Thursday, March 09, 2006

I just got my first hate mail!!! And it's all thanks to THE HOUR!!
If you've ever visited the website for The Hour (or if you've suffered through me going on about it ad nauseum), you'll know that The Hour has a blog tracker, where they post links to various blogs where people have discussed the show or other things that catch the fancy of the webmasters. I just happen to have a couple of links on the blog tracker right now.
Well, this morning I checked my email just before leaving for work and found this (sent at 7:am - the time becomes a salient point later):
Hi there !I just found your blog as I was trying to find some info on George Stroumboulopoulos :). You have a real nice blog by the way !
Anyway, I attended 'The Hour' show taping yesterday here in Montreal and ofcourse.. it was awesome, as you know all too well how cool these things go when George happens to be the host of a show ;).
He mentioned a couple of books in the usual chatting bits of the taping and I am now trying to locate his email address or something I can use to ask him to post the names of the books he mentioned.. because Iwant to check them out, but I have no idea what his email address is !
I was hoping you did ?? Do you have any idea how I can email him without having my email about the books lost in the CBC website..:(.. ?
I hope to hear from you ! Be well :) And glad to find another fan !
(J's email address removed - point made, no need to flog a dead horse)
Well, I wasn't entirely comfortable with giving out someone else's email address without their consent and I had to leave for work, so I thought I would mull it over during the day.
I even asked a colleague their opinion and they agreed that maybe it would be best to ask George first if he had any problems with his email being distributed (I would hate to be responsible for unleashing a psycho upon him or something).
Well, god damn, would you take a look at what I found in my inbox when I got home from work (sent at 2:27pm):
(entitled "You've got to be kidding me")
Do you really think you have some sort of special corner in fandom as far as 'The Hour's Host is concerned ?? ... I should have known better then to ask you for anything regarding George S. even something as simple as an email address !
You have no excuse for not getting back in touch with me. Luckily for me.. I don't need your email response back to me anyway. Hah.
Whatev. lady. You're delusional !
There are bigger and more generous fans out there,then you can ever hope to be.
Peace out !
Tell me that's not the most amazing thing you have ever read! I am particularly taken with the spitting rage and with how well Jitika presumes to know me (" I should have known better than to ask you.."). And don't even get me started on the grammer. Obviously Jitika was too enraged by my audacious seven hour silence to think coherently.
And I noticed that during the happy lovey email, Jitika threw in an impressive four smilies, and sadly, not a single smiley for me from angry Jitika. :(
I couldn't let such gracious correspondence go unanswered and unnoticed, so I wrote back:
Dear angry person,
We don't all spend all of our days sitting at the computer waiting for people to send us requests. Some of us have lives. I was going to send you this information but I am extremely glad that I did not, as you sound like you are very unstable.
Get help,
And then I forwarded the whole string to George Stroumboulopoulos, with a heads up that he may want to watch out for this person. Hey, maybe The Hour should hire me to do security or something. I've been working out...
Now, George has been in the public eye for a very long time now, and I'm sure he's had his fair share of dealings with psychos before, so I'm not overly worried about him. He's cool enough to handle things far more graciously than I ever could.
But this was my first hate mail and I could not be more excited! I feel like such a celebrity! Well, I did get that nasty note from Eileen in grade 4 when I became friends with Jackie, and Eileen thought that I should only be friends with her, but this is infinitely more interesting!
How about you? Get much hate mail? How much fun do you have with it?
I'd love to hear about your experiences.
Note to The Hour: If you happen to read this, please please, do not in any way take this to be an indication that your blog tracker is not working well. It's working beautifully and I maintain that it is a wonderful way to link people with similar inclinations. I've met a number of fantastic people via the blog tracker. It is the internet, after all; you'll always get the odd weirdo.


Jas B said...

Totally whacked out female. "Unstable" describes her perfectly. She obviously has no life and thinks that everyone else doesnot either.

No, Barb, I haven't got any hate mail to date. I am not a celebrity like you!! :)

Maybe I should send out some hate mail to the infracting G.S. fan...

Tydes Perdition said...

I don't think I've ever been lucky enough to have someone really be pissed off at me enough to email me about it. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Great job on your blog, Babs. I'm sorry to hear about your hate mail though.

Keep us posted - maybe you should tiptoe on the topic for a while so you can lose the pyscho. Or better yet - tell him or her (it's hard to tell) to contact the Hour directly for info on the books??

Stephanie said...

AHahahahahaha this is hilarious.
I guess you're popular enough for hate mail. Congrats.
I would have done the exact same thing, if it's not readily accessable, then maybe he doesn't want his email all over the place and you shouldn't give it out - it at least deserves consideration.

p.s. the only hate mail I get is from my friends. *lol*

Anonymous said...

Wow, all I can say is SCARY!!!!! If George wanted someone to have his e-mail I am sure that he would have gave it to them. I know that if someone gave out my address without asking me I would not be happy. But congrats on the hate mail if it makes you happy!

Barbara said...

Barbara don't let that get you down I have good news for you.
I did give George your message. I wrote it down and he read it. He understood the Eva's Mom reference. I will tell you more on my blog as soon as I find where my budgie escaped to...

Anonymous said...

I think I won't link to this particular post... but, in case Jitika checks it, the best way to get in touch with us is to use the "contact us" form at Every single email is read, even though most don't get a response.

Web Producer

Barbara said...

Ok Barbara B. You seem to relish your hate mail. Jitika seems unstable or young or has other problems. I am glad you 'got' Georges back on that one.
I am still mulling over the wonderful night at The Hour. My blog about it is too short. I can say this. George is so sweet. I laughed, smiled, made a fool of myself and had a great time! When I got home there one open food dish on the bird cage. Georgie (not named after George) the green bird was inside. But, I still have one loose budgie in my room. His name was Gordon. I am renaming him stupid bird. Got a cat I can borrow?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jas, isn't it odd that we had that conversation at work yesterday and you advised me to use caution? How very right you turned out to be!
I sort of regret putting that email address up now (I may yet remove it). I actually think this person is just kind of sad.

And the thing is, Jeff, I didn't even have to DO anything! Easiest 15 minutes of fame I ever had!

That's exactly what the angry person should have done, Bev. (Did you just call me Babs?) That's why they have a contact page.
I appreciate your warnings, as I know from your experience that it is not always a laughing matter. In this case though, it's a gold mine.

Stephanie, you've got some fine friends there! Poor baby! Doesn't that sort of behaviour toward your friends go out of style somewhere around Junior High?

Thanks for the thoughts, Monica. I don't think it's my right to give out anyone's personal info without their consent. I'm glad you agree.

Barbara W, is your budgie okay?
I'm glad you had a good time last night. I haven't watched The Hour yet, but have it on tape, so I'll be looking for you. "is that her, is that her?"
Very sweet of you to say hi to George for Eva and I. Was I right? Is he the nicest person you could ever meet?
I'm heading over to your blog now.

Jeremy - hello and welcome! A wise decision not linking this post, I think. And thanks for clarifying the best way to contact anyone at The Hour.
I've got to say that I think that you folks at The Hour are doing a fantastic job on your website. I really like the idea (and the reality) of the blog tracker. It's a simple yet elegant way to touch on the peripheral chatter about the show and the issues raised within the show.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara W - poor Gordon! I do have a cat you could borrow, but I'm afraid there wouldn't be much Gordon left by the end of it.

I really wish you had taken a "this is me" pic with George. I would have loved to have seen that.
Nest time, my dear, you must.

Maureen said...

You handled that much nicer than I would have, lol. Congrats on the hate mail!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks, Maureen. It was pretty exciting actually, but then I am easily amused.
And I think you would have handled it much better than I - remember how you dealt with the teacher?

Barbara said...

Hi Barbara. There is a happy ending to the Gordon story. I updated that post. Did you find the 'car and spirit story' in my archives? I can email it to you if you like. I still don't know what it is. I like to think it's my parking angel. Because I ask a lot of my parking angel. Good easy spots, near where I need to be. You know the kind of thing...

Will said...

Too funny ... I know we do spend a lot of time at our computers, but what kind of world do we live in where you have to respond right away or you get an angry response. Ridiculous, I say. Well, I think you handled it well. As for my own hate mail - just someone who didn't like my critique of a band, but even that wasn't too hateful. Some guy in college sent me an email saying he'd bash my head in - but never said anything to me in person, even though his room was directly across from mine.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara, so glad Gordon has been contained. I'd love to hear your car and spirit story sometime. A parking angel, eh? Hmmm, I need a pay-for-my-parking angel.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Will - I thought it was hilarious as well. And wheew, I thought us folks of German ancestry were brutal about punctuality.
The guy across the hall sent you a threatening email? And yet never said anything in person? What a scaredy-cat! How exactly was he planning to bash your head in - by phone? (I'm really glad he didn't, by the way).

Sean S. said...

did you go see those bands last night???

Melissa said...


I was also at the hour when it was in Calgary, and I've been emailing George too... I think that it's up to him who he gives his email to, so bravo to you for not giving out his email, I would have done the same thing.

My blog is also linked to The Hour, but I doubt I'll be getting hate mail any time soon...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sean, which bands were those? In Flight Safety? I actually didn't, but am going to see Matt Good and Hawksley Workman soon (not together).

Melissa - hi, let me welcome you properly this time.
I did notice that you were linked on The Hour as well. Good job!
That was loads of fun at the taping wasn't it? You seem far too nice to be getting hate mail, but if you do, let me know and I'll scratch their eyes out for you.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've been reading my blog, Babs! Yes, I am trying to lose a psycho. By the way, it definitely is no laughing matter but sometimes I can't help but laugh whenever I see this unfortunate person.

Jetson Stamina said...

She's missing a few noodles in the ole' brain bucket. If she e-mails you again, give her my e-mail. I love the crazies.

I'll bet you $20 that her eyes don't blink at the same time. Jitika is Nutstika.

I receive about 1 hate comment or e-mail a month and it's rather enjoyable in moderation.

Barb, you comment on my blog fairly often, I should have added you to the blogroll months ago. So with that said... ADDED.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Bev, you better watch it with the Babs talk or I'll sic some hate-mailers on you!

Jetson, hi and welcome! So far you win the most hate mail award (which I did not realise was even a contest until right now). I will definitely hook you up with Jitika if she calls again. I'm sure you will be very happy together.
Thanks for blog rolling me! Consider yourself rolled here as well, my man!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! A fiesty zombie...sorry Barb! By the way, my name is Bevvy not Bev. Thanks sweetie.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Bevvy, I stand corrected.

Conky said...

so why hasnt the little psycho commented...u just KNOW shes reading all this hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, wow you have had some strong responses to this post.
I have been lucky enough not to have any hate mail yet, part of me would love to laugh at and and part of me would be so hurt!
I think J is obviously approx 12 or so, with all the :) and the grammar, and the sudden mood swing! You don't need that crap.
Can I suggest, if you really do get a laugh out of it when all is said and done, you can do what some of the great bloggers do and print an exerpt of her email on your permanent side bar (like a review from a fan or peer) ha ha..

hang in there kitten.

phlegmfatale said...

What a nut. Good thing you didn't respond too quickly. It makes you wonder about some people... Are you disappointed on some level that they didn't make more of a challenge of it? No matter what obnoxious crap I've spewed on my blog, I've yet to get anything hostile, and that has surprised me more than anything...

Anonymous said...

heh heh, what a poseur.

Small threats in a small world, the laughter at someone else's expense.

right on for being you, Barbara!

Barbara said...

Did you watch the tape of the Hour Yet? I had an isle seat on your left, across from a post near the back. If you are looking for me I am behind a large woman in a white sweater.
All you can see is my head sometimes. I could have been wearing nothing and who would know? lol. I am smiling or laughing in any shot I am in.

George was asked if he would want Anderson Coopers job. He said no he would not want to do reports in a hurricane...or words to that effect. He would not be taking any American job offers, but he would concider job offers from the UK.
interesting eh?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jen, I don't know why she's not commenting. She couldn't possibly be intimidated by all the attention her venom has spawned, could she, or by the delight of the likes of all you sharks? LOVE you sharks!

Jacquie, you are a genius! I need to redo my sidebar anyway and what a perfect addition that would be. I should hire you to be my advisor or something.
I was of two minds at first too, half hurt and half delighted, but now I am completely delighted.

Phlegmfatale, I have to admit I was hoping for a little more spirit after that first cuff, but who knows, maybe I'll end up with a horse's head in my bed or something.
You do make some strong statements on your blog. I am a little surprised you haven't gotten cuffed. You must have mellow readers!

Michelle, good to see you, sweetie. I hope your moving plans are falling into place.
It is fun to laugh at someone else for a change, because I find myself laughing at myself waaaay too often, but that's cause I'm such a dork.

Barbara W, I probably won't be able to watch the tape until tomorrow. But thanks, I will find you, girl.
The UK, eh? The lure of the BBC and all that... interesting. Maybe I should take that job that my boss offered me at Oxford. nah.

WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

I was just reading the responses to your posts. I noticed that a Bevvy responded to you! lol Just so you know, that's not me! lol But I could still call you Babs if you want! lol

The person that sent you that email was very unstable! Good you didn't send her the info she was looking for!

Talk to you soon Babs!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Bev, that wasn't you? You're not Bevvy?
Ooops, apologies, and even bigger apolgies to the real Bevvy for assuming you were someone else and snapping at you! Too many Bevs and Bevvys - it's so confusing!

And you all can call me whatever you like. I've been called far worse than Babs, so.