Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cuff the Duke! Cuff! Cuff! The Duke! You know what I mean.
- Ashley, the Jian board
Yes, Ashley, I sure do know what you mean.
Cuff the Duke - can't stop listening to them now!
Okay, Okay, I know that some of you are expecting a review of the Calgary Fringe Festival (which was fantastic, I'm not trying to avoid the subject), but I just don't have my head around it tonight. I'm home tomorrow and will have time to do it justice and will tell you all about it then. Pinky swear.
But one thing that I do want to tell you about tonight was my trip to Megatunes, which is one block away from Fringe central. If you guessed that I bought the Cuff the Duke cd, you win a bag of smarties because you are so smart. Holy crap, is it ever good! I fell IN LOVE with it at the first listen, and that hardly ever happens to me.
I've seen the video for the Ballad of Poor John Henry about a million times and it's a good song, but the rest are even better. A lot of the songs have an almost trance-like quality to them at times, while at the same time they BUILD UP to a huge sound. And they are incredibly musical pieces - lots of piano and strings (Owen Pallette guests on the cd) and horns. I've been listening all day long.
But not to neglect my other precious finds:
  • Show Your Bones - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (smoking! - as good as Fever to Tell)
  • The Boy with the Arab Strap - the only Belle and Sebastian that I didn't own (yay! Now my life is complete)
  • New and Tributes - the Futureheads (really good second cd)
  • Everything Is - Neutral Milk Hotel (whenever you see any NMH, grab it, don't even think!)
  • Root Down - Beastie Boys (on sale!)
I'll leave you with a taste of Cuff the Duke:
video - The Ballad of Poor John Henry
song - There Was a Time
(I challenge you not to get caught up in the chorus of "mom, dad, I'm not gay")

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Allison said...

That was a kick-ass video. And with crazy bearded chainsaw man, beards are everywhere!
I especially enjoyed "There Was a Time." Thanks for the links :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yoiks, the attack of the bearded men!
I'm totally loving Cuff the Duke, Allison, in case you couldn't tell. Glad you enjoyed them too.

mellowlee said...

More new music AWESOME!!!!! I love it!

kees said...

Beeeeooootiful. I am SO glad that video had a happy ending. I was worried there for a while, just thinking "someone get the man a chainsaw" but he knew what he was doing god love him.
I'm right about the beards aren't I? It's weird. I'm gonna have to get me a beard...

Ben said...

Very good. You know I had a goatee until about 12 months ago. Guess I'm gonna have to grow it back in favour of fashion.

I like the bands name. Cuff is an old fashioned word for striking someone but I guess there's is a reference to handcuffs.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aren't they grand, Mellowlee?
Next step - working on your cds.

You called it on the beards, Kees. It's turned into one of those internet phenomena which takes on a life of its own. (I'm glad I'm no the only one who coaches people in music vids!)

Or, you could stay clean shaven, if everybody else is going bearded, Ben, so we can tell you apart from the herd.
I like the name Cuff the Duke as well. I guess the band took it from a t-shirt shop in their hometown of Oshawa, Ontario. I'm not sure why the shop was called that, but it suits.

Ruhee said...

Cuff!!! I bought that CD on a whim in Red Deer along with My Bloody Valentine ... I loved Cuff quite a bit more, haha, and I can't get enough of them now. Have you heard Life Stories for Minimum Wage? It's the record before this, and Ballad of a Lonely Construction Worker is just AWESOME.

mellowlee said...

I listened to a bit of the song posted on the website. The harmonica in it really makes me want to listen to some old Murray McLauchlin!!!! It's so good!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Ruhee - yeah Cuff are a little bit different from My Bloody Valentine! You are the second person today to tell me about Life Stories for Minimum Wage. I hear it's being rereleased. woohoo!

Cuff are reminding me slightly of a few other Canadian musicians, Mellowlee - Blue Rodeo, Arcade Fire (in some ways), even the Cons, in that trance-like thing I go into when I listen.

She's Crafty said...

You've already heard me go on and on about the yyy's. (I haven't snagged my sisters tee yet but I will! She loves Cuff the Duke too!)
I am going to have to bust out my notebook for the one's on your list I'm not familiar with. Ahh, music!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun, and look forward to hearing more. Sometimes I need distance from events to write about them.

kees said...

Goatee is no good Ben, these days if you wanna go places then full and bushy facial furniture is the way forward.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The new YYYs is really good, I agree, Sarah. The problem when you buy too many cds at once, is you can only listen to one at a time.
I am totally dependent on my notebook to serve as my memory, which doesn't work anymore.

Distance isn't usually the problem for me, Jacquie, because then I start to forget stuff. I need TIME to write about stuff. I'm sure you NEVER have that problem.

"facial furniture" - LOLZ Kees, you say the darndest things!

Ruhee said...

BTW I finally actually figured out what this Ulysses thing is all about. And I picked up a copy for ten dollars on 17th Avenue today, and by goodness, I am going to try like hell to read it by Labour Day! :P

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Ruhee, Ruhee, Ruhee, you got a pile o' readin' to do, missy. Great price, though!

Ruhee said...

I know. I started yesterday and was like "Oh dear Lord what have I gotten myself into?" But to make sure I didn't chicken out I sent an email to SLC about it, so now I HAVE to finish. Yesssss!

Will said...

Excellent selection on the cds there ... it is always fun to bring home a stack (especially when some stuff is on sale). I need to get into Cuff the Duke and Neutral Milk Hotel, as they both have been lacking in my love.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Did you hear my friend Hilary on SLC today, Ruhee? Isn't she just the sassiest thing?
I'll tell you what, if you don't finish Ulysses, I won't tell Jian or anybody else.
I can't believe you are leaving for TO tomorrow. Stay in touch when you get a chance, okay? I'll come visit you on your LJ, if that's okay.

I thought all you cool kids knew Neutral Milk Hotel, Will! But I as seriously worried about how quickly I became addicted to Cuff the Duke; I cannot, literally cannot, stop listening to them.
But yeah, stacks of cds are very indulgent.