Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I can think of worse mottos by which to live your life

I got all the grey dyed out of my hair today and while I look like hot stuff now, I think I'm about to die of chemical poisoning. And I'm pretty sure my eyeballs have been seared beyond repair.

So I'm just putting in time until turkey eating day, because a monster turkey feed makes everything better.

Oh, and we're going to see Billy Bragg tonight! Yay!
We shall overcome!


mellowlee said...

Oh, I love getting my hair done, but that smell is horrid. YAY for Billy Bragg! Hmm I forget when he was/is playing the Commodore here. Probably already happened. I expect a full review lady *G* Have fun hot stuff!

Will said...

Well, I just almost electrocuted myself and I think I ate a salad with spinach. Where was I going with that?

Oh, I like all the philosophies there ... especially that "work when someone's watching." And only when someone's watching.

I have been a grumpus mcgoo since last night.

Enjoy Billy Bragg.

And I, too, anxiously await the turkey day.

Teddy said...

Cya at Billy tonight!

Serah said...

What's up with turkey day and The Hour premiere on the same day. My Momma usually picks Sunday, so this should not be a problem. And we already have a second dinner invite at my friends, just in case. You can never have too many turkey dinners right!
Enjoy the show. That should get you in fighting spirits, ready to rumble w/ Office Depot!

John Mutford said...

Have fun!

mellowlee said...

another night of insomnia. Im tossing and turning and my cats are pacing. I'm wondering how your Billy Bragg night went. I'm guessing pretty damn good. How could it not be? *G*

karen said...

Good job on the hair dye. I'm in need of another trip to the hairdressers - reckon the blonde bits have had their day now autumn is here.

What's with all the turkey eating? We're not going to be eating any turkey til christmas :(

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think he may be working his way west, Mel, but likely sold out in Vancouver. And it was a great night! The opener was funny as hell, and Mr Bragg can TALK! As he claims his wife told him when he was stressing about losing his voice: "Billy, nobody comes to hear you sing anyway".

Oh Will, you poor dear - be careful, you don't want to deprive the world of Will Benham! What happened?
Those are indeed philosophies around which to base an existence, at least till we get our turkey, which gives me a whole new attitude. And to add to your grumpus mcgooness, you have to wait another 6 weeks after us till you get turkey.

I think I spotted you up in the balcony, Teddy. Were you wearing a baseball cap?
We had really good seats - 11th row centre section. Yay!

We're doing turkey on Sunday too, Serah, as I need a full day away from work to eat leftovers, so it shall be a big old plate of leftover turkey and The Hour premiere. Woohooo!
Billy did inspire me - onward, slay the OD!

Thanks John - it was great fun - details later.

No more blonde bit, Kees? I'm a horrid procrastinator about getting my hair done, I wait until
I'm unrecognizable before making that appointment.
We get turkey on Thanksgiving, which in Canada is in a couple of weeks, but in the US they have to wait till mid November, poor dears.

Allison said...

LOL, great comic!!
How is it possible that its almost Thanksgiving?? I'm excited for the extra day off. We're having a makeshift 'turkey' day here, as its way too far to travel home for me. Except none of eats meat...we have no idea what to make for the main course, perhaps a day of side-dishes ;P

Will said...

The bard of barking would like purple hair tonight I think. Ever thought about it ?

Evelyne said...

Like the love like you need money... and is it already thanksgiving? I feel that summer has just left and school has just started...

Will said...

damn America. At least, I've got Halloween and my costume to look forward to.

WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

WOW! I can't wait to see what you have done!!!!!! You were already one hot momma, I can't even imagine now!!!!

I took the Dilbert picture for my desktop! Too Funny!!!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Allison, you can base a mighty fine meal around side dishes in my opinion. But if you want, I have a drop-dead delicious lentil soup recipe I can send you.
I don't know where the hell September went.

The bard of barking! That's such an appropriate name for him, Ben. He and I are pretty similar in the greyness department, well we used to be.
I think purple hair would be lovely.

haha we all get a little more loveable when we need money, don't we Evelyne? Yes, school just started yesterday, didn't it?

Oh yeah, Hallowe'en! My favourite holiday, Will! What are you dressing up as?

haha flattery will get you everywhere, Bev! How did your course go?
That would make an ideal desktop pic.

Allison said...

Ohh, please do pass along the soup recipe!

And try out purple next time :) I miss my purple hair days!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I used to have kind of purple hair about a hundred years ago, Allison, when my sister hennaed it and it went all weird, but it was pretty cool.
I shall dig out the recipe and email it. It's seew guud, to quote Jim Reid.

Anonymous said...

haaa haa...if anyone ever sees me dance...i know it looks like it hurts

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's the best kind of dancing, Kelly! Very realistic!

Conky said...

DUDE!!!!!!! you have FABULOUS gray hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what possessed u? do u do this periodocally? will it wash out and youll look like a grayed goddess again shortly?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha grayed goddess! The thing is Jen, I've had grey hair since I was 19 and I'm now ... slightly older than that. While I do like my grey hair, I was just tired of it. I'm going to keep it brown for a couple of years I think.

Deb said...

We need to see the new do.....I think a profile pic is in order, no? You're inspiring me to do something with mine - right now it kinda looks like a cross between dry straw and easter grass.

Deb said...

(and I agree, the grey was wonderful. Some people just look good grey - like my ex, who's now sort of salt and pepper. But, change is always fun too)

Will said...

you'll just have to wait and see, until then all these pavarottis followin' me

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A cross between dry straw and easter grass - hahaha. Deb, be glad you don't live here in this god forsaken desert or your hair would always look like that.
If I do take a pic to send my mom, I will post one.

Oh you tease, Will. Can't wait for Hallowe'en!

Anonymous said...

iw ould have all grey hair too...if it wasn't for one simple solution.....go bald