Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dear EMI Records,

You lot can all go fuck yourselves. Guess what I found on my We Are Scientists cd With Love and Squalor today? Yup, content protection.

No, I do not accept the "terms of the agreement" that popped up when I tried to copy the cd onto my computer. What the hell is that - software will be installed onto my computer and I can only copy the cd twice and never burn any of it onto another cd? You didn't think I would actually read that, did you? But I will give you this, at least you were up front about it, not like those sneaky Sony bastards.

And We Are Scientists - shame on you, too! You're not even that good! With Love and Squalor is repetitious, but does have 2 or 3 good songs that I was going to feature on a mix. Now I can't even do that and consequently, your cd is going to languish, unlistened, at the back of my cd rack.
And you look like such nice guys too - all nerdy and with cats and stuff. I hope for your souls that you weren't aware that this was being done to your cd, that some sleazy record company executive snuck this feature in without your knowledge.

Let me tell you how I listen to music, especially at work. I burn the cd onto my computer and then I can listen to the ~2500 songs in whatever permutations and combinations suit my fancy. Often I burn mixes to suit my moods and, yes, sometimes I do give these mixes to other people, but 9 times out of 10, those same people turn around and buy cds from the artists that are featured on my mixes. Ask anybody!

EMI, do you not even realise that you are contributing to the demise of the cd? Ya morons! I am a zealous cd purchaser; I believe the artist receives substantially more money through cd sales than through legal downloads. So I buy cds even if I only want a couple of songs. Because they'll end up on a mix eventually. But now that I can't do that, why bother? Downloading individual songs is starting to make a lot more sense now. So don't come crying to me, EMI, when you go belly-up and you can't afford your Lexus payments anymore. I'll give you 99 cents for a download.

End rant
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Barbara said...

Now That is how to rant!
You get to choose what you listen to at work.... you are sooo lucky! I work in retail.
I have to listen to the same bilingual mix that is played over and over again in hopes that people will shop and not shoplift. I am good at tuning it out until that stupid "Donner Moi, Donner Donner moi l'oxygen!" I believe it's Celine Dion screeming for oxygen. Give her oxygen and shut her up!
(I am working on my rant techniques...)
I have not made a mix since I owned a tape player. With a 5 minute commute to work when would I have time to listen to it? I am far behind re:the music scene. I listen to you guys and I learn.
My dad tried to buy a song online but the download caused his computer to crash. Even buying a song online is risky.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Or here's another idea, Barbara-mtl: take Celine's oxygen away all together and be done with her already (that's what I would do).

My heart aches for you having to listen to store music. You may or may not know that my job will be ending in a few months and one thing that would drive me NUTS would be to have to work listening to store music. I manage a lab, so I mostly work on the computer (and use headphones). BUT I do have a 40-60 minute one-way commute to work, so...

I love making mixes and my music genius daughter keeps me informed. I am so blessed.

Anonymous said...

There is a way of getting around that copy-2-times-and-you're-fucked crap. I had to do it with my 30 Seconds to Mars cd "A Beautiful Lie."

I'm probably cooking my ass with the RIAA but to hell with 'em. What I did was rip the album off of cd to my computer. Then I burned the songs from my computer to a blank cd. Then I ripped the songs back to my computer minus all the protection crap. You blow a blank cd and you'll have to re-do all your id3 tags but the level of satisfaction you get from beating the system is delicious.

Big overly ripe moldy tomatoes at artists who imprison their own works. It's simply retarded.

I hope your new job search is proving fruitful, Barbara!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle, you are such a smarty. I'm not even sure what id3 tags are. But what about the software that gets installed when you rip the original onto your computer - can you just uninstall it? Or is it rendered disfunctional when you get rid of the initial ripped songs? Inquiring minds need to know...

Anonymous said...

Oh, heh, I'm not smart. Every problem has a solution!

An id3 tag is the identifying information assigned to an audio file. It will show artist, title, orginating album, release date, genre, whatever you want to define so that any hardware/software will be capable of giving the user something more than "Track 01" when read from a compatible device. I'm pretty anal when it comes to my music so id3 tags are very important to me. GOB isn't as obsessive about it - it's totally a personal preference thing.

After you make the initial rip you can uninstall the software from your system. But since I don't know the originating software by name, I'd keep it on until you burned to a blank disk. No need to worry about the software recognizing the new (unidentified) files from disk, especially if you use "My Computer" + drive source + Copy + Paste. It's best to copy as a data, not media, source. Another option is using another computer to rip/burn - I'd be more than willing to help you out there.

I've probably made it sound way more complicated than it actually is, if you'd like more details no prob! Since you only have 2 burns (WTF!) you want to get this right on the first try. Check your steps, have Eva there for backup, and be cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, scratch all that. With the Sony protection there was a different method to the madness. I used a type of mp3 player that is now illegal here in the states to record and save onto my hard drive. I'll send you my hardware to make it happen, with detailed instructions.

The system I described was for a European import. Crap, sorry for wasting bandwidth.

Ignore everything I said. Eeep, many many apologies!

Neil said...

I liked that Rant Barbara. I agree with you on all of it. At least some artists recognize that people sharing their music is a good thing and will lead to album purchases if they are actually good.

I wonder how many musicians would purchase a cd for one or two good songs? Not that many.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle, I think you have provided me with today's quote "every problem has a solution" - so simple yet so eloquent.
So that's what id3 tags are - I ever know how to edit those. *pats self on back*
Please don't apologise for the explanations! (It was kinda sexy talk, actually) And I deeply appreciate the effort you went through.

Thanks Neil, I don't doubt that lots of people do abuse the ability to copy music, but as you say sharing usually leads to increased sales, at least in my experience.

Kellee said...

Let 'em have it Barb! The kittens are their only redeeming factor.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahah Kellee - those are pretty cute kitties. Markteting! Marketing!

Anonymous said...

Barbara, you are so right. What are they protecting exactly? You purchased the CD, what more can they ask? In today's media everyone likes to install things on their computer, mp3 player, or burns, I can't believe they would be this stupid. And you are right they are only shooting themselves in the foot.
But damn the album cover is so cute I could never be mad at the band...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I agree, Jacquie, it's a pretty short-sighted view that those record companies are taking,and I predict it will only come around and bite them in the ass eventually.

Will said...

That is pretty f-ed on the part of the record company; and they are trying to steer people away from downloading! I have zero sympathy for the non-indie record industry ... let us not forget these are the ones who bribed stations to play certain artists, bribed retailers to charge higher prices, and, of course, generally push overhyped, pre-constructed pop stars.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Exactly, Will! Exactly! (now I'm getting all indignant all over again) It's astounding to me how major labels can be so underhanded in their dealings and yet act so holier-than-thou when they see their bottom line threatened.
I love indie music.

Anonymous said...

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