Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gather at the church say a quiet prayer
hold each other's hands praying that you might be there
- Anger as Beauty
- Hawksley Workman

As a dedicated agnostic, I don't very often darken the doors of places of worship, but I am so stoked about going to church this Thursday night. Cause it's not just any church; it's Knox United Church, and I'm going there to see my man Hawksley Workman.

What a great venue this is going to be for a concert! It's a beautiful old building (well, old for Calgary anyway) right in the heart of downtown. It's got fantastic acoustics, having been built before the age of microphones when the preacher's voice had to carry to the back pews, it's got gleaming wood pews and altar, and stained-glass windows that catch the evening light.

And on Thursday night, it will have the master showman, Hawksley Workman, at the temple of sound.

I saw Hawksley at the Folk Festival last summer and he completely blew me away with his performance. Workman is a completely eclectic performer. He brings in elements of cabaret style, hard-driving rock, evangelical holy rolling, all with this enormous theatrical flare. He has a huge vocal range and an even larger stage presence.

I've always been a proponent of live performance; a live show brings elements to the music that you will never achieve on cd or video. Hawksley Workman cranks those elements up to the ultimate. I think having this show in a church will make me want to raise my arms up to the skies and throw my head back and sing lustily (just like I do when singing along with his song Old Bloody Orange)

The last musical performance I saw in a church was Handel's Messiah. I think this will be a completely different experience.


Stephanie said...

Thinking about Striptease being performed in a church makes me giggle

Ben Heller said...

I've never seen a live performance in a church, but I can imagine the acoustics are just wonderful. You should have a great time.

Someone like Morrissey would sound good in a church i think

Barbara said...

Barbara B. now you got me talking about concerts on my blog... How did that happen?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Me too, Stephanie! And some of Hawksley's songs are really sexy. I hope he plays Tarantulove, for example.

I'm really excited about this venue, Ben. It should be a completely different experience. Morrissey truly would sound wonderful in a church. He's got the right presence.
Both Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros have performed in churches, with huge success.

Well Barbara W, I think it's because music (especially live music) really does act as a social glue. It gives us a meeting place, a shared interest, and a topic for debate.

Sean S. said...

its going to be great...just Hawksley and Mr. Lonely......

next Sunday here in Saskatoon, and thankfully, in Convocation Hall (seats!)....can't wait!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay, Sean! You get to sit down and dance!
We'll have to compare notes. Bet they're both great shows.

Will said...

Enjoy ... don't think I've ever seen a show in a church myself. If it has great acoustics, you can't beat that.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll let you know how it sounds, Will. I'm thinking it could be pretty special.

Barbara said...

Did you watch the Juno Awards?
I am so happy they booed Pam Anderson's little rant. Me, I just switched channels every time she was on. She got Ben Mulroney all twisted up. That was embarrasing to watch and fun at the same time.
Don't Canadians dress up anymore? If you go by the Junos I guess not.
Good on Bublé (sp?)3 Junos or was it 4?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't watch the Junos.
10 of the categories are based on record sales and not on critical merit, and that's why you get crap like the Canadian Idols and Nickelback nominated. The Junos are so far removed from what is going on in Canadian music. It's a joke.
Plus I have no desire to see Pam Anderson.

Barbara said...

Not even to see her booed?
There was one Juno fans pick award based on CTV voters... I am trying to remember who won that, oh yeah, A Simple Plan.
Nickleback didn't win anything.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well thank God Nickelback was shut out, except that Simple Plan is just as bad. (oops, there goes my music-snobbery, rearing its ugly head again)

Sean S. said...

snob away....where are the bands like Metric, Controller.Controller, Matt Mays, Broken Social Scene, Tom Wilson, The Ladies and Gentlemen, Marble Index, The Waking Eyes, etc.... in all the major categories? (okay, okay, BBS did perform I hear).

Why are there no less then 5 Canadian Idol contestants nominated for their pop-shit-manufactured-music?

I thought that after last year things would start to change (Fiest, Metric actually winning)..but I guess not.

Record sales do not equal good music.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sean, you are preaching to the choir here, but I love hearing it anyway. I could not agree more!

Apparently Kardinal Offishial (not usre I spelled that correctly) has announced that he is through with the Junos for exactly that reason. And of course, others like Matt Good, have washed their hands of it years ago.

And what's with bringing in the fucking Black Eyed Peas? I thought we were supposed to be recognising GOOD CANADIAN music. BEP are neither.

Barbara said...

For me the Junos was a learning experience. I don't care who won or lost it's how they play with each other...

Barbara said...

Chirps in *I'm like a bird*
look I am a chick-a-dee! Not just a sigh-chick anymore.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

But the point is, Barbara W, they didn't play with each other! 3/4 of the players were left sitting on the sidelines or not even allowed in the ballpark, and they are the players who are actually doing something meaningful.

Barbara said...

Ok you can plan the Sask.Junos then. Just tell them the little birdie said you could. It's a big job, but I know you are up for it.

Teddy said...

Stepping into the Junos issue here...

They do not represent the state of Canadian music.

Artist of the year: Kalan Porter? Rex Goudie? Oh my feckin lord, those choices should say enough about the value of these awards.

I was embarassed to watch the fifteen minutes it took to register me as a "viewer" last night. Pamela Anderson was pathetic, and so was featuring great non-canadian bands like Coldplay and BEPs, just because someone could book them and add some cred to the show.

Hey, I like Coldplay. But does something scream sellout to you to have Chris Martin present Brian Adams (MORE drech!) his hall of fame award?

Strikes me as small time cheap (for Canada), but perhaps that's just me.

Doesn't take anything away from the show that Halifax apparently put on. By all accounts, it was a fab week of music all around. But the CTV inspired glitz and pseudo-glam (man, how I hate Ben Mulroney) just looks phake and phoney to my eyes.

As do the Junos in general.

End of my rant.

Teddy said...

But then again, I'm just bummed at misssing out on MG tongiht (he was taken to hospital after collapsing in Kingston yesterday - no details other than what's up on Nearfantastica).

And missign Metric tomorrow, and missing Hawksley. his new album sounds great.

Teddy said...

But hey, one highlight was catching BSS - man was that awesome to see over a dozen band members, two drum kits, four rhythm guitars, Feist, and a brass section all together on stage. Man, what a party that would have been.

Was it me, though, or was Kevin flat for most of the song?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What? What? What? Matt Good in hospital? Rob from Peterborough was saying that Matt sick when he saw him in London on Saturday, but he still performed. I'll need to check this out.

I'm hearing you on all the Juno crap, Teddy. I actually listened to a Juno show on CBC 1 on Sunday. It was pretty great - Joel Plaskett, Alan Doyle, Martha Wainwright, Ron Sexsmith, Jann Arden - you know, real musicians.
As I didn't watch the Junos, unfortunately I didn't catch BSS playing but I did hear Kevin Drew's plea to "fight for better music, Canada!" and I applauded when I heard that. I think I'm going to write about that tonight.