Friday, May 26, 2006

Don't even try to listen to the Radiohead file - I deleted it while floundering stupidly through some stuff.
You will indeed find that Arizona will cut out on you, the problem being the extemely long loading time. The song plays faster than it loads. Way faster.
So, if anybody knows of a better audio host than Castpost, I'm all ears.

Okay so Jas put her magic fingers on the music file and fixed it somehow (Arizona). It now seems to play uninterupted. Thanks Jas - you techno-wiz. Radiohead file is still deleted though.


michelle said...

Wait a minute, I have Arizona. I downloaded it months ago right before you sent us your prized cd mixes... which, by the way, I have since copied twice (one for GOB and one for Mia). It doesn't hold the same place on the pedestal as Young Lions but then again, that song has sentimental value because of yooz. *insert aww, gush*

Don't give up on Castpod or Castform or Castoff or whatever it's called (sorry!) - I'm looking forward to hearing your collection, sistah.

3ngin33r said...

Castpost's one of the few specific music hosting websites. There are sites like and hmm, that host files. One of my podcast friends suggested the former - all it needs it for ppl to click on the link and hit "Open", wait a few seconds for it to upload and then it plays without interruption :) and well... if that too doesn't work out, stay tuned. lol

Stephanie said...

You're like a seamstress - except a deletstress

i'm funny

Barbara said...

I am still getting drops...
Barbara B the email I sent you today if i can get a reply by 6pm I can get the newsletter underway, when I get home from work.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Awwww, I'm glad you guys are groovin with me, and I'm all verklempft about the sentimentality now, Michelle. I decided to put Arizona on because I needed something from the first cd, as its rawness and power most reproduces the concert experience for me.
I'll get things straightened out eventually.

Hi 3ngin33r, welcome! And thanks for the link - not only do you visit, you bring gifts as well. I'll be checking out Walangata in the next little while as I work this out.

Stephanie, I'm not laughing with you; I'm laughing at you... You're a riot, girl.

You got it, Barbara W. It's done!

Will said...

Technology is a funky thing ... though I am excited about this feature. Now, for real - I think the Constantines need to hire you as a PR Manager, because - quite frankly - your writing about them has inspired me to listen to them more than anything else. I think it is that genuine personal connection that makes the music so appealing ... as opposed to some phony PR thing I get in an email that is like ... "Hey, Check out [insert generic Emo Band Name Here], they are like Radiohead meets Incubus, with just a bit of American Pie humor. Their album is totally rad, and they r gonna be HUGE."

Ok, I babble. But the bottom line - I like the way you write about music.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"Radiohead meets Incubus" HAHAHA You kill me, Will!
But thank you, that is such a huge compliment, especially considering that it comes from someone whose opinions I value highly and whose writing I greatly respect.

I agree that word of mouth from enthusiastic listeners is so much more meaningful, so much so that when I saw a Band of Horses cd yesterday I grabbed it. And that's all thanks to you for introducing me.

3ngin33r said...

hey again! lol

I think Walangata is subscriber-based. a friend was having issues too so I ended up posting of what I think is another option. you can listen to it on my blog :) and decide whether it suits your music.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I sure appreciate your help 3ngin33r! You are a wealth of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

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