Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gathering of the Hippies - Day 3
Although I've been sitting on my thumbs since 7:30 this morning, the rest of the Zombie household is just starting to roll out of bed. I must start cracking the whip as we've got a full day to take in today.
Now comes my favourite part of the folk festival - the workshops. There are six small stages scattered throughout the island all hosting workshops today and tomorrow. They are all in lovely settings - treed, some with natural amphitheatres, all intimate and cosy. Last year I spent the entire Sunday morning an arm's reach from my heroes, the Weakerthans. And as you know, Elliott Brood have been singled out as my follow-around group this weekend.
Last night's main stage show was pleasant, but not spectacular. Bedouin Soundclash, from whom I expected perhaps too much, were simply so-so, although Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards did surprise and delight me. I'm not a huge jazz fan, but they did rock the place, particularly the woman whose name I didn't catch, who brought the house down with her larger-than-the-great-outdoors voice and her amazing presence.
And you know what I thought of Elliott Brood (but they were on the secondary stage).
Eva was gobsmacked by Ari Up Vs Dubblestandart - a dub act which followed Elliott Brood on the Twilight stage. I missed them, as I wanted to take Jerry his present which I bought him - his very own festival chair. God bless Camper's Village. But I plan to catch them in some workshops. How often do you get to see the former lead vocalist of the Slits plus an Austrian (yes, you read that correctly) dub band?
Today, I am also planning to take in workshops featuring Feist, Melissa
McClelland (who opened for Matt Good on his recent acoustic tour), Luke Doucet (Melissa's new hubby), Tanya Tagaq (Inuit throat singer), Dar Williams, Lorrie Matheson (Calgary boy), Jay Crocker and his Electric Apes, Niyaz, and more.

<--- Melissa McClelland

<--- Lorrie Matheson. He also works at Hox Wax, a used record store we sometimes frequent. Eva has pinned the name Mumbly Joe on him, because he never really speaks. He sings though!
Tonight's mainstage lineup:
  • The Roches
  • Kathleen Edwards
  • Dave Alvin
  • Little Axe
  • Son Volt
  • Kris Kristopherson
Best non-musical moment: Finding a festival chair for Jerry. I am a hero.


Allison said...

Far too jealous. But living through your! Enjoy today :)

John Mutford said...

I want details on the workshop. Huge fan of Feist and Tanya Tagaq- I didn't even know she was there!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Allison - we cut today's outing short, as we needed to make sure we have reserves for tommorrow, as we don't want to miss Matt Good or Ani Defranco on the main stage tomorrow night.

I will definitely give details on the workshop, particularly Tanya Tagaq. She blew me away. She is amazing and her blend of traditional throat singing with electronic elements was just so incredibly cool. I'm going to see her again tomorrow.

mellowlee said...

Ani Defranco!!!!!! OMG! :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yes, Mellowlee - right after Matt Good - can you imagine? Woohoo!

mellowlee said...

You must be so excited! I'm excited for you! I can't wait to hear how it was :)

kees said...

Good grief those workshop things sounds brilliant - my lover man would LOVE this, is it this good every year? It might just be worth the air fare...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I shall write a proper review on Monday, Mellowlee, so you can hera all about it.

Believe it or not, Kees, last year's lineup was even better. Well, more to my tastes anyway. A lot of people do base their holidays around the fest. Worth the airfare. Do come!

Will said...

... and they have worskshops. Now this sounds like a real music festival. I kinda get the feeling we don't have anything quite like this in SF ... though maybe I am not looking quite hard enough.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The workshops are the best part, in my opinion, Will. They are smaller and more intimate, they're in the shade, and you get some really interesting musical matchups, which you may never see again.
Come to Calgary and I will take you guys to the festival next year.