Monday, March 06, 2006

Those weren't the only prizes given out yesterday...

Okay, I'll admit I watched the Academy Awards last night for the first time in years. Hey, if Jon Stewart's there, I'm there.

I won't go into detail, as there are a couple of fine blogs you should visit instead for a much more eloquent and witty coverage of the night than I could possibly muster up. Check out what Jacquie and Will each have to say. It's worth the trip.

I do have to share some of the best moments though:

favourite line: "Judy Dench took out my eye in a bar fight"

favourite comment from the couch (Eva): "It's like the NME, but with less tongue"

most perplexing dress: Charlize Theron's big black pillow on her shoulder. I guess that was in case the show ran overly long.

But also yesterday, Becky Scott (BC) took the Scott Tournament of Hearts in London, ON with a nail-biter win, dethroning Jennifer Jones' Team Canada (MB). If we still lived in London, we would have been there for sure, and we would have taken Wally Adams with us and gotten him drunk and encouraged him to huck unopened pistachio nuts onto the ice.

But why did Curling Canada squander a goldmine opportunity to bring a little hipster cred to the tournament?

What's the name of the series: Scott Tournament of Hearts

What was the name of the Constantine's cd released last year: Tournament of Hearts

Where was the tournament held this year: London, Ontario

Where did the Constantines start out prior to moving to Guelph, then Toronto: London, Ontario

Do you see where I'm going with this? Can you imagine the draw (pun only partially intended) the series could have had if the Constantines had been rocking down the rafters? Curling Canada really needs to hire someone like me to help them shake their old-men-drinking-beer image. I could have made them so cool.

women are winning the Tournament of Hearts, somebody's got to lose

- Soon Enough, the Constantines


Barbara said...

I confess I watched the Oscars just to watch Jon Stewart. Jon did not let me down. The only Oscar films I saw was King Kong...So I had no stake in who one or lost. It was all good. The best song was a silly song though. I could make up a better song than that. But there has not been a good Oscar song in a long time.

I did not know you are from London Ontario. My family roots are from Brantford not far from there.
I almost watched the curling by accident. Sorry that is the only way I will watch curling unless it's an olympic gold match. I am sure if you worked on it you could make it cool though.

Barbara said...

won or lost... not one. I am posting at 6:34 am that is middle of the night in Calgary...
two more days til I see George live! I will be the one in the audience having a bad hair day.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oooh how exciting, going to see Goerge, Barbara. I think I'm going to end up taping the Hour that night as I've got conflicts, so I'll be able to scrutinize frame by frame looking for the woman with the shirt and bad hair.

I'm actually from Winnipeg but spent 10 years after university in London. I love that city and miss the trees and the red brick century houses. Nothing in Calgary is over 40 years old (except me).

Neil said...

too many barbaras.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Never, Neil! There's no such thing as too many Barbaras!

Barbara said...

Just enough Barbaras! Too much maybe for just one Neil. ;-)

Barbara said...
has a post with a red dot... you gotta click that red dot! 3rd or 4th post down. You won't be sorry.
I fell for it... so shall you.

Maureen said...

Winterpeg, huh? brrrrrrrrrr, I remember it well :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You lived there too, Maureen? I think that's why am I invincible - toughened by the bloody cold winters and the mosquito-infested summers.

Maureen said...

I did 3 years when I was 17, haha. My dad was from southern Manitoba and we always figured the cold preserved you into old age, seemed to be a lot of much older people there.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are so right, Maureen, the cold there just makes you wish you were dead.