Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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I know I promised/threatened to give an update on the Office Depot fiasco today, but to be honest I am getting really sick of it right now. which I guess is exactly what they are hoping will happen.
I did mean to contact our Director of Materials Management today, but I didn't have time, so I'll do that on Thursday. Then I plan to write back to Office Assholes, let them know what I have done, and give them a deadline before I contact the media.
A really positive note, though; Karen not only got a response from McEvils on her complaint letter, but a token gesture as well. Check out her story.
Power to the people etc.

From: Barbara
dfannin@officedepot.com ; rbrewer@officedepot.com ; ray.tharpe@officedepot.com ; mediarelations@officedepot.com ; communityrelations@officedepot.com
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2006 11:48 AM
Subject: Re: Your Concerns with Office Depot
Dear Casey Ahlbum,

Thank you for your response to my concerns. As you have noted, I have been in contact with Tim Collins, District Manager, regarding a full refund for my purchase of a faulty wireless router and adapter, which both I and the computer service company I then hired were unable to install, because of the problems with which the router and adapter were fraught.

My initial email to Customer Care at Office Depot on September 1, 2006 was met with the response that I would be contacted directly by a Senior Case Manager within five business days. You should know that when I had received no contact from Office Depot a full 17 days later, I then expressed my concerns to David Fannin, Robert Brewer, Ray Tharpe, Office Depot Media Relations, and Office Depot Community Relations.

As you may be aware, Mr Collins has offered me a store certificate for the amount of your cost on these items ($150.00 CAD), in return for these items. I must insist, however, that I be refunded my full purchase price of $235.38 CAD. I have expressed this to Mr Collins.

As I purchased this equipment in good faith, under the reasonable assumption that it was non-defective, I am in no way responsible for assuming any of the cost of equipment which is faulty and inoperable. It is irrelevant that this purchase was made more than 14 days prior to my attempt to exchange this. This was not a matter of the technology being outdated; this was a matter of the equipment being inoperable from the initial installation attempt.

While I appreciate the gesture made by Mr Collins, I must reiterate that this is not a satisfactory response to this issue, and I must insist that my case be treated fairly, and hope that we can resolve this issue immediately.


Barbara Bruederlin

----- Original Message -----

From: Casey-Ahlbum
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2006 8:20 PM
Subject: Your Concerns with Office Depot

Dear Ms. Breuderlin, <--- spelled my name wrong!

Thank you for your email, it has been forwarded to my attention. I am sorry to learn that you are dissatisfied with Office Depot.

In reviewing your concerns I have noticed that your request to return the wireless router was made well outside of the period of time that Office Depot allows our customers to return products. Office Depot is a low cost provider and we strive to maintain our every day low prices. For this reason we typically allow our customers to return or exchange products for a period of thirty days from the date of purchase. Technology changes very quickly however, for this reason we provide a period of fourteen days from the date of purchase for any returns or exchanges to occur.

In reading your candid comments, I want to apologize for the poor service that you have described. Although unable to meet the request that you had made, your email indicates that our Store Manager should have been able to handle the situation in a much more effective manner. We should have provided you with the contact information for the manufacturer in order to provide you with assistance under the terms of the product's warranty. Additionally, the entire visit should have been handled in a polite, professional, and empathetic manner and I regret that this was not the level of service that you received.

I know that you have spoke with Tim Collins, our District Manager. I have forwarded your latest email to Mr. Collins and have asked him to contact you directly. Although he may not be able to return the product I am confident that he will take appropriate measures to ensure that the poor service experience that you described is addressed in an appropriate manner.

We appreciate your business.


Casey J. Ahlbum
Sr. Customer Relations Manager
Executive Customer Relations
Office Depot, Inc.
2200 Old Germantown Road
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Mail Code CDBU
P: 561-218-4713
F: 561-438-7476
Delivering Winning Solutions That Inspire Worklife™

If you made it all the way through that dreck, you deserve something a little more positive.
How about this?
Mine are:
OK Computer - Radiohead
The Messiah - Georg Frederich Handel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
Beautiful Midnight - Matthew Good Band
If You're Feeling Sinister - Belle and Sebastian


Karen said...

Jesus H... Tim Collins is an idiot. Based on your other contact with various members of their staff on all levels, I can only assume that this is a requirement for employment with Office Depot. I know it's frustrating but I hope you don't give up. Don't let them win!!! The people must rise up and demand what is rightfully ours. I say give them until next Monday/Wednesday and if no further response...give em hell!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think you're right, Karen, you must need to pass the idiot muster before working there.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I needed that right now, as my resolve is starting to flag.

I still say right on for you, getting a positive response - that will keep me going.

mellowlee said...

OMG! What fucktard! Don't give up! That's what they want you to do!!!! Fuck that shit! Get em Barbara GET EM!! *snortin' mad*

mellowlee said...

Oh, Forgot my desert island cds.
1. Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder - Talking Timbuktu
2. Leonard Cohen - The Future
3. Jeff Buckley - Grace
4. Nina Simone - The Blues
5. Long John Baldry - It Ain't Easy

Ben said...

I'm sure there is a big corporation theory that by corresponding often, and promising nothing is an attempt to wear the consumer down. I'm sure a lot of the time, consumers DO give up.

Problem is, you don't know how many hurdles they're going to put up and indeed how far you've got to tun to reach a conclusion.

I can understand you're getting tired of it all.

Allison said...

Damn the man! Sorry this is causing so much grief, but don't give up!!
I'm going to mull over your CD question...Beautiful Midnight would be on mine list too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Just taking a break from the battle temporarily, Mel. I'll be back spitting and snorting tomorrow (maybe even later today), but thanks for the rallying cry. I needed that!
I like your list, it makes me realize how tough it is to choose 5.

That is true, Ben, it's a little hard to see the end sometimes. The only thing to do is keep going and attempt to make their lives more miserable than they are making mine.

Beautiful Midnight is a complete classic, Allison. In fact I feel like listening to it right now. And thanks for the encouragement.

kees said...

Don't let the bastards grind you down lady!!! It will NOT work!!! They will NOT prevail!! I can't believe they're being like this, they are doing themselves so much damage. Don't they know who you are?

"Do you fools not realise who I am? I'm Barbara f**king Bruederlin? I've got a f**king blog, mate. LOADS of people read it and they all HATE you right now. They want to poke you in your eyes! ALL of you!".

Please feel free to simply cut and paste that into your next response.

Desert island CD no. 1 would be Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus (it's a double CD - not my fault that's just how they sell it so I can have it as one right?). The rest will require some thought.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Kees! I am completely using that in my next OD letter! I especially love the "I've got a f**king blog, mate"!
You are right, though, they shall not prevail. Drawing my sword and advancing...
Ooooh Nick Cave - Abattoir Blues! Yes, you can count that as one because you have such good taste in music. I love me the odd murder ballad now and then...

She's Crafty said...

Desert Island cds:
1. London Calling - The Clash
2. Let it Die - Feist
3. Axis Bold as Love - the Jimi Hendrix Experience

That's all I can pick right now as definites. Every time I try and make another choice, all I can think of is that I only have two more choices left. If this was the real deal, as in what did I pack not knowing that I would end up on a deserted island -- there would be at least two mixed cds.
So 4 and 5 are mixed cds. Ah, done.

berni h. said...

Lil sis, I am so proud of you in your quest for consumer satisfaction.Done like a true Bruederlin. So where is that new hair colour-let's see the hot new Barb, please. Oooh, desert island cds - Joni Mitchell- Blue,EmmyLou Harris-Red Dirt Girl, Steve Earle-Jerusalem,Louis Armstrong's All-Time Greatest Hits, The Chieftains-Long Black Veil are today's choices.

kees said...

Please don't start me on about Nick Cave. I have been SO restrained within the blogosphere. I am well known to be a hideous Nick Cave bore. And the more I think about these bloody CDs the more they're all Nick Cave!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Serah, if you knew how I agonized over not putting London Calling on that list. In the end I was feeling a little more twee than punk that day, so Belle and Sebastian it was. But in reality, I would likely have mixed cds as well.

Thanks Berni - I think Dad would be pretty proud, as he would enjoy that kind of battle.
I'll need to take some photos of the new hair, as I want to send some to Mom too, so you never know, they might just find their way onto the blog, publicity whore that I am.
And you're killing me here - Blue and Red Dirt Girl - those are fine fine cds.

Kees, as long as it's not James Blunt or the Black Eyed Peas, we positively encourage musician ranting on this site. My daughter is pretty keen on Nick Cave as well, and you should hear all the Buzcocks and Morrissey and Momus talk I hear from her every day. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

... Was the POLICY of 14 days really that hard to comprehend?

Would have it been so hard to get a replacement from the manufacturer, which you still had a full year warranty available from?

What was the eventual resolve from this case?