Friday, August 11, 2006

Have you checked your assets recently?

This is one of those sites that tells you how much your blog is worth. The last time I checked, about a year ago, mine was worth about $2,500.00 (I'm not sure if that was Cdn or USd, but they are pretty close to par these days anyway).

Check out what it's worth now. The joys of compounded interest. And add to that, the worth of the joint blog that I am part of, and I have myself enough for a nice little vacation. How do you sell a blog anyway?

I just sat at the hairdresser's for an hour and had to listen to JACK FM "playing what we want" (well yes, it certainly isn't what I want), so I figure that $28,000.00 is the very least that the world owes me right now.

My blog is worth $17,500.74.
How much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $10,161.72.
How much is your blog worth?


Allison said...

Now I understand the PS in your That's an interesting site, I'm worth $5000 something. Too bad ya can't cash in ;)

Ruhee said...

Ha ha! That's awesome! I hope you are not going to start charging a toll for every view on your blog. :P

My podcast is worth just over a thousand dollars. My real blog is worth five hundred and sixty dollars. I am not sure why that is, but ... okay, a thousand dollars for wannabe radio is not bad.

hilary m. said...

Says here I'm $3,951.78.
Wooooh! 78 cents!!! That extra 78 completes me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maybe one can use it as collateral on a bank loan or something, Allison. I think it would be worthwhile if we all pool our resources and go on a nice vacation together.

" Wannabe radio" - you're so much more than wannabe, Ruhee. Looks like the podcast is the one putting bread on the table there.

We are nothing without our centses, Hilary. I know I highly cherish my 74 cents.

Karen said...

Apparently my blog is only just over $2500. Hmmm, wonder how I get it to go higher! Must generate more traffic!!!

mellowlee said...

Oooo! I'm gonna check that link out later. I have a lot of catching up to do! Just had to say, the only thing I like about Jack FM is the cheesy commercial they had on City TV a while back. But that got old realllll fast. Btw, what did you have done to your hair? Cut? Trim? I'm a girly-girl, I need girly details heehee!

Ruhee said...

Aw, thank you. :)

By the way, I keep getting sporadic blank emails from your email address via the Rewriting History link (you know, where you click on the contact link and it pops an email with the subject line "Your site rocks!") ... is that actually you?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Don't sweat it, Karen. Traffic will come - the important thing to keep in mind is to attract people that you want to have conversations with, not just people for the sake of numbers. And word will spread.

Just a trim, Mel. Hairdressers always want to do weird things to me because my hair is curly. This time, she made me get bangs by straightening out the hair that I usually just have piled up on top and made long straight bangs! Oh I looked seriously stupid and had to go home and fix it (as usual). I hate haircuts.

Ruhee - that is not actually us. Sounds like we've been hacked or something. Thanks for the heads up - I'll be calling Shaw now...

justacoolcat said...


My blog is worth 0.00$. I think it's based on use of technorati ranking, not traffic.

I get high triple digit traffic every day.

Serah said...

I'm feeling lucky. I should check my worth. Can't imagine its a lot but I did win $10 on the lottery the other day! I bought Ella a "go Diego go" video that she really wanted. (It's Dora the Explorer's case you were wondering). This morning she told me that she wanted a dragon (for her little people castle set) I have been promising. So now she has that too. I better win the lottery on Saturday at this rate! (ps I next to never play the last one was my first time. Thought I would roll with it since I own a bit!)

Serah said...

Well that's settles it, I'm not worth anything...what does that dude know anyhow! LOL!
Obviously he don't know about the blogtracker! ;)

Serah said...

Did it wrong! I'm worth 1,693.62, that's more like it! ;)

John Mutford said...

Mine's worth squat. Oh well- there are somethings money just buy.

Maureen said...

mine's worth less than $2000, but it's worth everything to me, sniff sniff


Barbara said...

My blog is worth 79,600. Is this random cause wow that is a lot?
Barbara B.
I can't email out but I figured out how to access my emails finally.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi justacoolcat, welcome!
What does that blog-selling guy know anyway? He's just a bean counter. I'm sure your blog is ace.
Now you'll have to explain technorati ranking to me.

Sarah, don't get caught up in the lottery ticket trap (or the tax on the mathematically challenged, as I like to call it). One of my sisters blows all her money on those things and wonders why she's broke. Don't do it!
That's fun to check your supposed blog value though, isn't it?

And for the rest, there's Mastercard, John. Your blog is invaluable to me, maybe that's why they couldn't place a value on it.

And to me too, Maureen. I like hanging out over at your place.

Woohoo, Barbara W - you hit the jackpot. Sell now, sell now!!

Alana Elliott said...

Last time I checked that site, I sat at a very satisfying ZERO. I don't mind too much though, I figure my blog should be worth the same amount as my bank account. :P

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Alana - but you can claim 1/6 of the value of the joint blog, right?
And besides, some things are priceless...

Anonymous said...

Oooh I SO dislike being subjected to music that I can't stand in places that I have to be for a long time. There's no amount of relaxation to be had in those moments!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I KNOW, Michelle! That's one reason why I could never ever work in retail, or a restaurant, or well, a lot of places actually. I would end up killing someone.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY, girl! I think that's why malls generally drive me crazy - all the bad music emanating from ALL the stores. It's horribly maddening.

Serah said...

Speaking of bad radio music, I spend my days being tortured by Jack and Z 95.3 (all top 40 might as well call it all black eyed peas). If it weren't for the mornings where I drink my coffee and wait for the bus I might go crazy. If I ever get my own store, I will be the playlist master! No radio EVER!

Will said...

Will and me are worth $9032. I'm shocked because we haven't been doing this for a month yet.

I'd love to know how they work it out.

Maybe it's our bad album art pics are gathering attention LOL.

Or it could be that you are our blog of the week.

Anyhow, have a great weekend.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's maddening, Michelle. I'm surprised more people aren't gunned down, to tell you the truth.
I understand many establishments have policies that they cannot play "offensive" music - well I'll tell you, that pap offends ME! I should launch a complaint.

"All black eyed peas" - haha Sarah. That's horrid. HORRID! My heart breaks for you girl. And I will shop exclusively at your store.

Could I buy stock in your and Will's site, Ben? Everybody LOVES your bad album art segments - where you find some of those gems is beyond me. And yes, no doubt the fact that I am being honoured as your blog of the week has skyrocketed your value atronomically.

Barbara said...

I think I know why my blog is worth so much. It's because I am on the blogger chicks roll. All those blogs refer to mine and mine theirs... hense the value.
I am still commercial free though.
Off topic
I can't put this on my blog but my new rooms in the basement are going to make it hard for me to bring a tall guy to my place. The ceiling is pretty low. The man would have to be 5'10'' at the tallest. Tall men don't have a chance.
I have started calling the place my cosy dungeon. I have such a cute little bathroom. I can place my hand flat on the ceiling of the bathroom. To give you an idea how low that is, I am 5'5".
I looked at the Ikea catalogue and I still don't know where to begin. I am working 8 days straight before my first day off (my birthday) Maybe I will have a clue by then.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Barbara W, it sounds like your family is practicing genetic selection in favour of the short gene. But I would suggest that ifa tall man is keen enough, he'll find a way.

It's nice that you'll have your birthday off! I shall be fringe festivaling with my girlfriends that weekend - staying in a hotel and everything - woohoo! So we'll have a toast to you that day.

karen said...

Woohoo!!! I'm worth $2,258.16!!! Mere peanuts compared to you Barbara but I'm pretty chuffed! Yay!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Compound interest, Kees, compound interest - next year it will be worth millions!