Friday, July 28, 2006

OH. MY. GAWD. I love my festival chair!
(Gathering of the Hippies - Day Two)

If I am ever blessed with grandchildren, I shall insist that the first born be named "Canadian Tire Festival Chair Zombie" - that's how much I love my festival chair.

Now Jerry wants one. Good luck with that. I got the last one at Canadian Tire on Wednesday and I just struck out at three stores this afternoon. I shall have to fiercely protect my precious for the next three days.

We arrived at Prince's Island Park about 6:00 last night. The show started at 5:30 and we thought we would casually meander in, fashionably late, but it appeared about 275,00 other people had the same idea. The entrance line stretched through the park and almost over to the other side of the bridge in Kensington. I thought Jerry was going to become apoplexic. But I reminded him that it was a folk festival and the line actually moved pretty quickly. And we made some new friends.

We arrived in time to hear Niyaz, an Iranian/Indian group who came thisclose to stealing the entire show. They are a wonderful looking group; the front Azam Ali is stunningly beautiful with black curly hair that cascades down to her bum and a sublime voice that blends so magically with the traditional Persian music which they morph with contemporary electronic beats. Haunting.

After a decidedly unfunny comic who was emceeing, Feist then took to the stage. She was obviously thrilled to be playing to a hometown crowd, taking the time to videotape the audience, telling stories about her band in high school and her old friends.

She really has a unique voice, playful and acrobatic, smoky and sweet. She wowed the crowd and played a well received encore.

And then Broken Social Scene took to the stage for the final performance of the night. I've always been fair to middling about BSS, but then, I had never seen them perform live before. Last night changed everything. And I'm not just saying that because they slid into a rendition of Nightime/Anytime, It's Alright (and you know, anybody who invokes the Constantines automatically has my undying love forever).

Broken Social Scene were so joyful and that joy was so infectious, that they had the majority of the audience standing and dancing for the final 40 minutes of the set. Feist came back to join her old bandmates for the final half dozen or so songs, and it just became a great big party on that stage - a party which nobody wanted to end, least of all the hosts.

I guess BSS has a reputation for playing as long as they are allowed to, which somebody forgot to tell my husband. After the encore, Mr. Rammy Ramjet had all the stuff packed and scooped up and was barking "okay, let's go!" and started walking. Not wanting to get left behind, the stragglers in the family reluctantly followed. And then of course, the band launched into another song. We could still hear them playing as we exited the park. They're probably still playing.

My favourite non-musical part of the festival on Day One - the aroma of curry everywhere all night

Tonight's lineup is:

  • Savoy Doucet Cajun Band
  • Aurelio Martinez
  • Robbie Fulks
  • Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards
  • Bedouin Soundclash
  • Macy Gray

But I'm going to sneak off the see Elliott Brood playing at the Twilight Stage at 6:30.

And then Saturday and Sunday are all day affairs, so further reports may be sporadic. Matt Good on Sunday night! Wooohooo!


Last night I dreamt I was touring with the Constantines and they were baking and selling bread as a side gig. And it was really good bread too!


hilary m. said...

Barbara, I didn't think there were any hippies left in Canada! (Or confirmed ones, at least). The Folk Fest sounds great! I hate never being there for it. I think the last one I went to was the one with... Steve Earle and um.. Lucinda Williams? With the Weakerthans on a sidestage. That must've been 2003 or 2004. My summers are way too busy!

Ruhee said...

Wasn't it great?! I think you'd have enjoyed the other two acts as well. Especially Dan Bern. I highly recommend checking him out when he's on sidestages. Sample lyrics:

I spent ten days in Jerusalem.
Oh, Jerusalem!
I ate nothing but olives.
I ate a lot of olives.
A mountain of olives.
I like olives.
I like you, too!

... Oh dear, it was the funniest part of the entire day right there.

You are totally right. I was the farthest thing from a Broken Social Scene fan before, and while I am still not really a 'fan,' I enjoyed the live performance quite a bit. A lot of their music leaves me totally cold, but they have a lot of onstage energy, and that cover was a lot of fun. :D (Feist, by the way, just absolutely rules everything. Including when she was thrashing away on the drums for BSS.)

Keep us posted on how the rest of the days go. Next year I will have a four-day pass. It will be glorious.

I already sent Eva an e-mail about this, but my dad forgot to buy the Niyaz self-titled CD yesterday. We were wondering if you guys could pick up a copy for us. We can pick it up from your place, and will pay you back of course.

Alana said...

Oh, AWESOME! It sounds like that was so much fun, Barbara! I'm so glad you guys are able to enjoy it all and take it all in for the whole weekend. The Feist performance sounded amazing, I love that she was recorded the audience and was really into it, that must have been AMAZING to see! Man, my sister picked such an inopportune time to come to Winnipeg, what I wouldn't give to be at that festival!!

I'll be awaiting more details! :)

Barbara said...

Loved your report! carry on.
re: Dream symbols,
Bread is the symbol for the message they they are trying to put out there. I guess you think their message is a good one.
There you go.

michelle said...

Hey there Ms. Rainbow Child, it's great to hear that your time at the festival is everything and all that and then some!

I did see that The New Pornographers were taking the stage at Bumbershoot here in Seattle on 9/3... of course I thought of you & shrieked & danced a little jig in honour of you since you introduced me to 'em & all.

Enjoy the festival throughout the weekend, catch a few extra musique vibes 4 me too!

Allison said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! That chair sounds amazing too. I need one of those for the fireworks here (although I'm not standing for nearly as long). Guard it well :)
"I dreamt I was touring with the Cons..." I love when you remember quirky dreams, it great. I think I'm going to make toast and listen to 'Shine a Light'

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That was last year, Hilary! I followed John K Samson around all weekend long. Mind you they were here before that as well. You must stay home some summer.

Ruhee, it was beyond great! I loved watching Feist wail away on the drums! I plan to check out Dan Bern in some workshops over the weekend.
Of course we'll pick up the Niyaz cd for you - I plan to hit the merch tent anyway.

Alana, you would have loved it! Next time, girl, you'd better be here!

Barbara W, that's a really good interpretation of that dream, because I think the Cons' message is beyond awesome. I like that, thanks!

Hey Michelle - go see the New Pornos for me if you get a chance. I'm going to see Matty for you on Sundaym, and in the meantime I will be championing my newest favourite new(ish) band - Elliott Brood.

haha Allison - make sure it's good quality Constantines brand bread - with lots of seeds and nuts and whole grain. Damn those boys can bake!

She's Crafty said...

My daughter's dad (who I haven't spoken to in 7 months) apparently grew up with Leslie in Calgary and took a trip w/ her band, Placebo over to Victoria - when they were teenagers. This must have been the same guy that I thought I was having a child with...not the crazy, wack, jobless loser he is currently --sorry it just comes out that way! I can't stop it!

SO GLAD YOU ARE HAVING A GRAND TIME! Saw the Contstantines video for "Working Full Time" on the Wedge tonight. I thought of you, especially when my daughter started dancing on the couch!

Ben said...

I knew BSS would be good. I've heard so many good reports of their live performances.

I'd be interested to know how Macy Gray fares with the crowds.She can be a bit sullen and moody one night, then sensational the next.

Sounds like we're gonna have to drag you from off the clouds to bring you down after this years festival.

kees said...

Aw Barbara it sounds amazing! So I did not know this - is Feist ex-BSS? I don't know of BSS but I'm guessing they're fabbo? Glad the chair is working its magic :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a small and quirky world, Sarah, though it's a shame about your relationship with your daughter's dad.
You saw the Cons' new video? I haven't seen it - what was it like?

I am up there in those clouds alright, Ben. In fact, I am packed and ready to leave for today's shows and the rest of the family is just getting out of bed.
Macy Gray looked like she was on her game last night, although admittedly we didn't stay for her whole show, as we needed to conserve some energy for the full days today and tomorrow. She had a lavish show with choreographed dancers and she strutted around like she owned the stage - definitely beyond folk fest.

There's an old joke here in Canada, Kees, which states that 1 out of every 6 Canadians will at some point in their lives be a member of Broken Social Scene. They are a very loose and fluid collective of musicians and Feist is a sometimes member.
The chair is to die for!

She's Crafty said...

The video is really good. They are "performing rocks", when you see it, that will make more sense. There is also a lot of footage of oil sand mining. I really like that they chose to comment on that. I figured you would appreciate it too!

One in six...LOL! Those are some pretty good chances! K-OS and Emily Haines (of Metric) would agree.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sarah, that video sounds amazing. I'm assuming that the Cons are of the same philosophy about the oilsands as I am, because I tend to share their political leanings.
Thanks for letting me know about this. I will definitely be on the lookout!

kees said...

Hehehehe! That's too funny :D

Will said...

I bet it would be good bread. And now you got me wanting one of these festival chairs. I would love to see Feist and the BSS, though I too was not aware that the BSS like to play for a very long time. Sorry I've been away ... I'm going back and reading your festival posts chronologically.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It was great bread, Will! Best bread I ever dreamt I was eating.

So glad to have to back home again. I have been so neglegent on visiting everyone's blog the last few days. I'll be over shortly.