Thursday, August 24, 2006

They are not going to see my ugly face around there until September 6!!!

Because I am on holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<< Guess which one is me?

I'll be spending the week trying to figure out how my kid is going to get to high school (so far it looks like 2 buses and a train each way), getting her hair dyed all black and gothy, and making a few trips to Value Village for some quality previously-loved back to school clothes.

Awwww, the new crop of baby med students started today. They looked so precious, stumbling around in one big group, all confused and fresh-faced and indealistic. Can't wait to see what they are like in four years.

I'm so sad that Pluto has been downsized to a dwarf planet, just because it's too small and too wobbly. That completely sucks and I refuse to subscribe to it. Thank god Uranus is still a planet!!!! URANUS!!!! hahahahahaha - ahhhh...

Whew, that joke will never get old!


mellowlee said...

LMAO There is a strip club across from the Kingsgate Mall on East Broadway called Uranus Lounge. Good God, I'm always embarassed just walking by it! *face turns red*

Glad you are on holidays, does that mean we get you more often on here? YAY for that! :D !!!

I just dyed Dev's hair a dark dark brown, and used a semi permanent so it grows out without noticable roots. It looks so nice and shiny. I think I'm gonna do mine too! I wonder if Eva well let you take her back to school picture? Her new route tos chool sounds like a major pain in the arse!

Btw, You have really pretty skin. (I know, that came out of no where didn't it?)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Pluto, its just not going to seem right. Now how do we remember them. My very educated mother just served us nothing.

Anonymous said...

You have the most absolutely coolest eyes. They shine in profile, man, that's awesome!

I'm very distressed about Pluto, too. But I'm a student of astrology, I'll find a way to justify it's importance... hard scientific facts be damned! just kidding. It really is very strange. It's been a planet since before we were born, it was at one point part of everyone's science curriculum in school to study our solar system and know that Pluto was the last planet (in distance) to orbit the Sun. Now it ends at Neptune. It's WEIRD.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Uranus Lounge - hahaha that's better than the Vagina Vault!
I will be on the computer as much as humanly possible, Mel (AND doing your cds) when I can elbow the other computer addict out of the way.
I'll bet Devon's hair looks great. I'm taking Eva to the hairdresser because I am too stupid to do that myself. She cuts her own hair though. Good girl!
I have pretty skin? What? Thanks, hon!

I know, Ocean, the nmemonics are all off now. Poor Pluto.

Are you sure you weren't looking at the pig statue eyes, Michelle?
I never even considered that now our solar system is now smaller, and yet I do not feel any closer to god, or the Starship Enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Poor Pluto...Its like that last kid that gets picked for the team in gym class, then doesn't get to play!

WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

It's just too bad I didn't get the picture of you tonging the pig! hahahaha That one would have been precious!

Yay for holidays!!! Enjoy every minute of it girl!

Poor Pluto...


WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

oops tonguing.....I really can spell!!!


WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

Remember the saying, Blondes have more fun, but Brunettes can read! Maybe it is true!! lol And perhaps the same goes for spelling!


Anonymous said...

You licked a pig statue? Wolfheart must spill more... this sounds like a story for the ages...

Yup, those are your eyes alright. I bet you have one intense stare when you're pissed off.

I'm not any closer to god, whoever that is, either. But the Millenium Falcon is sending out a homing beacon...

Allison said...

I didn't have my glasses on, and thought you said you'd be gone until Sept 6, and then I got sad.
Put glasses on, happy face.
I saw a bumper sticker today that said 'Honk if Pluto is still a planet.' It made me smile.

Alana Elliott said...

LOL @ so many things!

Mel, Uranus Lounge, WHAT? I would be there ALL THE TIME!!

Starship Enterprise...Millenium Falcon...okay, and PLUTO is the problem here?? :P

Without sounding too Christmas-like and "jolly", HAPPY HOLIDAYS BARBARA!!

And I'm also going to throw into the compliment pile, on top of your very cool eyes, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! <3 Don't ever change it, it's awesome.

Today is clearly the day of CAPITAL LETTERS.

hilary m. said...

I don't like the fact Pluto's no longer a planet, but I do like the name "dwarf planet". It's kinda cute.

My mum dyed my hair once, but I usually save the duties for my BFF, lol.

mellowlee said...

Yes! Very pretty skin. Oh CDs YAY! I am trying to decide what else to make for you. I have my signature mix, and the baby mel mix, and I want a more rockin mix too. hmmm
btw, if you ever come visit me Alana, maybe we can go check out the Uranus Lounge. I wouldnt be brave enough to go there alone LMAO You want to come with us Barbara?

Allison said...

lol Alana..."Today is clearly the day of CAPITAL LETTERS"

Hilary as reminded me I wanted to say something about the hair dying. My mum dyed my hair once too. It came out orange. To this day my brother still calls me 'Sunkist'. I called home tonight and he said 'See ya soon Sunkist'.
Its good to hear that Eva has such faith in you!!

mellowlee said...

ps you can't go wrong with the semi permanent ones. (we used clairol natural instincts)They last 6 weeks, and if you pick a colour close to your natural shade, it's pretty safe. LMAO at Allison's hair dye story.

Alana Elliott said...

LOL, yes Mel, I'm totally going with you to Uranus Lounge!! Jeeze, way to name a strip club. I thought the place named "Strip'N'Rip" around here was bad, but Uranus Lounge is freakin' great!

Let's all get together and head on over to the Uranus Lounge. ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Whew, it's a party in here! This is great - just like the Uranus Lounge!

Awwww, that's so true, Monica. And I know just how Pluto feels too. Meanie astronomers.

We should have gotten those t-shirts, Bev! Except this brunnette (okay okay grey) can't type either.

Michelle, I can assure you that no spit was swapped with a pig statue (who knows where that thing has been?), although there was a considerable amount of hamming it up done for the camera. Oh haha hamming it up.
I think it's my cataracts that make my eyes glisten so.

'Honk if Pluto is still a planet' - aww that's great Allison! I'm stealing that one for tomorrow's quote, if I may. Did you notice I quoted our very own Alana today?

Well, happy CAPITAL LETTER day to you as well, Alana! If I had known I would have rented out the Uranus Lounge for the occasion.
My hair has always had a will of its own, so I find we get along best if I just let it be. Just let it be.

Yeah "dwarf planet" is cute, Hilary. We're not losing a planet - we're gaining a dwarf!
You must trust your BFF a lot!

I am totally meeting you guys at the Unranus, Mel. It's like our neighbourhood hangout now.
Did you say you had some punk Christmas songs? Le broad hint, le subtle hint? Eva thinks that would be the coolest (as do I)

Oh no no no, Sunkist, Eva has no faith in me - I'm taking her to the million dollar hairdresser. Believe me, it's better for everybody that way. Your brother must actually love you to call you Sunkist, considering all the nasty things one can call one's sibling.

Mel, Alana, when we all meet up at the Uranus (where everybody knows your name) or the Strip N Rip if the Uranus is full, maybe we can all do a makeover on each other, complete with hair dye. Whatdya say? Orange fake tan, anyone?

I wish I had some cookies or rice krispie squares to offer all you guys.

Barbara said...

Ok back up a bit. Why are you kissing a pig statue?
Re the hair dye experience, I thought goth was out now. The drugstore dyes work just fine. It's has never gone wrong for me. I usually just streak my hair though. Ask the cosmeticians for advice on the best way to go about it. Don't be scared.
Barbara B. if your on holidays and if you feel like making a little website to host the chatroom we may or may not put up in relation to the other blog. Let me know what you think.
I thought Pluto was Mickeys dog...

Ruhee said...

Uranus. I love elementary school.
I'm leaving in half an hour! I'll update you from Toronto ... eventually. Cheers!

Will said...

In Butthead voice "She said Uranus, heheheheheheh"

Have a great break Barbara and I'll be back from the Reading Festival on Monday.

Serah said...

My girlfriend and I were just discussing how it is going to take some serious straightness from my daughter to mortify me when she gets to be a teen. She is going to have to be awfully creative about it anyway.
If she goes all gothy I will start clapping!! It means ya got smart ones, hurray for kids that don't fit or like the mold (is that right, cause' I can't get my brain away from fungus!)
I need to go and darken my hair again.

Serah said...

just saw that you have the Be Good Tanyas up as the song o' the day.
I love them. I once listened to their cd "blue train" for 12 hours straight while working on an art project and I never noticed that I didn't change up the music b/c it is sooo beautiful.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The pig statue kissing is part of the debauchery that took place during the Fringe festival, Barbara W, the part that took place at the restaurant where the cute young waiter worked all the cougar tables. And believe me, he worked them.
Some chores are worth paying others to do - cleaning windows (especially on the second storey)and dying hair are among them. Eva will actually be happy to hear that goth is out, as she does not want to be in.
I'm really not into the idea of a chat room, so I'm going to pass on that, thanks.

Oh Ruhee, it's going to be so boring around here without you. Bon voyage - see you on the blogs (and at Christmas?)

Ben! Reading is this weekend?! Have a fantastic time, try not to fight with your brother. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the bands when you get back and decompressed.
I miss you already!

I hear you about kids that don't fit the mold, Sarah! There is no mold in the world which my Eva would fit into and I have a feeling your Ella is the same way. I'm so excited for Eva starting high school - she'll be doing partial IB and I think she will really bloom in that atmosphere (no more dreaded group projects!)
The Be Good Tanyas have amazing voices, don't they? They are a truly unique band.

Anonymous said...

It's your cataracts - Barbara, only you can make me laugh in frustration.

'Dwarf planet' isn't bad, but now I'm invisioning this celestial body with a pointed cap, a giant beard, and stocky little legs.

Anonymous said...

I must ask all of you to stop this discussion centering on "dwarf" planets...although if scientists have any sense of humor they will announce the discovery of six more and name them Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, etc. This would confirm my suspicion that DisneyCo. is intent upon taking over the solar system. This is an actual theory of mine.

But it is imperative that you stop this discussion immediately. The very fabric of the framework of the matrix of the structure of...well, something REALLY important is being warped by this discussion. Not 5 minutes after ‘Chelle posted we witnessed a “little person” struttin’ hiz baad self down the block followed by a tall lanky guy.

The surreal nature of this vision has led me to the following theories:

A) Reality is collapsing into meaninglessly self-conscious and literal sight gags,
B) All-powerful unseen forces are laughing their asses off, or
C) I have been drinking.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeah, Michelle, and some master of the universe has got a bunch of these dwarf plants in his garden! Somehow I knew it all along...

I'd go with "D", GOB - all of the above!
I never considered the nefarius plans of Disney and Co before, but now that you mention it, their grubby little fingerprints are all over this development, aren't they? That was probably them sashaying down your street earlier!

karen said...

Look at me! I can post a comment! I feel like I've been gagged or something.

Aw new med students! Bless. They just keep getting younger and younger.

Uranus, hehehe! :D

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I know exactly what you mean, Kees! It's infuriating how persnickety Blogger has been lately.

It's a little scary just how young those med students keep getting, isn't it?