Sunday, April 09, 2006

Some things are pretty great
- sleeping in your own bed again is pretty great. Even if you've only been away from it for one night. Especially if you take the time to put freshly laundered sheets and clean blankets on and make sure that they are crisp and wrinkle-free. And for the best effect, do this earlier in the day, so that every time you happen to pass by your bed, you can see those smooth sheets and fluffed pillows beckoning you so beguilingly. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
- opening all the windows in the house on the first really nice spring day is pretty great.
- Scottish accents are pretty great. I was just finishing exercising today when I ran out of music. Rather than put another cd on, I un-muted the tv, where Colin and Justin's How Not to Decorate was on. I had never heard them speak before. OMG they have the loveliest accents! I couldn't understand half of what they said, but I loved hearing them say it. And I think that's part of the reason I love Belle and Sebastian so much.
- that guy getting his dog Rocco back is pretty great. A Calgary man's yellow lab disappeared from his backyard a couple of weeks ago. The gates were all still closed, leading him to believe Rocco had been stolen. He took out full page colour ads in all the papers offering a $10,000 reward plus a $3,000 donation to the children's hospital for his return. He had actually been found by someone on a acreage who did not know the situation, and who turned him over.
My friend Grant said "I sure wouldn't do that for my dog. I'm not even sure if I feel that way about my kids". That's pretty great, too.
And some things suck ass
- the life expectancy in Zimbabwe is 34 years for women, 37 years for men. The high rate of HIV-AIDS and the collapse of the health care system are cited as factors. The suckage rating for these shocking statistics, straight out of the Stone Age, is 10/10.
- not only do we get the NME a week later than the rest of the world, we have to pay $8.50 Cdn per weekly issue, PLUS somebody liberated the free cd which was supposed to be included in the April 1 edition from every magazine in Indigo. The suckage factor for this is 6/10.
- the bald-headed bastard across the back lane has once again taken to idling his diesel truck behind our back fence for eons at a time. This of course coincides with the first really nice day of spring when we open all of our windows, thereby seriously cutting into the enjoyment factor of said really great thing mentioned earlier. Suckage factor = 8/10
But today I decided I'm going to be proactive and went over to confront him, while he was vacuuming said truck with the engine idling. Here's how it went (after Jerry warned me to play it cool and be nice):
me: Hi, how are you?
bald-headed bastard: fine
me: do you mind not idling your truck, as we now have our windows open and the house fills with exhaust fumes?
b-hb: well it takes 10 minutes to warm this truck up
me: I appreciate that, but it's been running for 40 minutes now
bh-b: well I haven't run it all winter, I need it for work. Fine. *shuts off engine*
me: thanks
Jeez, Jerry was right, and I was ready to scratch the guy's eyes out and instead I can now claim the high road. Sweet!
I am such a poor winner. I've been strutting around the house all afternoon since then, singing in my Cartman voice "I told the bald-headed bastard off, I made him turn off his engine!" I need to either a) not get into any more fights, or b) get into a lot more fights so that I learn how to be gracious about winning them.
All in all, a pretty good day.


Barbara said...

Nothing like spring to bring out the best in you eh?
I can't read the caption in that cartoon up top. I view it in biggest font but that did not help. I tried to click on it but that did not work.
Now I ain't complaining mind you but can you read it to me?

Will said...

Sorry about the NME, but glad it was all in all a good day.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sorry about that Barbara W. You're right - you can't enlarge it.
It says "I just need you to love me for the self-made millionaire that I am." Lovely sentiment, don't you think?

That it was, Will, that it was. And I still like the NME, even with the free cd absconded from it.

Ben Heller said...


I have the CD. If you want it I'll post it to you.

my email addy.

The Zimbabwe issue is one close to my heart because it used to be a British colony, and there are still around 70,000 Brits still living there. Unfortunately, until the Government changes, this will continue IMO. As a Commonwealth, (and I include ourselves, South Africa, Canada, and Australia,) our Governments should have done something about this. In fact I am very pro. a more active relationship with the Commonwealth countries, rather than just getting together for a sports event.

Anonymous said...

You handled b-hb like a pro, you have every reason to strut and fist-pump like you own the damn neighborhood!

Barbara said...

My soul prays for Africa all the time. On the surface I am not doing anything about it though. Shame on me.
Ben Heller I have had distant relatives leave Zimbabwe because of the recent conditions. One now lives in England and one moved to Alberta.
I pray for african children. May they have enough food, shelter, water,protection, love and comfort. I will add to that prayer medical treatment and education.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ben, you are too sweet for words. If you truly don't want the cd for yourself, I would be delighted to receive it. I will shoot you an email later. Perhaps I can make you a mix of some Canadian bands you may be unfamiliar with to reciprocate?
You're right about the commonwealth. Ou relationship seems to be based solely upon the sporting life these days when we could be putting out efforts toward people's lives.

Oh Michelle, you say that, but you didn't have to watch me act like an 8 year old! (It was pretty fun actually! - very testosterone-filled)

Barbara W, you are doing what you know how to do. It can be very hard to take action when something is happening so far from you and the root cause requires a systemic change.

Maureen said...

I love clean sheets - it's the little things :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It is the little things, Maureen. No wrinkles, no cat hair, clean smelling. And it's nice when the bed is like that too!

Anonymous said...

i read an article in one of the national papers can't recall South Africa 600 people a day die from blew me away...sad.....

And yes i agree about the fresh sheets and fresh a thing that can lull you to sleep...wide open wndow on first night it can stay open all night...except when you are so cozy and the room is frigid and you have to get up and pee......arrrggghhhh

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi Kelly!
600 people per day, and that's from AIDS alone. That's almost impossible to comprehend. You can bet there would be outrage if that were happening in North America.

Yeah, the freezing cold room vs the full bladder dilemna. It hardly ever works to try to ignore said bladder because then you think about it the rest of the night. But that dash to the bathroom - yikes!

Anonymous said...

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