Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yeah, what he said!
Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene summed up my feelings about the Juno awards perfectly the other night when he pleaded "Fight for better music, Canada. Fight for better music." Look even Chris Murphy from Sloan is so overwhelmed at his words that he's giving Kevin a kiss.
I know I've been ranting on to anybody who will listen about how the Junos do not represent what is happening in Canadian music and once I finish this rant, I promise it will be out of my system, but right now it is still pissing me off.
Canada is gaining a well-deserved reputation for making ground-breaking and critically-adored music. And what do we chose to honour at the national music awards? The polluted rip-off crap represented by, what was it, five Canadian Idol contestants. And performances by and awards to Coldplay (whom I have nothing against, but excuse me, don't we have a few bands in Canada that some of us might like to see perform instead?) and *puke, puke, puke* the Black-Eyed Peas.
I'm not even going to get started on Pamela Anderson; I'm concentrating on the music here. But I think you can probably guess how feel about that choice of host.
Sure I was glad to see bands like Bedouin Soundclash win new group, an artist like Buck 65 win best video, and Broken Social Scene win alternative album. But that, my friends, is merely a spit in the bucket. How many nominations were based solely on sales, not on merit? The majority of them.
Now I really hold no hard feelings against Michael Buble for winning a mitt-full of awards. I would likely never buy one of his cds, but at least he has some genuine talent, but these Canadian idol contestants with their manufactured pop celebrity crap have no place being nominated for anything. Their shit records sell because stupid people see them on tv. Period.
In the meantime, hugely talented and acclaimed musicians like Metric, the Weakerthans, Wolf Parade, Matthew Good, Constantines, New Pornographers, Joel Plaskett, Christine Fellows, Stars, Matt Mays, Hawskley Workman, Martha Wainwright, Ron Sexsmith, oh shit I could go on for days, tour their asses off around the world and don't get recognised at home. Until that changes, I will not acknowledge the Juno awards as a legitimate honouring of Canadian talent.
I'm done.


Maureen said...

Ah, it wasn't that exciting anyway - nobody REALLY cool would bother, hahaha

Conky said...

it was hideous to watch

Teddy said...

No Barb, you're not done. We're not done. We need to continue to speak up and out against the Americanization of our entertainment scene, and schlock bullshit that is top 40 music today.

And the lack or respect that truly great Canadian performer/singer/songwriters receive by our home market.

Added to your list... Stephen Fearing, Lowest of the Low, Arcade Fire, Rheostatics, Danki Jones, Tegan and Sara.

Yes, I know that some of these have received Juno recognition in the past. But not what they deserve.

Where to get good music? How about CBC Radio 3? CKUA or CJSW.

If you listen to LiteFM, you are part of the problem. :)

How's that for elitist?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You're almost certainly right, Maureen. A lot of Canadian musicians have already said to hell with the Junos. Still, wouldn't it be great if the Junos meant something?

Jen, did you watch? Funny, I never took you for a masochist.

Ohoh, Teddy, you just gave me permission to keep ranting. Amen to your list - I just ran out of time, but could also add Sarah Harmer, Chad Van Gaalen, Feist, Kathleen Edwards, Final Fantasy, K'Naan, Destroyer, Propaghandi, the Sadies. Stop me!

"If you listen to LiteFM, you are part of the problem" haha - may I use that as tomorrow's quote of the day?

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about the Grammys down here, Barbara. The bands are different but the fundamental problem is still the same.

You give good rant.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle, I think we should ditch both the Junos and the Grammys and start a brave new awards show. And everybody would be allowed to rant as long and as loudly as they liked. Cause I like to get good rant too.

Ben Heller said...

You make a great point, and it's a problem we have in the U.K. Our Brit awards for music seem to be a back slapping exercise for all the record company exec's and big selling artists to ponce around telling everyone how many records they've sold. It has little to do with quality, and more to do with quantity. That's why I'm pleased we still have the NME awards, the Mercury Music Prize, and the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) awards.At least they honour the ground breakers and the up and coming.

Anonymous said...

We need to continue to speak up and out against the Americanization of our entertainment scene

While I understand the sentiment, the sad truth is, we'd actually get much better results if we let Americans pick the Juno winners. Broken Social Scene, the New Pornographers, The Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Neko Case, etc are massive and play sold-out shows all over the U.S., whereas nobody south of the border has ever heard of any of those goddamn Canadian Idol contestants. (If any of them think they have any shot at an international career, they are in for a rude awakening... )

Also, did you all see this? Isn't that just the cherry on top of our sundae of national disgrace?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So true, Ben. In the UK you do have legitimate awards shows in addition to the record industry dreck, and these have gained a reputation for celebrating new and important peformers. The NME awards in particular look like boatloads of fun too!

dja, hi and welcome! Many other Canadians musicians are respected in Europe as well, and they earned that respect not only through quality music but also through hard work and touring a lot. (minor point - Neko Case is American, but I'd be happy to claim her as Canadian)
I did hear about that leak of the award on the commercial a half hour before it was presented. That's both pathetic and funny.

Teddy said...

And then there are the up and coming local bands, eh? Like The Pants Situation, Mocking Shadows, Dragon Fli Empire...

Look, I'm an elistist bastard by nature. In my mind, anyone has the right to listen to bad music. No one has the right to tell me that crap music is actually good for you.

I've been to two dozen concerts in the past year, and know what? It hasn't been enough. Missed BSS, MG, Stars, going to miss Franz Ferdinand and DCfC (still trying for those tix, tho - if anyone has any, I'll take 2, 4, 8 - however many you got!)

"If you listen to LiteFM you are part of the problem" Consider it to be in the public domain.

Teddy said...
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Barbara Bruederlin said...

There are never enough concerts, Teddy. I'd take some of those Franz/Death Cab tickets too...

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog and while I understand your point I'm tired of being told what music I should listen to. A lot of these indie acts don't interest me and the more they run their mouths about their superiority over other Canadian artists the less I'm inclined to listen. I don't count on the Juno's to inform me about whats "great" in Canadian music today. I can discover that for myself. So enjoy the Juno's for what they are- entertainment and mainstream popularity. They will never be anything different.

Stephanie said...

I really loved those commercials advertising that Pam Anderson was the host of the junos. with the teeny tenny bikini.

good lord canada

Lala said...

A random "next blog" click brought me here - and yes, I totally agree with your wrap-up of the Junos. I, myself, "reviewed" Nickelback's winning album on my blog: fluffyandcute.blogspot.com.

Must come back for a visit!

Teddy said...

And of course, the Neverending White Lights, which I have been lucky enough to snag tix for tonight. Another up'n'coming Canuck band.

They open for OLP when they come to Calgary in the spring.

Barbara said...

Now that you got that off your chest Barbara B, don't you feel better?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Joelle, welcome! I certainly wouldn't presume to expect eveybody to enjoy the same music as I do (that would be pretty boring), but I think that more and more people ARE loving the "indie" musicians that Canada produces, and this is not being reflected in the Juno awards. I guess I really fail to see the point of the Junos, but if you enjoy watching them, that's great.

Yeah, Stephanie - that Pam Anderson, she's one heck of a great actor. And she completely represents me as a Canadian.

Lala, hello and welcome! Another vote for the "Junos are bad, m'kay?" category! I wonder if the music industry is aware of how many of us really feel?
I simply must check out your review.

Oh well done, Teddy. Enjoy the show. My offspring went to the Metric show last night. I didn't, as one concert per week is sufficient for us old farts. Still had to drive her though!

Totally better, Barbara W. Ranting is a beautiful and therapeutic thing, especially when you have willing victims to listen to you.

Will said...

Agreed. There is so much good music coming out of Canada - at least that's how it looks in the States. Do not know much about the Junos, but if they're half as bad as the Grammys...

Stop the Black Eyed Peas!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have my undying gratitude, Will, with those 5 little words: stop the Black Eyed Peas. I think the Grammies and Junos sort of fit into the same "who cares about this crap" category.

hilary m. said...

i am soo much in agreement there...
i couldn't believe the juno awards!
i find it disgusting that all those
canadian idols are nominated for the big awards, all these preteen favourites. since when was an award show based on quantity instead of quality!? and it isn't like canada's music scene is dry. we have soo much great talent right now, couldn't we embrace it?
errg.. and pammy made it more of a sickening mess... and then the black eyed peas!! instead of spending a lot of money on talentless american acts.. we could've added a musically talented canadian group. we have more than three..

whweef. that made me a bit happier. ^^

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well ranted, Hilary M!
It's good to know that there are like-minded people out there who appreciate good music. Let's keep fighting to have it recognised.

Anonymous said...

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