Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day all!
I hope you at least got some red and white cupcakes. I didn't, but I really want one.
Eva won a t-shirt or something today from Definitely Not the Opera today (on CBC), and so did her friend in Toronto, for identifying Joel Plaskett's song True Patriot Love in last week's Lost In Translation session! This is where they take song lyrics, put them through a translation site a number of times and then translate back into English. Woohoo! More t-shirts!


Today would have been both my dad's and Maureen's dad's birthdays. How odd, eh?
Every since he's been gone, we've always walked around with a beer cap in one eye for a while on July 1 in honour of my dad, because that would have been his idea of humour. It really should be an Extra Old Stock cap, but we don't drink a lot of beer and we had to go with what was available.
Maureen tells me that she was going to drink a shot of rum and smoke a cigar with her dad on his birthday, before he passed.
I'm passing on the stogey, but have done the beer cap in the eye thing for my papa and now am going to down a shot in the memory of Maureen's dad.
Happy birthday, dads.
Happy Canada Day.


John Mutford said...

Sounds like a reflective Canada Day. Great memories though. I drank Old Sam with my grandparents and listened to them reminisce (Geez, that doesn't look right) about the olden days (in very thick Newfoundland accents). Very nice.

chuck said...

Good memories to you...and HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Ben Heller said...

Happy Canada Day, and I know your Dad will be drinking a beer up there in the Heavenly Arms pub, a place where the Beer is free, never runs out, and tastes like nectar. I think my Dad would be there too, even though I don't think he'd know what the celebrations are for, but that wouldn't bother him.

Maureen said...

You look so cute with that beer cap in your eye, I don't think I looked that good at all!

hilary m. said...

Happy Canada Day Barbara!

I'm heading off to camp now, should be fun. Hope you have a great summer. I'll be back in two weeks. Listen to some music for me, kay? I'm not allowed to bring my iPod. =(


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to spend Canada Day, John. How nice that you have your grandparents to regale you with stories. LOVE the Newfoundland accents, my son.

Thanks Chuck! I even heard the fireworks after I went to bed last night. It was a very comforting noise, oddly.

I'll bet our dads are hanging together in the old Heavenly Arms pub, Ben. Mine is probably boring yours to tears right now with his long-winded stories.

You probably looked adorable, Maureen! Did you get a picture? I didn't look so good after the shot of rum.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Have a great time at camp, Hilary! Why aren't you allowed to bring your ipod? Every time I hear a killer song in the next two weeks I will think "this is for Hilary".
See you in a couple of weeks.

Will said...

Congrats to Eva for winning a radio prize. I won concert tickets once ... and then won over Hillary, which was an even bigger prize.

It's nice to pay tribute to our departed loved ones. I try and do the same, so as to keep them close with me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh that's so sweet, Will! Did you win Hillary over with those same concert tickets? What a lovely story. I'm sure she feels as lucky as you do.

It's nice to have unique ways to remember those gone. It makes them more memorable somehow.

phlegmfatale said...

OH, happy belated Canada Day! I'm continuing with the navel-gazing jag, as you see.
I think that's incredibly sweet--the beer cap. The stogie and shot are darling, too. I think such reverent moments of reflection are such a marvelous way to honor the memory of those who gave us life. Sounds like your dad was a fun and jolly guy. Bless him and bless you.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks PF, I hope you had a great 4th of July, as well.
Oddly, my dad was a grumpy old curmudgeon, but he did have his moments. Those are the ones I like to remember.