Monday, July 17, 2006

Either the persistent nagging finally paid off, or perhaps it was the fact that the evil Telecom rep has now gone on holiday till August (the bastard) and left a much more sympathetic dude looking after his service calls, or maybe it was the fact that I was in supreme pain and almost in tears when I talked to holiday relief guy and he felt sorry for me, but the most amazing thing happened at work today.
I now kinda sorta have internet connectivity again, a mere six weeks after it went down. It keeps cutting out every couple of minutes and Telecom claims it is now the responsibility of IT, but at least I can get spurts of work done. There's no way I would try to do any financial or materials management stuff because Peoplesoft is fucked up enough without an intermittent connection, and I hate to see what manner of hell it can put me through under the current conditions, but it's a start.

But I screwed up my back somehow on the weekend. I don't know what the hell I did. Maybe it was new stuff I was trying when I was doing shoulders on Friday. I've never had back pain before (not really) and I can't believe how limiting it is. Did you know that everything is connected to your back? Sure feels like it anyway. Surprisingly enough the thing that really throws a hot poker through me is driving the car, especially backing up, or god forbid, hitting a pothole.
And sleeping, or rather not sleeping. Tonight I'm drugging myself up completely before going to bed, so I don't have to haul myself up by pulling on the headboard every time I want to turn over.
Enough bitching - Eva's off to camp till Saturday and I miss the saucy little wench already. But the computer is mine, all mine, mwahaha! Too bad I have to work every day this week.


She's Crafty said...

Hope your back feels better.
Enjoy the time you have with your computer -- no sharing =)

mellowlee said...

Having no internet or no computer is like losing a limb for pete's sake! OMG that's horrible!
I've been living with back pain on and off for a long time, so I know what it feels like all too well. I think it's genetic. Sometimes I wake up with my neck in spasms and I live off of xtra strength advil for the next week and bond with my heating pad.

I hope you feel better soon! Take it easy!!!

A week off from the child isn't too bad hey? My son won't be back til mid August, but I hear he's having a blast.

Allison said...

I still can't believe that it took them six weeks and its not fully fixed yet...ridiculous.

Back pain, back pain...I'm considering writing a book on back pain inflicted for no apparent reason. Mine (if you remember my complaining from a couple weeks back) is slowly getting better, bending is still a bitch The best advice I can give...heating pad/hot water bottle, whatever you have, and as much as you can. If you can, even when you're driving. I stick mine on my chair at work, it really helps. And lots of water, sounds weird, but as you mentioned everything is connected. Whenever my back hurts, so do my knees.

I hope you start to feel better soon!

Ben Heller said...

Now what do you get up to when your lovely young girl is away ? How do you bide away the lonely hours until she returns ?
Why, you hump of course.
Oh I forgot, you've got a bad back ! Drat and double drat !

Hope you feel better soon.

Leazwell said...

Oh, no, back trouble. I feel your pain. No kidding, go see a good chiropractic clinic. They have done wonders for me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks She's Crafty, I plan to use the computer to my heart's content. You'd think I would spend the time with my husband or something, but ...

Sorry to hear about your back, Mellowlee. I'm being a big baby about a little muscle pain, but to have chronic pain ... man, I don't know how you do it.
I've discovered Advil. At first I didn't want to take any painkillers because I figured the pain was telling me what I should not be doing, but finally it was too much. And the Advil just dulls the pain anyway, so I needn't have worried.
Mid-August is a long time to be without your baby! Glad he's having fun.

Allison, I thought of you when I did this, as I remember how you hurt your back, and I thought to myself, oh no, Allison is going to think I'm copying her haha!
I shall have to dig the hot water bottle out from wherever it is hiding. And drinking lots of water is my cure for everything too, oddly enough. Can never have too much water. Hope your back gets better soon too.

I know, Ben! No kid to entertain me and no nasty stuff with the hubby! I shall have to blog.

Thanks for your sympathies, Leazwell. I have to tell you though, that working in stroke has left me very leery of chiropractors (vertebral artery bisections and such). As it happens, I'm pretty certain I just have muscle pain anyway, so no manipulations called for.

Barbara said...

Wow your finally connected interneticlly again at work. That one down.
Back problems that sucks.
I was wondering if you were just following the trend Allison started... I am hunched over the keyboard feeling sympathy for you both.
Eva is at what kind of camp?
Enjoy that extra computer time.
Just watch your posture.
I would have said just watch you back but that can be miscontrude...

Allison said...

I hope no one else follows this trend! Barbara W is right about the posture (although I'm sure you already know that). But its funny how much you notice your posture when you have to move, and you move your entire body and head in one motion (well at least i had too). Makes you feel like you're trapped in a 1980's cartoon about robots or something.

kees said...

Aw back pain's rubbish, hope it feels better soon. Anyone you know handy with back rubs? Doesn't have to be chiropractor stylee, just enough to create some heat - can help loads. My sister has loads of problems and uses me as free massage therapist! Find someone willing to give you an hour or so of gentle massage and make it worth their while :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The old back is feeling better all the time, BW. I'll be back to what passes as normal for me, in no time.
Eva's away at a regular camp - you know, swimming, canoeing, glueing macaroni on stuff. This is her 5th summer there and in August she will return to attend a councillor in training camp.

1980's cartoon about robots - haha that's a perfect description Allison. That's pretty much what I was looking like. And then of course I couldn't reach from the waist so I'd reach from the shoulders instead and now I'm getting sore between the shoulder blades. sheesh!

Great advice, Kees, and a lovely idea, but by the time I find a willing victim, I will be cured! My family are all mean.