Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I see Bry's underpants!
Oh man, this is the photo from Chart which I referred to yesterday ! Holy crap, Bry Webb, you know I love you and I love the Constantines and personally I think you look pretty devastating in this sweater and your voice sends me into ecstasy and all,
but, sweetheart, don some clothes, man! We need to maintain some mystery here.
The magazine-reading day about which I fantasized did not materialize, of course. I did read some very fine blogs, however, one of which was Ruhee's excellent podcast, The Air That Grooves. Okay, it's a podcast, not a blog, but it's truly worthy of a listen. Ruhee played listeners' suggestions this week and I hope to hear a few more of those. Plus, she alerted me to the upcoming Constantines' tour. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
check out these shows:
Mar 17 - Montreal, QC THEATRE NATIONAL !
Mar 18 - Ottawa, ON SURFACE !
Apr 1 - Quebec City, QC - KASHMIR * #
Apr 3 - Moncton - MANHATTAN * #
Apr 4 - Sackville - GEORGE'S * #
Apr 5 - Saint John - ELWOOD'S * #
Apr 6 - Fredericton - UNB CELLAR * #
Apr 7 - Halifax - MARQUEE * #
Apr 8 - Halifax - MARQUEE * #
May 17 - Winnipeg, MB PYRAMID CABARET +
May 18 - Regina, SK THE EXCHANGE +
May 19 - Saskatoon, SK LOUIS' PUB +
May 20 - Calgary, AB U OF C BALLROOM + #
May 21 - Edmonton, AB TBA + #
May 22 - Canmore, AB CANMORE HOTEL + #
May 24 - Victoria, BC TBA + #
May 25 - Vancouver, BC TBA + #
May 26 - Seattle, WA CROCODILE + %
May 27 - George, WA SASQUATCH w/ Sufjan Stevens, The Flaming Lips, The Shins, The Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, Iron & Wine, Neko Case...
Jun 01 - 03 - Barcelona, Spain PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL
! W/ The Unintended
* W/ The Meligrove Band
# W/ Blood Meridian
+ W/ Chad Vangaalen
% My Brightest Diamond
And more dates will be announced soon.
I used an old exercise mix today that had been pushed to the back of the pile for a while and, hokey smokes, I found out that the Weakerthans, Matt Good, and Bloc Party still have the power to make me push my lazy ass. And then I did a huge arms session, and you should see my arms right now. They are so pumped up still I can barely type. I look like Popeye.


Barbara said...

An arms session? like with guns?
Did you watch the first night of The Hour in Montreal? I think he should stay in Montreal forever!
I can't wait for tomorrows taping. I will do my best to get an isle seat.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

...sometimes I call them my guns

I'll be watching the Hour shortly. George loves the live audience, doesn't he?

Honestly, let me know what you're wearing tomorrow so I can try to spot you. Get there early! We didn't even get seats, but it worked out fine as we stood where George entered and he was there chatting with us the whole time before the show. He almost knocked Eva over when he leaned on her playfully - he's a solid guy!

Barbara said...

I will be casual because George is casual. I will wear a brown thin sweater and blue jeans. I hope there is a place to hang our coats. How early? Two hours or three? I finish work at 1 pm so I have a good window of time to get there and wait.

Grover said...

Hello! I have absolutely no idea who you're talking about, but you are such a faithful commenter on my blog, I can't not say something here. I can tell you, though, that women with well defined shoulders and biceps are incredibly attractive. ;-)

Ben Heller said...

That other singer is wearing underpants on his head.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara W, we were told to get there an hour before air time, which we did and there was already a huge lineup, which moved sloooowly, as they had to check off everyone's names against the list. Two hours should be more than enough time.
Have fun!!!!!

That's so sweet of you, Andy. Do you still think they are attractive if they look like Popeye?

Hi Ben, good to see you. My understanding is that this photo was taken at a Three-Gut Records party. Looks like it may have gotten a little crazy. (I'd love to know whose underpants those were upon his head...)

Neil said...

dudes singing in their underwear while on stage is a little bit lame. it would be hard to enjoy the music when you're annoyed by that kind of stuff.

Kellee said...

I wanna come see the Constantines -(whine whine). Meet me in Lethbridge for MG Barbarella - bring Jas!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neil, that pic was actually taken at a party, so it's not really as lame as it may seem. If you have ever heard this dude sing though, you'd let him wear YOUR underwear.

I can't do Lethbridge, Kellee, I'm going to Matt Good in Calgary the next day - with my hubby! We're going on a date!

Stephanie said...

my favorite workout song is Avalanche. I kind of am lulled into a trance in that song so that I don't even notice that I"m working out until its over

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stephanie - that's exactly what a workout song should do. I need something with a driving beat though as well, so Matty's rockier stuff works better for me.