Saturday, March 18, 2006

I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside.
(Unlovable - the Smiths)

It's true! I am wearing black (again). There's a couple of reasons for this, besides the fact that I happen to like black. But more in the Morrissey-wearing-black vein, yesterday was a black day because Radiohead's Let Down was dropped off the National Playlist. I voted for it as hard as I could for as long as I could, but ... So now I'll be voting for Buck 65's Surrender to Strangeness.

Also, Jeff Stoughton's Manitoba rink was eliminated from the Brier. And they are former Brier winners. I've always cheered for this rink because they are very classy competitors and they also curl out of the Charleswood Curling Club in Winnipeg, which is right next door to my old high school.
They really didn't play very well in this Brier and they knew it, but they still showed a great deal of class.

Finally, I have to take the computer back to the shop (again!). Seems the gremlin, or whatever evil spirit has been stalking our hard drive since it's conception, is back wreaking havoc. We've had three hard drives in the last year and a half. Now the son of a bitch is freezing up all the time again and we're getting those scary error messages like "dumping files onto disc" and such shit.

Anybody know a good exorcist?


Barbara said...

Did you know this posted twice? Having blog problems and computer problems? I am sure there is an angel for this type of thing. My Dell gives me no trouble. It's not the latest, fanciest, fastest computer. But I have never had to replace anything. yet. lol Did you get my reply re: bras?

Ben Heller said...

Oops, I didn't realise, I commented on the first one.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara W, yes, it seems evil Blogger has decided to target me today after it got tired of toying with you.
Your bra story is hilarious.

Ben, you can comment as many times as you like. Hey, if I can publish the same post twice, surely you should be allowed to comment on all the repeats.

Anonymous said...

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