Friday, April 21, 2006

Filled your gas tank lately?
Yeah? So you're aware of how much more it costs to fill that Lexus now. And that of course means that Calgary is once again swaggering its way through an oil boom.
It's crazy around here. House prices are hugely inflated. Our house has almost doubled in value from when we moved here in 1997. Which is nice to hear, but essentially meaningless, unless we wanted to sell and move to Regina or something. (not going to happen!)
We live in a neighbourhood which has two man-made lakes (and also a lot of planted trees, to give the illusion that we are not living in the middle of the bald-ass prairies). The area surrounding the lakes is known as The Estates. We do not live in The Estates; we live in the fallout zone surrounding The Estates. We lesser folk serve as a buffer against invasion, giving The Estate dwellers time to pack up the silver and the Picassos, and heat up the boiling oil to pour over the castle walls when the pillaging hordes finally finish burning our shacks.
I've been getting a lot of realtors' flyers in the mailbox lately. The average selling price for an Estate house from January 1 - March 31 was $1,275,000.00. That's insane! And houses are selling within minutes and there are bidding wars, with people paying up to $200,000.00 above list price.

And of course, for every boom there is a corresponding bust. Apparently there was a bumper sticker that surfaced in Calgary during the 1980's bust which read:
Lord, grant me one more boom and I promise not to piss it all away this time
So, the local CBC morning show - the Calgary Eyeopener - is holding a contest, dealing with the current boom. They are asking for variations on the above bumper sticker. Here are some of my favourites so far:
  • Lord, I'm pissing this one away too, so I'm going to need you to send another one
  • Carpe boom
  • Lord, I may have pissed away the last boom, but this time I have people to do it for me


Anonymous said...

*gasp* WOWholyshitmuthawoo, those are some incredibly steep home prices! All because of the oil thing?

Your neighborhood sounds like a little slice of heaven in a mad world, you are truly blessed. Can I pitch a tent in your backyard and call it home for a summer? :)

phlegmfatale said...

wow, wild times!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's mainly the oil that's driving it, Michelle, but Calgary's economy is also incredibly hot right now from other factors too, and the in-migration to the city is enormous.
Our neighbourhood is nice, one of the few areas in Calgary with lots of mature trees.
We've already got a spot mapped out in the backyard for your tent, and on the street for the RV that you are borrowing from your cousin Eddie. We'll spend our summer dreading each other's hair and learning how to tattoo.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeah, Phlegmfatale, it's pretty crazy. I imagine you see insane oil-driven economic swings where you are as well. And of course we always figure this time the bust will never happen.

Barbara said...

I road my bike to work these last two days 'cause of gas prices and 'cause of enviroment. Happy Earth week! Ok it was a Day, but Earth deserves a week. Looks like rain 'til Wed. Now do I bike in the rain or not...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Biking in the rain is not too bad Barbara W - we're getting a whack of snow right now... sigh... and just yesterday I was commenting on how the Leopard's Bane was already growing in the garden.

Good on you for riding your bike to work. I wish I could. How long does it take you?

Anonymous said...

haaa haaa haaaa snow

Anonymous said...

ummm humble apologies for the last comment....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

HA Kelly! I don't believe the humble part for one moment! Actually the snow disappeared after an hour and half and turned into much needed rain.

So, Kelly, when are you going to start your own blog so that we can harrass you for a change?

Anonymous said...

Other ideas for bumper stickers,

"My city had an oil boom and all I got was this stupid decal."

"Tonight's News: The Flames are on top and the boom is on. In other news, hell has frozen over."

"Welcome to Calgary. We have oil. We have Bush as a neighbor. DAMN STRAIGHT we're nervous!"


Anonymous said...

Economy drive is good, indeed. I'm a bit of a treehugger, though, so I always worry when I hear the words "thriving economy." That usually means something bad for the environment.

Alright Barbara, you have a date... let's play! I get the feeling you'd devastate me at darts, though - I'm also certain that losing will never feel so good and be filled with so much laughter.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are winners, GOB! You should enter them in the contest! Or I could enter them for you, if you want, and send you your prize, which I don't even know what it is. Are you sure you weren't a bumper sticker author in a former life?

I'm with you on that Michelle, except I'm a tree hugger who drives 30 kms one-way to work. Disconnect much, you ask? That's another reason I am not sad to be leaving my job.
I think you will actually win darts hands down (although I'm betting you would let me win the occasional game) as I have pretty abysmal hand-eye coordination. Lots of laughs will be had, though!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Teddy Here... can't remember any user/passwords without the home computer.

Housing boom? I paid 41K over list for a two storey brick house. Here's the kicker - it's Inglewood, baby. Boy am I stoked to begin work on this one. This one's for me.

In other news, I'm in Italia, but can't access my blog. Life sucks.

Go see my pics tho Barb. FLickr and all.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hey Teddy, hope you're having a great trip. Sorry my heart cannot break for you when you are travelling through Italy. You'll just have to suck it up, son.
Nice job on scoring the house in Inglewood. You'll do well on that one!

Anonymous said...

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