Monday, May 01, 2006

Next year I am not waiting until the last day
Gee, who would have thought there would be long line-ups at H&R Block and the bank. It's only the very last day to file and/or pay taxes! What an idiot I am!
But on the way home, I swear I saw Thom Yorke driving a white pickup truck along Southland drive. So it was all worth it, I guess.
I heard a really craptastic song on the radio today called "Angel Dust" by none other than the craptastic Jeff Martin. For those not familiar, Jeff Martin informed his bandmates in The Tea Party that he was leaving the band by holding a press conference and announcing to it the media first. Classy move, Jeff. And the song is just as pretentious as it sounds from the title. And have you seen him lately? He looks like Jack White channelling Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining.
Unlike my darling Stuart Murdoch who was featured prominently on Going Coastal last night. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Belle and Sebastian have been all over the media recently (what with the tour and all) and everybody wants to interview Stewpot. He was so adorable on Going Coastal last night; Chris Nelson asked him for his desert island cds and Stuart claimed to have terrible taste in music, although he did pick Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark. And Thin Lizzy hahaha!!!! I knew he was going to pick them because he's all over Thin Lizzy. It's too cute.


michelle said...

That Jeff Martin fool sounds like a real piece of work. Arrogance like that makes me want to go all samurai or something or other...

I hope tax season wasn't too terribly stressful! We're kind of weird about ours, we usually file ours within a week of receiving all the necessary documents in the mail. Then again, we've usually spent it by the time it's filed anyway!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Michelle, welcome home, babe! Hope the trip was not too tough.

I would do our taxes as soon as we receive all the necessary papers, but we never seem to get them all on time. Next year we are moving all of our stuff to the one company that we trust to manage things properly for us.
Next year I will be so organized. And those are my famous last words.

Will said...

Jeff Martin sounds like a jackass ... have to hear this craptastic song. You get to see Thom Yorker, Jacquie sees Jack White. Who will I get to see? Taxes are a pain but now they are over. Rock on!

phlegmfatale said...

Taxes. Where would we be without them?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

But you actually see real celebs, Will, while Jacquie and I see look-alikes. Perhaps I need glasses.
Rocking on has commenced.

You're right, Phlegmfatale, how else would we practise our arithmetic skills and our standing in line abilities?

To Those Who Annoy Me said...

Jeff Martin is a TOTAL ass...The Tea Party is definitely in my Top Ten Favorite Bands...and still is...perhaps more so now that they have weeded out Jeff Martin!

Will said...

I guess I've seen a few real celebrities. However, I do love Thom Yorke ... and I've never actually seen him. When I saw Radiohead I could kind of make out where he was on the stage.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Then you'll be happy to know, Jamie, that from what I've heard Jeff Martin's solo stuff sucks.

Isn't that the most frustrating thing, Will, when you finally get to see a beloved band and then the stage is 7 million miles away? Me, I'm lucky, Thom drove right past me! (and I can so see Thom Yorke driving a big honkin' pickup truck, can't you?)