Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stupid Bladder
Tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers/the Mars Volta show went on sale this morning at 10:00, except I had to pee really badly, so I didn't get onto the computer till 10:06 and all the good tickets were gone. In fact it took me three tries to get nosebleed seats, but I've got them!
I haven't listened to RHCP much lately as I got a little listened out after By the Way, but I'm ready for some new stuff. I don't know a lot about the Mars Volta except for the guy's hair. Do you like them?
"Microserfs for the age of Google"
Douglas Coupland has his finger firmly on the pulse of the pop culture Zeitgeist. Not only is he the author of one of my favourite books, Generation X, he's also the author of one of my other favourite books, Microserfs.
And now he has a new novel. It's called jPod and it almost sounds as though it picks up where Microserfs left off. As in that book, the characters in jPod are disaffected game designers, in this novel toiling away at the mind-numbing task of creating a realistic looking ripple effect for a digital waterfall. They would appear to dwell in a similar environment of soul-destroying tech slavery, bonding through the long nights of writing and checking code, living on Skittles, Internet hoaxes, and the distraction of memorizing pi to the hundred-thousandth digit. Geek Supremes rule and I can't wait to meet them.
Today I won 25 Air Miles in that contest that Safeway is forever having in which I never win anything. That should take me about 100 yards down the runway, I figure.
And if they don't stop playing Alannah Myles' Black Velvet every time I'm in the store, I going to go apeshit on someone's ass. Seriously, every time I'm in there. They are firmly stuck in 1989 or something. That song wasn't any good then and it hasn't improved with age. Let it go.
Bonavista Photos has a new sign up today. It said:
Yes, V do passport photos
And everyone who works there has middle eastern accents, so it's particularly cute.


Barbara said...

Hi Barbara B from Barbara from Montreal, but in Toronto right now...
Now my comment:Think about the poor people that have to work in that store, and stores like it. We are forced to listen to the same songs from a short playlist over and over.
So far the weekend is great 'cept for the going to church part.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Barbara W! I hope you are having a spectacular time in TO. I see you were able to kick the kiddies off the puter for a while.

I do feel sorry for the store employees that have to listen to the same crap over and over. That's why I've never worked in retail.

Will said...

Well, sorry about those tickets there. Those damn fast fingered scalpers. As for the Mars Volta, I think tehy're alright. Some people I know lovvvvve them ... but, me, not quite so much. I hear they put on a good show though. I gotta read the new Copeland novel ... as soon as I read the next couple I've been planning to read.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for your take on the Mars Volta, Will. I value your judgement.

I've got a list of books I've got to get through as well, and then Eva comes home from the library with Fight Club which I've always wanted to read, so now I'm eyeing that up too.

Maureen said...

RHCP - yay for getting tickets at all! They won't come anywhere near here - that's the downside of living where I live. My mom hoards airmiles, I think I might sign in as her and use some soon, mwahahaha.

Alana said...

It's RHCP's first concert in Winnipeg, and tickets sold out in less than half an hour. DAMMIT. I'm glad you landed some tickets though, they're supposed to put on a stellar live show. :)

kelly said...

i worked in a grocery store for a couple years after high least they are playing recognizable music...not bad elevator versions of songs....and when they started playing xmas carols the day after haloween....and the worst of the xmas carols over and over and over...of course that was 1981 ish

Stephanie said...

I saw RHCP last time they came to edmonton and oh my god it was such an awesome performance. beyond awesome really. Exceptional.

anthony's dancing is so cute that i cant even really describe it.

John Mutford said...

Have you seen the new RHCP "Dani California" video? At first I thought "Oh geez- this again?"- it starts off with them doing an obvious take on Elvis on Sullivan. But then they go through the ages with their impersonations, so it's a little different than the Nirvana- In Bloom video (or Outkast- Hey Ya video). I like their choices for the most part (they do Parliament, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols, Nirvana and the Misfits) and you can see that they're paying homage to influences but then they do a hair metal thing, and I'm left to question if they consider Poison an influence? And at the end when they're themselves? I'm sure some people will blast them on having overly large egos there.

Will said...

I kind of like the video too. Though I wish it didn't stop after they reach grunge. It would be hilarious if they went to the present day ... and beyond.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maureen, you guys on the right coast get ripped off on concerts all the time. Good thing you've got guys like Joel Plaskett.
I use my air miles for things like gift certificates to Indigo and then use those to feed my addiction to buying NME.

Aw, too bad about the Winnipeg show, Alana. I've heard RHCP put on a really tight show. Eva and Jerry saw them a couple of years ago and were blown away.

I'm surprised you never went postal on them, Kelly. That'd be enough to put you off Christmas forever.

Oooo, I love cute dancing in bands, Stephanie! I saw REM once and Stipey totally did a recital from the Thom Yorke School of Interpretive Dance. It was awesome.
I'll be looking out for a dancing Anthony.

No, I haven't seen the video, John, but now I'm intrigued! hahaha - Poison as a musical influence, that's just too sad. Iggy Pop I can see, though. In fact, Anthony will look just like Iggy in a few years. And it's not just that neither of them own a shirt.

Oh yeah, Will, RHCPs as the Jetsons. That would be worth seeing!

debbie said...

Barbara, hi. New here. I was not fortunate enough to get tix but my son & his gfriend did. Anyhow Mars Volta are a pretty cool experience. Really trippy stuff. I bought their cd and the first time I listened was quite "lulled" me into a false sense of complacency at one point. Very soft, quiet, melodic. With the sun streaming through the window and this beautiful music on I drifted off to sleep on the couch....only to be BLASTED awake by an absolutely powerful, wailing guitar solo. I completely jumped up off the couch - wish someone was home to see because it wouldn't provided huge hilarity. It peaked and valleyed like that throughout. It's the type of album you can't just listen to a "song", you have to experience the whole thing in its entirety. The Widow is the first song I heard by them and I really love it. Enjoy the show (I'm jealous)

debbie said...

*would've (not wouldn't)...damn crappy keyboarding skills got me again!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Debbie, welcome!
Well now you've got me quite intrigued about the Mars Volta! I'm quite looking forward to experiencing them now as much as I am looking forward to what I know will be a tight performance by RHCP.
I'll let you know my impressions.

Anonymous said...

As you might know, I love Douglas C. and I have heard good things about Mars Volta. Although until the last few years I considered it a badge of honour to miss every opening act- while drinking with my mates. I probably missed the Smiths for crying out loud.HA!
I have heard the new RHCP (thank G. for the abbreviation!) is really good.

Anonymous said...

BTW...I hate Alannah's an Ontario up north staple. For some reason we decided she was the original template for the "cougar" and we call it cougar music...though Alannah it's not your fault if you are reading's more that northern Ont stations are way too fond of you

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jacquie, we are united in our adoration of Dougie Coupland.
You probably missed the Smiths! LOLZ! We get so much wiser with the years, don't we?

I think you may have figured out the mystery for me - the Safeway radio programmer is from northern Ontario. And I'm pretty certain Alannah Myles reads this blog; I know for sure she reads yours.

debbie said...

Barbara, not sure if you're aware of this but Flea and John were part of Frances The Mute (TMV) so that should be talented are they??!! My son really likes John's stuff and followed him beyond RHCP. You can tell, I'm still "mourning" the fact that I didn't get tickets!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I didn't know that Debbie; actually I'm not familar with Frances to Mute, but it sounds like the Chili boys are multi-tasking. John does have quite the extensive solo career as well; we've got a few of his cds.

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