Thursday, June 01, 2006

Did you miss me? Because I sure as hell missed you!
And to make it worse, my wireless was all cockeyed at work today - no internet ALL DAY - so I couldn't even sneak in and say hi at lunch. Oh yeah, I couldn't get a lot of work done either.
But we've got some semblance of normality returning to the Zombie household after a nutty-as-hell week. Oh don't get me wrong, it was great to see old friends again and go see Eva's play and celebrate her birthday and launch the new blog, and have the CBC van park in front of my house so all the neighbours could see it, but fer cryin' in the corn, all in the same week? Still though, I made it through without succumbing to that H5N1 that the family's been battling for the last month or so. Watch, the Karma Police will now strike me down with Ebola or something.
Being interviewed by John Spittal, the Arts Reporter for CBC Calgary, was an absolute blast! What a cool guy he is. Besides blogging, we talked a lot about music - the Buzzcocks, the Constantines, Joy Division. He's a big Joy Division fan and quite taken with the hobo sign I have on my front porch, the one that supposedly means "mean-tempered owner lives here" as it reminded him of the FIVE Joy Division t-shirts he owns with the mountain range thingy on them.
And being the shameless self-promoter that I am, I even managed a parting shot of "tell them to give me a call!" when the subject of the CBC's need to hire some more Arts Reporters came up.
The interview will air on CBC Radio One (Calgary) - 1010 on your AM dial - on Tuesday, June 13 at 4:15 pm MT, and again on Sunday, June 18 (nice Father's Day present!) at 8:50 am MT. You can listen on-line here in real time or you can listen to a permanent post here on the Eccentricity! segment of the CBC website for the next year or so.
The segment is going to run about five minutes. If you get a chance to listen, let me know how dorky I sound. But be kind please.
The notpaidbythehour gang also launched our new joint blog yesterday. Through the machinations of some brilliant minds in our little group and the near-simultaneous suggestion by the The Hour's website producer that we start a blog dedicated to The Hour, we pushed and grunted and swore and we birthed that sucker. It's a thing of beauty - looks a lot like its dad. Drop by the Stroumboulopouli when you get a chance and say hi. Barbara W might let you use one her Hour coffee mugs.


Allison said...

Glad to see you survived your week! I'm looking forward to hearing the interview...I'll be kind ;)

phlegmfatale said...

congratulations on surviving a hectically rewarding week!

I'm loving the shit out of my cd - thank you EVER so! And thanks for the liner notes - on first listening, I thought the Martha Wainwright song was a response to critics, but then reading your note, I guess her pa is a critic, too. Tough crowd! I love that her voice is so distinctive and yet every once in a while there is a flash of vocal color that resembles the thumbprint of Rufus'. I heard of Martha long before I heard of Rufus - I had a friend who was really into her absolute ages ago. Great stuff.
Oh, and Saturday when I hopped into my buggy to head for the panhandle, track # 6 - the Bragg/Wilco joint came barreling on - how appropriate was that? Thanks again, you sexy beast!

Alana Elliott said...

Oh Barbara, please don't get Ebola, we need you!!

Kudos to the all the survival! I'm looking forward to hearing your CBC interview, I bet you did a killer job. :)

hilary m. said...

sounds great barbara!
last time I got interviewed on CBC was when I was 8 and they asked me my favourite movie of the year.

I said Harry Potter.

I'm looking forward to the interview though!

Barbara said...

((((Barbara B)))))) we made it!
You have been doing so much this week and we piled more on top of you. Good thing you are a pillar of strength. I think I will listen to your interview online as soon as you tell me it's available. I am so proud of you! It would be great for them if they actually hired you.
You can use my Hour mug anytime.
Sorry to hear about your internet blackout time. That must have been frustrating. I have to make a cd mix or three for the train trip to TO. Any suggestions... I think I have 6$ credit on my itunes account at the moment...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I rely on the kindness of stroumboulopouli, Allison. Otherwise that site would never have been launched if it were left to me.

The tv-induced haze (a phrase which I lifted from your considerable vocabulatory), Phlegmfatale, was very restorative last night. I'm ready to go again.
I'm really interested that you knew of Martha for such a long time. I guess it shows how important word of mouth really is in the music biz. (That puts me in mind for another post, actually.)
The image in my head of you and your mom raising dust through the panhandle with the mix blasting through the speakers warms my heart. That's what it is all about for me.
I wore my Fox Confessor button to work yesterday and got lots of compliments on it! Thanks again!

Wouldn't it be ironic if I DID get a hemmorrhagic fever now, Alana? It would totally make me question my (lack of a) belief system.

Hilary, I have GOT to hear the story of your CBC interview sometime. Good answer. If I had been asked when I was 8, I probably would have had to say ... I don't even know, I don't think they had invented movies yet when I was 8.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Aw thanks, Barbara W - you guys did all the work on the new site, I just rode your coat tails. But I am going to write a post for it quick snap.
I am so excited for you for going to the final show. I hope George invites you onto camera for a chat.
OF COURSE I have music suggestions - silly girl that you would have to ask. Let me send you an email.

hilary m. said...

haha, it's not that much of a tale. I was in kensington, and they wanted to ask my dad. But I told them to ask me. Then they asked me and the only thing I could think of was Harry Potter. Afterwards, I felt really bad cause I didn't like Harry Potter that much.

John Mutford said...

Congrats on the CBC thing. A friend of mine was just on Freestyle a couple of days ago too. Geez. I'm surrounded by quasi-celebrities. Good on ya though. I look forward to hearing it.

(and if you ever do make it to the CBC as an employee, don't forget us little people!)

To Those Who Annoy Me said...

okay..can I just comment on your blog about Eva? Now Barb, you know me...I'm sassy, nasty, and don't USUALLY get choked up about stuff but DAMN girl, your story about Eva has got me cryin in my Starbucks this morning! That was a really great tribute to your daughter; probably the nicest thing I've ever read. You are a really great Mom.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh Hilary, that's hilarious! I bet your dad was laughing at that one. I hate those "Dang, I should have said..." moments!

Yay, John says I'm a quasi! Oh the working at the CBC thing is just a pipedream. A person's got to dream though.
I'm looking forward to hearing about your book panel thing.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

awwwww, Jamie! That is so sweet. Your words mean a lot because I know that getting crusty curmudgeons like you and me to cry is not an easy feat.

Barbara said...

lol There is NO way George would get me on camera.
Nor would it be good TV.
Allison and Alana did all the hard sidebar work. Evelyne did the email set up, Becky volunteered to be the first solo poster and I just added photos to the collection and supervised...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara W - watching you and George scrapping it out would be GREAT tv.

Barbara said...

Scapping it out? You are funny. I am way too calm cool and collected not to mention maybe a little intimidated to get into an argument with George (unless he finds the right button to push). I elect you to try it next time you are at a taping of The Hour I think you can take him on and score points.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll bet you could get into a great discussion re French swear words, Barbara! But I agree that it would be hard to win an arguement against George as he would be switching topics every 2 seconds.

Kellee said...

Always miss ya Barbarella!
ALWAYS!!! ;) Have a good weekend lady!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

awww, you always know just what to say Kellee! You have a great weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the interview, I am sure you were great, you are very articulate and know your music stuff. It must have been nervewracking!
I checked out the Stromboulopop....etc. I like it, I will add to my links.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's so sweet of you to say, Jacquie. Oddly, it wasn't nerve wracking in the slightest. I guess because we were discussing things that I am very comfortable with and have a great deal of interest in - blog culture and music. It was fun!

Will said...

Hey Barbara ... I missed you for sure. I am so, so excited to listen to your interview. Congratulations on that again - that is so awesome. It is great to see cool people getting recognition, especially for a blog. I know what you mean about busy weeks ... I had a bit of a hectic weekend myself.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hey, Will! I missed you too. But I just know you've been working on some exceedingly cool stuff. Boy life sure gets in the way though sometimes, don't it?

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