Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday I'm in Love
But if you think today's bad, just wait until tomorrow night, when I am basking in the love and the driving beat of the bluesy-punk and the sweat flying off the fabulous
I've been waiting for this concert ever since last spring when I saw these guys tour with the Weakerthans.
It was the most amazing experience. The venue (Wickham Hall at Mount Royal College) was the smallest I've ever been to a show in - it could hold maybe 300 people. There were two local opening acts - Hot Little Rocket who rocked and were tonnes of fun and The Summerlad who rocked less but seemed like really nice people. The keyboardist kept wandering around the crowd afterward, smiling at everybody. The Weakerthans were playing last and I knew what to expect from them, as I had loved them for a while, but when the Constantines came on stage, they blew the top of my head right off.
These five guys came onstage, and started a really driving, drum-heavy beat and then the tall, skinny one who looked like a choir boy, or perhaps a librarian, stepped up to the mic and opened his mouth and let loose with a staggeringly powerful voice. That was, of course, Bry Webb and I am so looking forward to hearing him again tomorrow night.
The Cons' most recent album, Tournament of Hearts, really showcases the evolution of the band from a howling punk-based band to a more refined, restrained, and reflective sound (but they still take no prisoners, make no mistake). On a couple of tracks, guitarist Steve Lambke takes over lead vocals and, while his voice is a mere wisp compared to the weapon of mass destruction that is Bry Webb, the songs are still very effective.
Still, I'll always remember what one American reviewer said about TOH: "I understand that Canadian bands are all about democracy and all that shit, but they should always make Bry Webb sing." I couldn't agree more. Tomorrow night, let Bry sing!


Barbara said...

That picture of the band makes me wanna hose those boys down. They look like they really worked up a sweat.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wanna hose those boys down too, Barbara W, especially Bry, mwahaha!
Sorry, it's the hormones talking.

Yeah, they play really really hard. They must be addicted to touring as well, because they must play 340 shows a year and charge next to nothing for tickets.

Barbara said...

I could only find one Constantines song available on itunes as a single.
So I bought 'Working Full Time'. To see what all the sweat is for.

Will said...

I really have not given the Constantines the listen they deserve - but I will for sure. I am so glad you get to see them and hope it is a life-changing/ life-affirming experience.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara W, if you go on the Cons site, which I have linked, and you click on the "glow all summer long" link, it will take you to a site where you can hear the song Love in Fear.
The Cons are beyond words.

Will, my hands hurt, my throat is raw, and my feet are sore, and it was SO worth it! The Cons really are so life-affirming to see live. They play so very hard and charge $18.00/ticket, if you can imagine. They obviously love it.

I'm going to make sure you get a good representative sample on the cd.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara W - check your email.

Ben Heller said...

Barbara - I heard a song the other day and thought of you....Something Corporate singing "Punk Rock Princess", partly because I always think of you as a Punk Rocker at heart.

Barbara said...

I Thank you Barbara B for the email. There is a bit in that song that reminds me of Pink Floyd's style. I do like it. I may look into buying an album.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Ben - that's great! It's true - I am an olde punk. I can't deny it.

That song, Hotline Operator, was from their most recent cd, Tournament of Hearts, Barbara W, which has gotten rave reviews everywhere. I would recommend that cd for you as a starter as it is more refined (much like yourself) than the other, more raw, cds.