Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the Germans have a good word for it
Ohren wurme
Literally translated, it means "ear worm", and it's a pretty good description of one of those songs that get stuck in your head and won't leave. I've had the Streets' new single "When You Wasn't Famous" stuck firmly in my head for the last considerable while. Damn you, Mike Skinner! And then all the reviews of "The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living", which was released this week, have come back fairly raving. I'm starting to think I need to find a few minutes to go cd shopping tomorrow. While I'm at it, I'm thinking I'd better get the earlier Streets' cd "A Grand Don't Come for Free" (who taught Mike Skinner grammar anyway?), because Will LOVES it, and he's got good taste.
I'm pretty damn happy, though, that I found the receipt for Eva's ipod, which is not working properly. Also not working is our computer (you already know about this), our Bose sound-dock for playing and recharging the ipod (and they are supposed to be indestructible), and now the computer next to mine at work. I'm starting to think I have some kind of negative electrical force field surrounding me, which is fucking up all electronics I come within spitting distance of.
Anyhoo, I bought the ipod for Eva's birthday last May, so I knew the warranty was fast expiring, but when I checked my neatly labeled "electronics receipts" folder, no sign of the ipod receipt. I thought I was hooped, but today I had an inspiration and checked the pile of papers awaiting filing. Woohoo, ipod receipt! I'm thinking maybe I need to file more than once a year.
Now I have to start finding the income tax stuff.


Will said...

Income taxes, yes, gotta send my stuff in. I do appreciate the shout out and I do love me some Mike Skinner. Technology is a pain isn't it. Glad you found the iPod reciept. My iPod wasn't working and I thought it was dead for good. I moped for like 2 months, and then Hillary fixed it --- it was awesome. Best of luck with your technology.

Barbara said...

That is one ugly ear picture.
Ipods can't be returned to the store you have to deal direct with Apple. I know this because we sell ipods and we don't take them back.
Call Apple.
Some people do have a 'way' with computers.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Will, you turned me on to some pretty interesting music. I appreciate that - well except that now I'm poor.
Technology is great. When it works. Which it too often does not. Hillary fixed your ipod? I am in awe; is she one of those people who can heal electronics? Maybe I should send her Eva's.

I thought the ear was kinda lovely myself, Barbara W, although not a look I would choose to sport. Thanks for the heads up on the Apple policy. I understand they have a trouble-shooting list on their website, which, if I had a computer available today, I would go through. sigh. I'll give them a call.

Maureen said...

Ever notice how everything breaks down at once? I hate filing, lol - I have a filing cabinet full of unfiled papers.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Everything does break down at once, Maureen. It's a conspiracy to drive me nuts. Because it's all about me, don't you know.

j k said...

actually, its ohrwurm... just thought you'd like to know... nice blog btw

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hi JK, wilkommen! I knew I didn't have the word quite right - thank you for the correction.