Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gathering of the Hippies - Day One
Although the gates open at 4:30 this afternoon, apparently people have been lined up, waiting for the running of the tarps, since 8:00 this morning. We, however, are not going to rush down to Prince's Island Park tonight. Rather, we are going to meander casually down there when we are good and ready, as I don't need to get up right in front of the stage. Unless you are within 15 rows of tarps to the stage, there's no difference anyway. I'd rather find a nice shady spot. And besides, there are huge video screens all over the place.
I am totally psyched about my festival chair! This is going to keep me out of a wheelchair this weekend, as it will keep my tarp-sitting down to a manageable level.
I plan to scout out all the best vendors tonight, planning my attack on the curry places, the gelato places, and the vendors who sell those edible fruit bowls and the cowboy kettle corn. And that means no cooking for four days!!! Woo-hoo! That's worth the price of admission right there!

Here's tonight's line-up:
Dan Bern
Broken Social Scene
Pretty sweet, eh? Friday and Saturday night there will be a secondary stage for the evening performances and tomorrow I plan to head to the Twilight stage to catch Elliott Brood, who opened for Wilco a few weeks ago. I'd like to see them again.
I'm still sussing out whom I want to see in the workshops on Saturday and Sunday. So much prep work to do!
I'm hoping for 25-26C and clouds over the weekend, but you can't count on clouds in Calgary, unfortunately. I don't mind the heat so much, but the sun is brutally intense here (probably the altitude) and I actually get a rash from it. I may therefore need to spend a bit of time in the beer gardens, as it is set in a deliciously shady wooded area. Jerry, you may have to drive home! Except knowing Jer, he'll be in there several hours before me. Eva, time for you to get your driver's license! You slacker.
Hahaha look what I just found! The Folk Festival people told me that they wanted to use part of my letter in their promos, but I didn't think that they actually had.
I had sent a thank you letter to the Folk Festival promoters, in appreciation of the mega-huge prize package I had won last year. I won't go into detail, as a lot of you have heard it all a million times before, but here are some previous posts, in which I spout on and on ad nauseum, if you are so inclined:
Highlights of tonight's show will be presented tomorrow, as well as the Zombie family plan of attack for Friday's concerts.

Sputnik's dental adventure went surprisingly well, although she was one stoned kitty last night. We were supposed to offer her soft cat food after 8:00pm, at which she sniffed derisively and fixed me with a "what the fuck are you thinking?" look. And then ate her hard old crunchy food.


kees said...

Aw! JEALOUS!!! Sounds SO good. I saw Feist at a little bar here in Bristol in the UK last year and it was completely amazing, one of the best gigs EVER. I wanna be there! I hope your festival chair is everything you want and more, it sounds ace :)

Allison said...

I jealous. Enjoy the show from your chair, that beats standing any day!
"edible fruit bowls and the cowboy kettle corn"...I haven't never heard of such things, next to the music that sounds like a good reason to

Will said...

Yes ... stroll in as you please ... that's my style. Feist and then BSS - sounds way awesome. I've heard both are amazing live ... and archived posts from before I found your site ... I'll have to go and read what you wrote back when you wasn't famous (I sung that last part).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A little bar in Bristol - sound divine, Kees! This will be the first time I has seen either Feist or Broken Social Scene and I am quite excited. I shall be thinking of you as I plop into my short-legged little festival chair and groove from a sitting position.

There are all manner of good things to eat there, Allison. And being hippy-friendly, there're lots of veggie and vegan offerings. Me, I'm an omnivore.

I heard you singing that last part, Will. You totally kick Mike Skinner's butt, too! And I'm looking forward to strolling in there, like I'm Will Benham, or something.

John Mutford said...

Sounds like a blast! I hope you enjoyed it!!!

Barbara said...

Sounds like bliss. Enjoy! And stay in the shade. I hear the best thing about Calgary is the big sky. Enjoy the music under that sky.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Heading out there right now, John - me and 50,000 hippies. Can I get a witness?

I shall enjoy the music under that sky shaded by some nice big branches, Barbara W.

Becky said...

Gotta love Feist! I volunteered to pick up trash at the Edmonton Folk Fest so I could see her... aww, the things we do...

SO excited for you, you get to see Broken Social Scene, too. LUCKY!

Anywho, hope y'all have a blast!

Stephanie said...

I am beyond jealous.

While you are soaking up glorious sounds, I am soaking up yelling customers.
*le sigh*

She's Crafty said...

We didn't have BSS at our folk fest. My sister just saw them with Sam Roberts in Deer Lake Park, Van., what a lucky bugger (and that goes for you too!)
Have a great time!
Can't wait to hear about it!

phlegmfatale said...

I am SO pleased and relieved that you are getting to go after all - that back injury thing was quite a scare! Have a grand time,darlin!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm thinking I should be volunteering at the Folk Fest, Becky. I know quite a few people who do and they get great freebies, including invites to the after-parties. You are smart (and good-hearted) to do so.
Feist and BSS were fabulous! Details tomorrow.

Stephanie, does that mean you won't make it down here on Sunday for Matt Good? Oh no! You should come!

I heard they were really good at Deer Lake, Sarah. They just played and played and played here. 'Twas grand! And Feist joined them.

Thanks Phlegmfatale. The back thing was scary but is doing really well now. But still, I LOVE my festival chair!

Stephanie said...

Well, hmmm I work until 6pm. What time do you estimate him onstage, anything earlier than 9:46 is impossible for me to make it too.

Trust me, I am heatbroken about it.
Devisated really.

Alana said...

I am suffering from a hardcore case of Feist jealousy. She's an amazing live performer. :)

I'm excited FOR you though! I expect detailed entries about everything that happens so that I can live vicariously through you. :P

Ben said...

Well done for getting your letter (or part of it) on the Folk Festival website.

You're getting famous and they need a comment from a top star you see.

Broken Social Scene, now there's a band I would like to see.

Have a really great time Barbara.

mellowlee said...

You sound like an awesome person to go festivalling with Barbara! Glad the kittie appointment went well.

Barbara said...

I am so glad you had fun looking forward to your report.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh no, Stephanie! Sunday's show ends at 10:00 and Matt is second last, so there's no way you could make it down here in time. Rats- I was looking forward to the chance to meet you! I will try to document every nuance of Matt's performance for you (and Melissa McClelland's too, coz I know you like her as well).
Next time, though, right?

Details coming up later today, Alana. Feist was pretty incredible, especially when she joined in with BSS - that was great!

hahaha, that's me, Ben - a legend in my own mind!
BSS were well worth seeing - they completely won my over - which I wasn't really expecting.

Festivalling is such fun, Mellowlee, and you're right - it's all in the company you keep. I'll bet you'd be a blast at festivalling as well.

Totally fun, Barbara W! Report will be on your desk before the end of the workday.