Monday, March 13, 2006

Post Your Insanity Here
It seems like I've got a few thoughts I need to send out to people, so this is just going to be a message board.
First, shout out is to Bevvy, who commented on my post about Hate Mail. Whoa, you must think I'm a snarky bitch. Here's the scoop though. My friend Bev regularly visits my blog and we shove each other around a bit, so I honestly didn't know until today (when Bev told me) that you are not her. So, Bevvy, if you ever happen back here again, I promise to be more civil, to welcome you properly, and not to slap you around, even if you do call me Babs. (Shit, I've been called far far worse)
Secondly, Neil, I notice that you have shut your blog down, as you had thought you might. I understand that it isn't holding your interest right now and that's cool, but please know that you are welcome to visit any time. We miss you already.
Thanks Jas, for listing the tracks on that awesome bhangra disc you made for me. Now I'll be able to sing along with my favourite track, Yaar Mera Tu, well a few of the words anyway.
Michelle and GOB, we are keeping your places in the blogosphere warm for you for when you get settled into your new and improved circumstances. I don't want to hound you to write something because I know you will when you have time, but know that we are here when you get back.
And finally, Barbara W. (aka Barbara in Montreal) - do you really think your car has a spirit? Because I've come to realise that I can read body language of cars. I kid you not; I'll explain in a few days.
Eva is making me link to this article. She especially liked the 'Sorry, I thought I was stroking the curtain-rail' line.
A Canadian geoscientist has invented a tricorder that can scan lifeforms like rocks and plants and stuff and id them. Just like Star Trek! I wonder if Bill Shatner has ordered his yet.


Stephanie said...

wait wait wait. where is my shoutout? LoL I'm just kidding

Barbara said...

I never thought of it as a spirit that my car has. More of a spirit that was in my driveway for some reason... I do love my car though. It's a good little car.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stephanie - you are fabulous!! Is that loud enough?

Barbara W, true I didn't get that point across properly. But it did rather tie in with my body language of cars theory.

Anonymous said...

Well really need to learn to control yourself on your blog, knocking people for calling you Babs is just not acceptable. hahaha

Now, do I want to make you crazy and call myself Bev or Bevvy.....


Love ya

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hoho Anony - you are one sassy jokester! You could be anybody you want to be - it is the internets after all. It's great, innit?

Ben Heller said...

I would also hate to have my name shortened to Babs. I'm sure no harm was meant though.

Benjamin Heller

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ben, please tell me that your name has never been shortened to Babs. Wait a minute, Babs is even longer!

I'm being silly - which is what got me into trouble with the Babs thing in the first place. You would think that I would learn after a while. Thanks for the support.

Maureen said...

Seriously - a tricorder? I want one SOOOO bad, lol.

Barbara said...

Lifeforms like rocks? Speaking of lifeforms I was thinking of how to start dating again. I just realised I don't even know how to start... I don't even have a specific guy in mind. Should I wait for the right guy or should I get some practice rounds in first? I don't even want to bring this up on my blog.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Maureen, I know, I'd kill for one! Maybe Bill Shatner will lend you his. You know him, right? Being a media type and all.

hahaha Barbara W - you got me there! Rocks are the new lifeform (at least around this house).
About dating - practice, practice, practice, I say! Maybe some nice lad will read this blog and contact you. Not that I'm match-making or anything.

Neil said...

Hi Barbara,

Yeah, got tired of trying to be creative. I will certainly be coming by yours as it has been one of my favorites since the beginning!

Keep on keepin on!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neil, how are you, sweetheart? Glad you came by; it hasn't been the same around here without you. You are welcome anytime.