Friday, August 04, 2006

How's Your Friday?
(a shameless ripoff of "How's Your Wednesday?)

Barbara W, the ever vigilant CBC watcher, (see what a great audience wrangler she would be, you folks at The Hour?), alerted me that Jian read my spotting the ultimate hippy letter on Sounds Like Canada today. Perhaps having a last name like Ghomeshi has made Jian sensitive to name pronunciation, but I have got to say, he has always done a beautiful job of pronouncing my not-so-easy name. You win, Jian.

Now the gloves come off. Was it Peter Brown or me who spotted the ultimate hippy at the Calgary Folk Festival last weekend? Okay, so Peter got an interview with his dude and I didn't even get a picture of mine, but come on, a long gauzy skirt beats jeans any old day. And the festival chair and the bike helmet strapped to her back? You have to admit I've got you there, Peter. Wanna arm-wrestle?

Okay Jian, it's your turn - what the story behind the frilly pink shirt, man?

On The Circuit tonight (8:00pm CBC Radio One), you can hear Great Lake Swimmers recorded at the Calgary Folk Fest. Eva and I were in the audience. See if you can hear her yell "wooden stars". A friend of hers makes a point of yelling that at concerts and we have heard him caught on recording once or twice. I'm the one going "wooo!".
Great Lake Swimmers (from my old stomping grounds London, ON, yo!) have a really dreamy atmospheric sound, and front Tony Dekker has a voice that will break your heart.
Sadly, I alternated between loving the sound of Great Lake Swimmers and kicking myself for missing the Elliott Brood mini-concert being held in the Megatunes tent at the same time. Oh the ironing is delicious!
Did I ever mention that I love Elliott Brood? Surely I forgot to mention it. I hardly ever repeat myself. I cannot stop listening to them. Damn you Elliott Brood - get out of my head!
Oooh I just checked their show listings and they are coming back to Calgary in October (opening for Corb Lund). Good birthday present for a certain Zombie!
Check them out if they are near you:
Aug 4 Nelson BC @ Royal Hotel
Aug 5 Lethbridge AB @ Tongue 'n' Groove
Aug 12 Cobalt ON @ Fred Eaglesmith's Great Northern Picnic and Musicfest
Aug 22 Lethbridge Exhibition
Sep 9 Wayne AB @ Waynefest

Cross-Canada Tour with Corb Lund & The Hurtin' Albertans:
Sep 15 Ottawa ON @ New Capital Music Hall
Sep 17 London ON @ Cowboys Ranch
Sep 21 Kingston ON @ Elixir
Sep 23 Toronto ON @ Lee's Palace
Sep 26 Thunder Bay ON @ Outpost (Lakehead U)
Sep 28 Winnipeg MB @ Ramada Theatre
Sep 29 Saskatoon SK @ Prairieland Park
Oct 02 Regina SK @ Conexus Arts Centre (Doris Knight Hall)
Oct 04 Grande Prairie AB @ Crystal Gardens
Oct 05 Edmonton AB @ The Starlite Room
Oct 07 Edmonton AB @ Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Oct 10 Lethbridge AB @ Yates Theatre
Oct 11 Calgary AB @ The Whiskey
Oct 12 Calgary AB @ Jack Singer Hall
Oct 13 Red Deer AB @ Red Deer Memorial Centre
Oct 14 Lethbridge AB @ The Roadhouse

Bonus points if you can spot the Simpsons' reference in the above post.


Will said...

It is only a matter of time before you become a full-on CBC radio star ... to which I say, thank god for streaming audio.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That would be so much fun that I wouldn't be able to stand it, Will. Hey, you could do a documentary on me hahaha. Naw, by then you will be kicking the asses of people like Michael Moore. (It's a gathering of the Mutual Admiration Society).

karen said...

Who is Elliott Brood? Never heard of them ;-)

Neil said...

I'm lost most of the time when you talk about musicians. It's always a bit of an education for me to come here.

Neil said...

PS - Jian's shirt is pretty gay. Is he wearing eye makeup too?

Serah said...

If only I were in Nelson, on holiday, I would. I miss my friends there.

Barbara said...

Jian was the drummer for Moxy Fruvous // what else is he going to wear?
Thanks for the vote of support Barbara B.

Barbara said...

I think that pic was from 15 years ago Neil just to keep in perspective.

mellowlee said...

"Damn you Elliott Brood - get out of my head!" teehee!

Hey, looking at that tour list, they are only stopping in one location in BC and its closer to the BC/Alberta border! Maybe they hate BC :(

mellowlee said...

PS I think Jian looks very nice in that fushia shirt. I love a man who dares to wear pink!

Allison said...

Question - beside their podcasts for SLC, can you stream the audio individually? I'm always working in the morning and never fully get to listen to SLC :( I suppose I could get up at 7am and listen to the East Coast feed...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha Kees, they're those Mormons that everyone thinks are so hot!

Neil, I understand that Jian just naturally has the eyes of an Arabian princess.

You'd have to drive pretty fast though, Sarah - the show is tonight. Is Nelson your hometown?

Hey, anytime Barbara W.
I never realised that Moxy Fruovous were such flashy dressers. I totally want to go to Value Village with them.

I didn't add the shows that had already passed, Mellowlee. Elliott Brood were in BC all this week, actually.
I actually think the colour looks good on Jian as well, suits his colouring. He gotta admire a man who is confident enough in his masculinity to wear a fuschia shirt.

I don't think that SLC has individual streaming, Allison. I love how we have 5 time zones, though. I was able to hear my letter being read 3 times (I know I am sooo lame!).

Allison said...

:( sad i missed it, but it sounds hilarious....also, i'm missing good ulysses talk, damn work...up at 7 now it is.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Get your lazy butt out of bed, Allison! You've got radio to listen to!

Will said...

No, I'm sure it's the first time you've ever told us of your love for Mr Brood (lol).

Can we get to hear Eva's heckling ?

Serah said...

Barbara, I lived in Nelson for 2 years when I went to KSA (art and design school). I loved it there and miss it a lot, but good jobs are limited. Plus, I have things really good in the job department right now!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Ben - I knew it, because I never ever repeat myself, especially not when I fall in love with a new band.
Sadly, Eva's contribution to the Great Lake Swimmers concert did not make it to air...

I know what you mean, Sarah, you have to go where the opportunities are. I still often miss London, ON, although Calgary has a lot more happening.

Ruhee said...

WOOOOOODEN STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS!! oh God, I hope to be part of the yelling crowd one day. that has been going on FAR too long already!

You are such a CBC star, it's true! When you are famous I will brag that I know you and your family and run into you at hippie folk festivals.

Ruhee said...

Also ... The Simpsons! The ironing is delicious!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay Ruhee wins!!!!!
"The ironing is delicious" is indeed the Simpsons' reference. Well done Ruhee! A suitable gift will be sent to you posthaste.

hahaha on the cbc star thing, though. I think it will most likely be the other way around.

Mint Sharpie said...

*insert jealousy here, for everyone who gets to see/hear live music*

Getting up at 7 isn't so bad. I get up at 6 on a regular basis. So shoot me...

You think Jian's shirts are good? Check out the Moxy's bassist. Way To Go Murray is an unofficial fansite (although it hasn't been updated since '02) or you can Google-image for Murray Foster. He's taken gaudy polyester to a whole new level...

"It's not pink. It's lightish red."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"lightish red" - haha!

I live to see live music, Minty. Plus I get up at 6:00. It can be done.