Saturday, May 27, 2006

Your obsession gets you known throughout the school for being strange, making life-sized models of the Velvet Underground in clay
- Expectations
- Belle and Sebastian

Eva is in drama production again this year. She's not doing a dramatic part this time round, instead she is in charge of Sets. And gets into power struggles with the Lighting kids.
Her drama teacher is so great, though. I just love him to death. He is so kind and accepting and understanding of kids who are a little different from the mainstream. And he's a huge Belle and Sebastian fan - how could you not love him?
And I have a huge respect for the Theatre Calgary representative who is helping out with this production. When the evil steroid-addled gym teacher was giving the drama kids a hard time, she called him out and demanded to speak to him in the hall. And she's about five foot fuck all tall.
I haven't really had much to do with Eva's school experience this year (bad mommy!) except for getting into a pissing match or two with the steroid-addled idiot gym teacher. But this weekend all the drama production kids are at school getting ready for next week's performances. So last night I went all Harper Valley PTA and baked 765 dozen fudgy chocolate chip cookies for Eva to take in for today's rehearsal.
I can't stand to look at another cookie right now, but I'm sure I'll get over it by family movie time tonight. Tonight's offerings, a couple of oldies: High Fidelity and Hard Core Logo.

Belle and Sebastian have a disturbing number of songs dealing with being bullied in school. Poor Stuart!
This song is for all the drama kids and other oddballs who are scorned by the jocks and the popular mall girls and the suburban gangstas. Because YOU are the beautiful people.


Barbara said...

Your not watching the hockey game right now?
Did you get my draft?
My friend who did the sets for the play I just saw had a lot of drama on the set too. Artists vs Artists.

michelle said...

Ah, drama. When I was in high school I was on the lighting crew for one play. It really was quite fun, I enjoyed all the technical aspects of making our pasty faced Broadway wannabes look halfway decent, heh. Drama is a great creative outlet when there's a compassionate leader to direct and encourage eccentricity, I'm so glad for Eva that she has such a teacher.

That's a lot of cookies. That much baking would send me into domestic overload, I'd get hives or a nervous tic or something!

Allison said...

Over 700 cookies? That is very impressive...enjoy your movie night!
"Get your patchouli stink outta my store!"

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was too busy fighting with the cursed Castpost to watch hockey BW, so Jerry kept me informed.

I may have exaggerated slightly on the cookie numbers, Michelle, but I think I still reek of cocoa.
I love drama nerds, too, even though I couldn't personally act my way out of a paper bag. (sneaky Belle and Sebastian reference there)

haha good High Fidelity reference, Allison!
"that's not a Belle and Sebastian song, that's a sad bastard song"
We actually ended up only watching Hard Core Logo, which still shocks me every time I see it.

a mom said...

My son was severely bullied at an already traumatic time in his life (pre-puberty weight gain, new glasses and mom & dad's "split"). Teachers with cotton balls in their ears didn't support him/us. After enduring verbal abuse for about a year, things escalated. I battled our ("oh, they'll figure it out...boys will be boys") "nicey-nice", pudgey, useless Mrs. Goose prinicipal in my attempts to get something done about it. It was a rough road and eventually culminated in my son not wanting to go to school, severely depressed and, what I considered, possibly suicidal (a mother's worst nightmare). I battled hard (with our physician's support) and really got nowhere.

My son "toughed it out" on his own and it was really funny what ended up happening. As the kids got older, my son "leaned out", grew to 6 feet tall and (what they never bothered to figure out) was basically a really cool guy, which he'd always been. Besides being very fair, kind, empathetic and full of integrity, loyalty and honesty he was also a sports "expert" (hockey being his specialty). Music lover. Brilliant, computer whiz. Kick ass "gamer". He ended up slowly gathering a few "quality" friends who recognized him as such, in comparison to the "numbnuts" club who had a zillion "acquaintances", but no one who'd really "have their backs". Our justice came a few years after the bullying had stopped, at a hockey game where there was a huge "kafuffle". People were getting really pissed off as they tried to watch the game and a group of drunk idiots disrupted it. A huge fight ensued and the police were dragging guys out by the scruff of their who do you think they were? Yep, the "numbnuts" club was still at it, well into young adulthood. We sat and laughed as they got booted out of one of the best games all year. Wonder if they'll ever grow up....for their sakes, I hope so!

I loved your post. I also apologize for my long one. I just feel so strongly about the "oddball" thing....these are the gems who stand out from the rest. My daughter is now going through some of the same (not with her peers so much as some whacked out teachers). We've battled (again) for 2 years, but we're winning this one. All I ever preach to my kids is don't "go with the flow...have the courage to be yourself and one day what makes you stand out now will be to your advantage and make you the shining star that gets noticed".

For all those kids who are bullied/'s hard but mostly others are "jealous" of your originality and feel somehow threatened by it. Hang in there, it gets better! And, like my son, you will have the last laugh.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi "a mom" and welcome! Thanks for sharing your story with us. It is so hard as a parent to watch your kid suffer at the hands of others and so frustrating when you realise how impotent you really are. Good for your son for growing up to be such a great person. I'm confident your daughter will end up the same, with that kind of support.

that mom again said...

(can cookies be e-mailed?)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

sadly, only the virtual kind, and the kind that leave bits of info in your computer...