Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - a Folk Festival Pic Spam
Best concerts
- Broken Social Scene
- Elliott Brood
- Matthew Good
- Niyaz
- Tanya Tagaq
Most regrettable regret
- missing an Elliott Brood concert for a Great Lake Swimmers concert (why oh why were they at the same time?)
Best new food
- the Greek salad in the edible bowl (little pricey but so yummy and no garbage)
Biggest jerk
- that dude who blocked my view of the screen and only shrugged and made a face when I asked him to please move over, causing me to leave the protection of the tarp in the driving rain to stand directly in front of him so I could see Matt Good (haha you decide who the bigger jerk is here)
Weirdest photos
- the 20 or so pics which Eva snapped of that sleeping scenester
Ultimate hippy sighting
- the girl in the long gauzy skirt, sporting henna and hemp, with the festival chair and bike helmet strapped to her back
Biggest disappointment
- Neko Case's cancellation
Coolest sound
- Dubblestandart
Favourite workshop
- All Mod Cons (Dan Bern, Kris Demeanor, Stew, Dar Williams, Lorrie Matheson)
Most life-affirming moment
- getting hit upon by the young tanned surfer dude, proving that even if you are 100 years old, big boobs in a Matt Good tank top will get you noticed
My local heroes
- Kris Demeanor
- Lorrie Matheson
- Jay Crocker and his Electric Apes
So powerful, could almost change the weather
- the breezy happy electronic/world music sound of Daby Toure, making us dance in the driving rain
Best shopping
- Camper's Village (saved my life)
- Megatunes (cds and shirts and mini-concerts oh my)
Above and beyond the call of duty award
- when Eva broke her bracket on her braces and her wire was jabbing into her cheek, she went to the First Aid tent to see if they had wire cutters. They didn't, but they called to see if security could stop by, and then a golf cart carrying guitarists stopped and the people onboard whipped out their wire cutters and did the job.
Best old standby food
- butter chicken from Sunterra Market. As the lineup for India Palace (all the way from exotic Winnipeg) is always way too long, this gives us our curry fix, albeit with less choices
True spirit of the folk fest award
- the fact that you can leave all your stuff lying unattended on the ground all day and nobody takes anything
- long lineups that move pretty quickly and nobody ever gets pissed off
- those people handing out free cookies and smarties and pinwheels and shit
- the hoola-hoop dancers at the sides of the workshop stages
Biggest non-musical star of the folk festival
- the setting, Prince's Island Park. A beautiful treed island in the middle of the Bow River in downtown Calgary
- the volunteers - 1 per every 10 people - friendly, helpful and organized
- my festival chair
- the porta-potties - plentiful, clean, and hardly ever out of toilet paper
- the price - $120 early bird ticket for 4 days of music ($75 for students and seniors)
Least festival-like award
- the bag-check Nazi at the Megatunes tent, who only seems to harass teenagers
Best improvement over last year
- the elimination of the noon mainstage concert (who wants to sit in the sun at noon?) in favour of more workshops
- the addition of the Twilight stage on Friday and Saturday night (allowing me to see my beloved Elliot Brood)
Worst act
- emcee Howie Miller - not funny, and told the same damn jokes on Thursday and Saturday night
My favourite new musical discoveries
- that Broken Social Scene live is 100,000,000 times better than on cd
- Niyaz
- Tanya Tagaq
- that Kris Demeanor is so dead funny - he should have had Howie Miller's gig
- Dubblestandart
- that Lorrie Matheson is so political and passionate
- That 1 Guy
- Great Lake Swimmers
Favourite quote
- Eva's friend Sean, after spotting one of Elliot Brood all day (and not knowing who he was) dressed in his short-sleeved white shirt and long dark tie for the concert, "why are there so many Mormons here?"

great lake swimmers

dar williams

lorrie mathseon

that 1 guy

elliott brood


Serah said...

It's like I was there! Oops, could be having flashbacks of Vancouver's! ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Watch out for those flashbacks, Sarah! I have to check out Vancouver's folk fest sometime.

mellowlee said...

Oooh, picture goodness! Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

Did you keep a diary or was that off the top of your head? That's an incredible list, like ms.crafty said, it's like being there.

The story about Eva's braces warms the spirit, leave it to musicians in golf carts to save the day! (huh?)

Oooh, you got flirted sexy thang, you...

Allison said...

'big boobs in a matt good tank will get you noticed'...LOL.
I feel like all I need to make my life complete now is to attend a Folk Fest ;)
Thanks for the post!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You're welcome, Mellowlee. Don't know what I'd do without my kid - she takes them pictures, she figures out how to post them...

Michelle, I have an abysmal memory when it comes to anything of any importance, but when it comes to trivia, or something that interests me - no diary needed.
The flirting thing was fun and sadly does not happen near enough anymore. sigh.

You have to make it to a folk fest, Allison - good times - I could spend the summer that way.

Serah said...

After hearing about the Calgary Folk Fest Barabara, I can assure you that the one you were just at was about ONE MILLION times more amazing. There were more artists! If ours had been THAT good, I would have gone for the entire thing! SO if it EVER has that kind of line up, I will let you know. Until then stick with the better one!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good to know, Sarah. I shall save my pennies and time for the festivals with the most to offer.

Will said...

Great photos and awesome awards. Festivals are and challenging, in that you always have to decide between one good thing and another. I guess that is part of the fun, though.

karen said...

Great pics lady - compliments to Eva. That last one is just gorgeous, looks devine. And good flirting skills ;-)

Maureen said...

big boobs, huh? so that's what it takes....damn

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are right, Will. That is the challenge of festivals - there's just way too much going on at once. Hopefully one makes more good choices than not so good ones, and you definitely need a program and a watch.
It's a crap shoot!

That IS a nice photo, isn't it, Kees? I shall tell Eva - thanks. And that is a really good example of the feel of the Calgary Folk Festival - it really is laid back and divine.

Big boobs never hurt, Maureen. I'm not saying they will get you everything, but they help.

Neil said...

I happen to be a fan of large breasts in tank tops too. You would have had two younger perverts hitting on you that day, Barbara! ha ha ha.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neil, if you had been hitting on me at the Folk Fest, you would have made my entire weekend.

phlegmfatale said...

damn!!! I'm sodisappointed you didn't get to see Neko. But at least you have a set of her tour buttons. I know. No consolation. Bummer. Sounds an incredible time, actually, and having been liberated of my braces in April, big kudos from here to the guys with the wirecutters.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The tour buttons most certainly do help, Phlegmfatale. And those wire cutter guys are heroes!