Saturday, July 29, 2006

Calgary Folk Festival - Day Three - Quick and Dirty Update
We made our exit early today, foregoing mainstage performers such as Kris Kristopherson, because (a) tomorrow is going to be a trying day, physically, and we want to be at the top of our game - and we are not 25 - well, some of us aren't, and (b) after the first two days of festival being cloudy, we had a day of 29C and blazing sunshine. During the workshops, that was fine - they are all in amongst the trees and I was extremely comfy and happy, but once the workshops were done and the mainstage took over at 5:30, there we were with our tarp and chairs in the middle of a blazing west-facing field, with no possibility of shade for another 4 hours.
I don't mind the heat, but can't handle the sun and after an hour and a half, I started to feel quite ill. But by then it was our planned departure and we escaped home to rinse off in the shower and sit on the couch for a couple of hours.
I have a few misleading statements to correct:
1. It looks as though Elliott Brood will escape my stalking this year after all - I kept missing their workshops today, for one reason or another. I do plan to make it to one tomorrow, but nonetheless, it looks like they've escaped my fanaticism this festival. I did buy t-shirts and cds, though.
2. Lorrie Matheson definitely does talk. And passionately and cuttingly. He's like a Calgarian Matthew Good! My favourite line of his today: "Ralph Klein is a dropfuck" (referring to premier Ralph Klein being a high school dropout as the reason why he won't increase school funding in Alberta). Lorrie Matheson is great, his music is great, his politics are worn on his sleeve and echo mine, and the next time I see him at Hot Wax, I'm going to talk to him about stuff.
Today's highlights:
- Tanya Tagaq was awesome! I'm going to see her again tomorrow. She is an Inuit throat singer with a difference. Traditional throat singing is created by two women face-to-face. Tanya sings solo, so she multitracks herself and incorporates electronica into the music. It will floor you to hear it and to see her perform it. She must lose a gallon of sweat at each performance. Tanya Tagaq has appeared prominently in a couple of Bjork's albums.
- Luke Doucet brought his 10 year old daughter, Chloe, onstage during the Kids are Alright workshop with himself, Melissa McClelland, Feist, and Dubblestandart to help him on a song. She started to sing and there was a collective gasp from the audience at the power and the beauty of this girl's voice and then we all started to cheer. It was a really wonderfully spontaneous, heartfelt moment. And she just wanted to meet Feist.
- Dubblestandart were so cool and so very un-Austrian. Eva bought their cd. I'll have to steal it and play you some of their great dub music.
- The Mod Cons workshop with Dan Berg, Dar Williams, Kris Demeaner, Stew, and Lorrie Matheson was very left wing (so wonderful to see in Alberta) and hilarious. More details later.
I have to go to bed now.

Tomorrow's mainstage lineup:
Eliseo Parra
Rachelle Van Zanten
Dar Williams
Melissa McClelland
Daby Toure
Tanya Tagaq
Matthew Good
Ani Defranco

And that's not even counting the workshops! Plus we have to get there early to find a spot that will have some afternoon/evening shade. So much to do!
Do you see why it's essential that I get my sleep?


Allison said...

Matt Good and Ani right after one another. That's going to be great. No other words needed. Enjoy.

karen said...

'dropfuck' and 'mumbley joe'. Two phrases I have to try to get into my vocabulary :D

Will said...

You're gonna be knackered by the end of this weekend Barbara.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's going to be a great finale to the weekend, Allison. I'm pumped about today, even though I had to use my alarm clock this morning. Bring on the coffee!

And in the same sentence, Kees!

Ben, I'm already knackered. I wish I had thought to take tomorrow as a holiday like my clever husband did. On well, I'll just sleep through that meeting...

Serah said...

Oh! I've seen Ani Difranco twice. You are in for a treat.
You just might experience too much fun overload. It's a good thing you're not a little kid, b/c now you just get tired instead of puke!

Maureen said...

Sounds like you're having a BLAST - I'm jealous :)

Will said...

You've got me on the edge of my seat here wanting all the details ... especially about the big day. It sounds, though, as if you and the rest of the Zombie household are just having the best weekend.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha Sarah, you've been hanging around little kids a lot, I can just tell. I'm happy to report I did not puke once this festival.

Will, the Zombies had the best time ever. Well, the male Zombie got a little cranky and wanted to go home earlier than everybody else all the time, but that was a minor detail.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

OH SORRY, Maureen. I didn't see you standing there. It was a blast of deafening proportions!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap you're busy these days, Barbara!

The premier really won't increase funding to schools because he's a dropout? For real? Thats... retarded.

Rest up, drink lots of H2O, and rock on!

hilary m. said...

That makes me think of a picture from the newspaper, with Ralph Klien in this half-wink smiley drunkish look. This would be the picture next to "Dropfuck" in the dictionary. I taped it above my bed.

Ruhee said...

How was Dar Williams?! I'm particularly curious about her, I've only heard a couple of songs and absolutely fell in love. I wonder what she would be like live. I anxiously await the final update(s)!

mellowlee said...

I'm dying DYYYYYYY-ing to hear how the last day went ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well, Michelle, he cites other reasons, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the underlying reason. You'd love Lorrie Matheson, I think.

Oh Hilary, that half-wink smiley drunkish look - I know EXACTLY which picture of Ralph Klein you mean. You are right - that IS the picture dictionary definition of "dropfuck". And you have it taped above your bed! Did I ever tell you that you KILL me?

Oh Ruhee, Dar Williams was pretty amazing. She has a beautiful voice, and she just killed last night on mainstage. She kept having guitar problems at the workshops, but she's so funny and goofy that we didn't care.
Did Eva tell you that the Niyaz cds all sold out on Thursday night? So, sorry, we weren't able to get you guys one. We got you a little promo card, though.

Don't die on me, Mellowlee! Hang on - report coming up!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »