Tuesday, July 25, 2006

That big red S on my chest? It stands for "SUCKER"

Guess where I'm taking the cat tomorrow?
The dentist.
For a mere $400, you too can have your cat's teeth cleaned.
They saw me coming from a mile away.

But I'm also in the market for my first ever festival lawn chair - you know, with the sawed off legs? No tarp for me this year. I'd be in a wheelchair by Monday, for sure.
Getting seriously pumped about hanging with the hippies this weekend.
oh yeah


Will said...

Hell yeah for hangin with the hippies.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You know it Will! Eva just made me a hemp bracelet, I'm all set!

~Jen~ said...


mellowlee said...

Holy Cajolie! $400. Wow, that's more than my son's dentist charges LOL

Are you seeing a Chiro of Physio for your back??

Allison said...

400$?? That sounds a little steep. I don't even spend that much on my own teeth.
Yeah for hippies. I lived with a crazy hippy this year, it was great, he made the best food. But maybe thats not an overall thing...enjoy the show!

She's Crafty said...

When I went to the folk fest here in Van. I would have paid money just to see my mom's face surrounded by hippies. So funny!

She was terrified of them when she was growing up, so what did I do? I terrified her some more by spending a few years being one! The things we do to piss off our parents. I have a little more dimension now, an atypical category.

Alana said...

Holy, I thought the feline valium my sister just started buying her cat was expensive! That'd better be purified water and toothbrushes made of golden hairs to get me to dish out THAT much. :P

Neil said...

why don't you just brush your cats teeth yourself? It's still ridiculous, but at least you save $400.

Ben said...

$400 for the cat's teeth. Is your cat Gangsta and wants the bling teeth ?

Barbara said...

Is your back all ready for the fest>?

Cat's teeth! If they did not have to sedate the kitties it would be a lot less expensive. But what cat is gonna just sit and relax in the vet dentist chair?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I got guilted into it, Jen. It's gonna happen.

My back is getting better by itself, actually, Mellowlee. I haven't even taken drugs since Sunday night.

They do have great food at the folk fest too, Allison, although strictly speaking they are not necessarily hippies running things. I'm heading straight for the curry booth!

Your poor mom, Sarah! I think hippies are pretty diverse now too. (I'm really an old punk myself, but don't tell anyone)

I'm hoping this is a one-time thing, Alana. As Barbara W said, it's the anesthesia and the all-day stay that makes it so expensive.

I've tried to brush her teeth, believe me, Neil. She even has fish-flavoured toothpaste, which she licks off the brush and then runs away.

I have my old cat's tooth in a bowl on my windowsill, Ben. (He never had dental care and his teeth fell out) Maybe I'll make that into some bling for Sputnik instead.

Sounds like you've been there Barbara W. Yeah, it's the sedation that piles up the costs. If she would just sit there nicely, it would be much more reasonable, but as she is a Tortoiseshell, that is never going to happen.
The back is much better (fingers crossed)!

kees said...

Are we going to get a pic of the teeth once they're done? That'll keep you busy this week, trying to get the cat to smile nicely for a photo...

mellowlee said...

I hope your kitty dental appointment goes well today Barbara!! :)

Ruhee said...

Which day(s) are you going to the Folk Festival? I am regrettably only going to be there Thursday. :(

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh true story, that, Kees! Cats are notorious for giving the Blue Steel look for the camera. But I shall give it a valiant try.

She's there right now, Mellowlee, and I'm feeling slightly badly that I didn't let them guilt me into spending an extra $100 for IV fluids.
them: it will help her come out of sedation more comfortably
me: but you'll give her subcutaneous fluids, right?
them: yes
me: that'll do just fine

Ruhee, we're going all 4 days this year! It's a hippie marathon! Do you need a ride tomorrow?

Ruhee said...

Aw, thanks for the offer! I'm all right though, I'm going with my dad and my sister :) Hopefully we'll see you there, though; I'll keep an eye out!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We'll definitely keep a watch out for you guys, Ruhee! Yay Feist!