Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nyah nyah nyah, I made you eat your parents!
SHOCK AND AWE: tonight's episode of South Park (at least on Comedy Central) will be Scott Tenorman Must Die. You know, the one that Radiohead appears in.
Matt Stone said that telling Tom Yorke that he had to emote more was the most surreal moment of his life.
Look at Jonny Greenwood's hair! They've captured it perfectly. And his cheekbones.
I will be watching, as it will be the closest I will come to seeing Radiohead any time in the foreseeable future.
But I did stumble across some dandy sites today. Awesome Until Proven Guilty have a great synopsis of other sites that have Radiohead samples, and through them I found myselfmyself, who have actually got some really nice concert footage. Check them out.
Do you remember when I discussed The Lost Men: the Harrowing Saga of Shackleton's Ross Sea Party? I got a nice note from the author, Kelly Tyler-Lewis, today. She had read my post apparently, which I thought was pretty cool. She's been to the Antarctic and sent her website if anybody's interested in checking out her book or her experiences at the south pole.


Barbara said...

Ok I followed your links and I listened to Radiohead one more time to try to hear what you and Jian like so much about them. Ya know what. I have come to the realisation that am not a fan of Radiohead and I never will be. There is an annoying buzz in their music that bugs my brain. Sorry Barbara B.

Will said...

You know ... I need to rent South Park back for like the last four years, because I have missed so, so much.

The Trick said...

Keep in mind that these particular Radiohead songs are unfinished live versions, so it's not exactly definitive as far as examples go.

Or if you don't like their more experimental songs and would rather hear something more accesible, look for these songs:

- High & Dry
- Stop Whispering
- Thinking About You
- Let Down
- No Surprises
- Subterranean Homesick Alien
- Fake Plastic Trees

Those are all from older albums, but that might be the key if you don't like the new ones.

Thanks for the link!

BWH999 said...

I love this episode. Cartman is the best. Pure evil.

Add Karma Police to the list above

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara W, at least you gave it another try.
But do look into some of the suggestions that the trick and bwh999 have listed next time you want to give Radiohead another try (because you know you want to). Those songs are all more poppy.
You can add Creep and Anyone Can Play Guitar to the list as well. Actually, anything from Pablo Honey.

Will, you certainly need a couple of days of wallowing in South Park rentals. We actually did that over the Christmas holidays and it was the best! Although Jerry doesn't quite get Eva's and my love of SP.

Hello the trick! And welcome! I thought those tracks sounded pretty good for concert recordings, but yes, they definitely don't come near to approaching studio clarity, which could well explain the buzzing Barbara W was hearing.
Pablo Honey is a great gateway drug to hardcore Radiohead, I think.

I love Cartman's mad scientist laugh in that episode, bwh999. Oh and I love when he sings Creep. Actually I love it when Cartman sings anything.

Kellee said...

I HEART SOUTH PARK - next year I will make you one of my "custom Cartman Pumpkins" Barb! Thanks for all your well wishes. I think my ex would be the perfect "cheeseball" although I am afraid it will ruin Jens housewarming as it comes with a side dish of "complete and utter asshole". ha!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha - your Cartman pumpkin is most excellent, Kellee! Cheese balls as character art - I never considered that before. It could very well work.