12 minutes to spare and that's not even counting the time change you went through.
Now you just have to write that 5000 word essay on it -(jk)

Will said...

Generally it seems we are on the same page about bigots, Colbert and Canadian bands. Very interesting.

Alana said...

I could not agree more with people who park like assholes, but tell that to my Mom when she takes up two spaces in her tiny Volvo. Don't bother asking her why she does it either, because her answer is always "because I can".

I loved your list Barbara, and I have to agree with Allison. I'm totally jealous that you can drive a tractor, that would be so rad! I would drive everywhere in it. How pro would it be to drive a tractor to the public library??

kees said...

Hehehe!! Love the pic of the skin tags. Can I come work for your sassy mag? But don't ask me to make any decisions cos I can't do that either. Original Star Trek RULES.

John Mutford said...

It's not fear of having money- it's fear of not. Like maybe I should be putting some away for a rainy day.

I used to flip flop back and forth when anyone asked my favourite ethnic food- Mexican, Thai or Indian. Then I tried Ethiopian food in Winnipeg. Wow. Look for one in Calgary.

Ben said...

You can drive a tractor ? I'm impressed !

Now grapefruit I've always struggled with, it makes me pull funny faces and shake my head profusely, much like Paris Hilton actually.

I always liked the line at the end of H 5-0..."Book him Danno,murder one"

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've seen friendships that are based on less, Will, so I think that a pretty good basis right there. I could go on all day about any of those things.

Alana, as long as your mom doesn't also tailgate and drive erratically, I could probably forgive her parking sins, just because she's your mom.
I kinda wish I had a tractor now, as I do have a hankering to mosey down to the library in it.

The more the merrier on the sassy mag, Kees. We could both sit around not making decisions together and perhaps getting inspiration from a few well-chosen Star Trek episodes.
I like the skin tag pic too. I googled "tag" for a picture for this post and this one was too good to pass up. They are annoying little things though.

Ethiopian food decisively beat out Indian for you, John? I will absolutely look for a restaurant then.

I also, as a summer student in university, was able to load and unload said tractor onto a flatbed trailer and drive a truck pulling all that as well, Ben. Mind you that was about 100 years ago, so I am assuming I am a little rusty now.
Remind me not to have grapefruit on the menu if you ever come visit. Well maybe just once, so I can see that Paris Hilton face - lolz!
Love saying Book em Danno! Good for so many occasions.

She's Crafty said...

I can drive a fork lift (little one) eventhough I don't have my license!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

woaho! A forklift would be totally fun to drive, Sarah. Do you need a license to legally drive one? Maybe you could take one on a trip to the library sometime.

michelle said...

oooooh, a list... whee...

You know how I love those things, Barbara! I'm tempted, but stealing someone else's scene has never really worked with my hair. :)

Jack Lord was sexy.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

He was, wasn't he, Michelle? I always thought I was the only one who thought that. hmmm
I'd still love to hear your list sometime...

Deb said...

My ex LOVED Hawaii Five O - I think it was the theme song that grabbed him most of all. Rockford Files too.

Funny, three of your answers I almost put on mine - religious fanatics, infommercials and oat stuff. Blindness....that's a good one. Being deaf would also really suck - I often wonder which would be worse.

Ocean said...

Fun reading, I found your answers very interesting. I'll try to get my list up tomorrow.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Rockford Files was a great show, Deb! And the theme music to Hawaii 5-0 is still cool to this day.
Deafness would be really hard, knowing that you would never hear any new music again, but with blindness I would be incapacitated, and I have enough trouble stumbling around as is.

I look forward to reading your list, Ocean!

phlegmfatale said...

Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler, I find out you drive a tractor? You're such a kick-ass bitch!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You sure know how to flatter a girl, Phlegmfatale! I'm a kick-ass bitch, oh yeah!

Grumpy Old Bastard said...

I think deafness would suck far worse. Watching everyone around me communicating effortlessly would leave me feeling excluded and lost.

Plus I just don't think I could cope in a world where music was not an option.

Loved the quiz, thanks for visiting and commenting on my lame attempt.

Quote from IMDB:

Jim Rockford: [answering machine picks up] This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you.

Angel Martin: Jimmy, old buddy buddy! It's Angel! You know how they allow you one phone call? Well, this is it.



Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aaaaaaa! That's great, GOB! They need to bring back the Rockford Files, I think. It was worth it for the phone messages alone. Thanks for finding an Angel Martin one!