Monday, July 24, 2006

Did you see Going Coastal last night?
It was the best thing in the history of best things.
Chris Nelson interviewed Bry Webb (yes MY Bry Webb, of the Constantines!) in a bathroom, which was a little odd, but Chris seems to have a thing for luring musicians into bathrooms.
Bry talked about his love for Neil Young. I always find it so simultaneously astounding and heartening when I hear that people whom I admire have their own heroes. It's the whole circle of life crap.
The Cons are finally putting out a second video - for Working Full Time. I wonder if they'll use the racoons again. I hope not.

We went through rolling blackouts during evening rush hour today, which was really weird as I don't ever remember that happening in Calgary before. Oh I know you folks in California and in southern Ontario are used to it, have been living with them for years, but somehow it made me feel so ... cosmopolitan.

Could this be a sign that Calgary truly is replacing Toronto as the centre of the known universe? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Most disturbing thing I heard today:

gift registries for kids' birthday parties

I have never fully reconciled myself to wedding gift registries, so to me this is an utter abomination. The little monsters should be happy with whatever they receive. And if you are trying to avoid an "awkward moment" when your kid tosses aside a present s/he doesn't like and hurts the giver's feelings, think twice. Shouldn't you use that opportunity to teach the little shit some manners instead?


She's Crafty said...

Oh you had to bring up the interview I missed! I'm glad someone (that would be you) got to enjoy it. Sounds like a good one.
mmm...Calgary??? I think those of us in BC are so busy being wrapped up in ourselves as the centre of the universe that even though other cities hold the title, we still think it's ours. (I am serious and joking at the same time here!)
Not a fan of bday gift registry for kids, not even adults have that luxury. Isn't it for weddings and baby showers and such? I think it is a selfish load of crap. Aren't we supposed to be thoughtful with our giftr giving? And shouldn't the receiver be thankful that we thought them special enough to give them anything at all. (Do I have to include scary handmade clown dolls in this category? or singing gorillas?)

Allison said...

Gift registry for kids?? Insane. I agree with Sarah, takes the thought right out of everything. I can kind of see why they have them for weddings and such, but a little kid being able to pick and choose...just be happy with that damn cardboard box :)
Oh, rolling thing I don't miss about Ontario!

mellowlee said...

I'm sorry to say I missed Going Coastal. I was too busy sweating to death blaaaaaaah :( Sounds like it was really good too. I love your writing, cause it makes me feel like I didn't miss anything after all!

I've been told we will probably be next here in BC for the rolling blackouts if the heat doesn't let up. I'm assuming its all the a/c's going full blast?

Gift registries for kids is total crap! Did Toys R Us come up with that? This heat is makin me grouchie. Can u tell ?

Barbara said...

If I was a kid again I would register for lego! That would have come in handy. It's not too hot in Montreal right now. In fact it's raining. I never felt like Montreal was 'La centre de la Universe'. More like the birth canal of the Country...You can do with that what you want.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sarah, given your post on Neil Young the other day, I think ytou would have enjoyed Bry Webb's take on what Young's music means to him.
I'm not even a fan of registries for adults. I can see the point behind them but they always smacked of greed to me.
And don't even bring up clowns! Way too creepy!

Yeah, Allison, what's wrong with a good old cardboard box? Or a stick with a nail in it?

Oh thanks Mellowlee. Try as I might though, my words cannot describe the thrill of seeing and hearing one of my favourite musicians (once voted sexiest musician on a poll on this site) talk candidly.
As for the rolling blackout, yes the ACs have been roaring, and the fact that Calgary has now reached a population of 1 million only heats things up more.
Oddly, Toys backwardR Us wasn't mentioned in the article - it was some store in Ottawa, but the phenomenon seesm to be spreading.

The thing is Barbara W, you shouldn't HAVE to register for Lego. If little Bad Tempered came up to you a week before your 8th birthday party and asked what you wanted you could just say "Lego would be nice". And I would have bought Lego!

kees said...

Gift registry is RUBBISH! Even for adults! The best best pressies are always ones you'd have never thought of yourself, and probably didn't even know you wanted. But for kids...jeez louise. Damn right, stick with a nail thru it and be bloody chuffed about it!

Leazwell said...

Kids are too self-centered as it is and I think the parents who have trophy children really push this crap!

Ben said...

Calgary ? Cosmopolitan ? It sounds truly exotic compared to Wolverhampton I assure you.

At least I live on the posh side where people actually get out of the bath to have a pee.

kees said...

BTW 'Rudie Can't Fail' - ace song. I have been enjoying 'Julie's Been Working For the Drug Squad' of late (she can't even look you in the eye man!)

Will said...

We just missed the rolling blackouts here in SF. Wish I could have seen the interview with your Bry ... maybe it'll hit the web soon. Or maybe I can interview Bry ... though not in a bathroom. Someone interviewed me in a bathroom once for a doc I was making, but I didn't use any of the footage - too weird. I love hearing my heroes' heros, as well.

John Mutford said...

I hate to agree with EVERYTHING you say, so just to be an ass: Gift registries for children's birthday parties? Brilliant!

Sorry, I just about gagged as I typed that.

Yes, you're right. They're horrible.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are so right, Kees, the best gifts ARE the ones you would never think of yourself, otherwise you could just go and get them yourself. Here's to pointed sticks!

haha Leazwell, trophy children! Sad but true.

Gotta LOVE those clash songs, Kees.
I really miss Joe Strummer.

Yeah, don't interview Bry in a bathroom, Will, or he'll start to get paranoid. But I'll bet the acoustics would be interesting.
Isn't it weird to find that someone you view as a god, is just as gobsmacked by someone else?

Oh John, you are so contrary all the time!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Ben, forgive me, I knocked you out of line!

If I ever get a chance to visit Wolverhampton, I shall now know the proper bathroom etiquette on both sides of town. Thank you.

phlegmfatale said...

gift registries for birthday parties?? What a galloping load of horseshit! How vain and fatuous. They'll wonder why they have such superficial relationships with their children when they are grown. This baffles me.

Anonymous said...

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