Monday, February 27, 2006

You win some, you lose some...

What do you say about a woman, whom you've always liked and respected, who phones your offspring to give her shit, for something her kid has failed to do? I don't care what anybody says, if you've got an essay due Monday morning (assigned a month ago) and the person to whom you were supposed to send it for editting (don't teachers ever do their own damn work anymore) has been expecting you to send it since Thursday, you cannot phone them at 8:30 on Sunday night and tell them you'll be emailing it shortly. And this was not just a quick read-over edit; there were pages of questions to fill out.

The problem is, this kid is really charismatic, and has always charmed his way out of trouble. Obviously, he's now got his mother's head stuck so far up her ass that she sees fit to yell at my kid for his procrastination.

It ends somewhat happily; the lad was mad at my kid for a few hours this morning, but has now admitted responsibility and they're okay. I am very proud of my kid for sticking to her principles, even though it almost killed her.

I can't say I'll ever feel the same respect I used to for his mother though. It's a shame.

On the lighter side, Barbara in Montreal - she of the x-ray vision and eagle eyes - alerted me to the fact that Jian Ghomeshi read my Radiohead email on the National Playlist this morning. That is too fucking funny! I certainly didn't think he'd read that one, as I came across as a bit of a headcase (well, to be honest, probably less of a nutbar than I usually am in my emails to my CBC victims):

Dear Jian,
I have a shameful secret to confess: until this weekend I did not own a copy of OK Computer. I know! Shocking, isn't it? Please don't tell anyone, or they will revoke my scenester membership card for sure.

I'm not sure how that oversight came about because I do enjoy and respect Radiohead, but I do know how it was corrected - by listening to the National Playlist. Let Down deserves to stay on the list for a very long long time. It may be just one beautiful song among so many other beautiful songs on the cd, but it lifts my soul. I don't think that anyone can create a mood quite like Thom Yorke can, and on Let Down his soaring vocals are transcendent. Listening to Let Down is a spiritual experience.


Okay, enough about me already. How was your Monday?


Barbara said...

The funny thing is... I never listen to Gian's show on weekdays. I try to catch it on Sat.if I can. Something (maybe going to vote for my song)tuned me into tuning him in about 5 minutes before he read your letter. wavelengths...

Maybe I am sigh-chick.

Teddy said...

>don't teachers ever do their own damn work anymore?

Yeh, but we like it better when the kiddies peer review and edit. In fact, it's never been a teacher's job to go over an essay and proof it. If I'd handed in unedited work from jr. high on, my teachers would have sent it right back to me with the 'ole "Not Acceptable" stamp.

But hey, that was Ontario.

>Obviously, he's now got his mother's head stuck so far up her ass that she sees fit to yell at my kid for his procrastination.

Sr. High, right? Yeh, when we assign group work, we're supposed to make it clear that both sides need to communicate. If kidlet A is not getting draft from kidlet B, then it's up to A to get on B's case.

Or maybe get A's momma on B's case. Or A's momma on B's momma to get on B's case.

Think of it like a job. If a project's not done, it ain't done, and both are to blame.

> What do you say about a woman...

What I'd say is "Sod Off!" Most NordAmericanos just don't appreciate the severity of that gem, and yet you get the satisfaction of a barb deeply planted.

Rant on, sister! Heh!

Anonymous said...

Wooo...See I knew Jian would like your email. He seems cool.
How nice to be recognized.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Barbara-mtl, that is so strange. Maybe Jian sensed you tuning in and thought, hey I think I should read this Radiohead one. You know how to do mind control, don't you?

Teddy, I knew that teacher remark would get your goat - I was kidding on that, well, actually I was ranting at anyone who got in my way.
However, re Kidlet A vs Kidlet B, without going into too much detail, Kidlet A had been trying for a week to get said work from B, and then B's family went out of town for the weekend. I do not accept that Kidlet A is in any way to blame here.
But thanks for letting me rant, regardless.

Jacquie, I do believe you did call it. And I think Jian is trying really hard to maintain support for Radiohead as well, which I am happy to give.

Stephanie said...

you're becoming a celebrity! first the Hour, now National Playlist; don't forget about us little people

Teddy said...

Always up for a good bit o teacher bashin', me!


Jas B said...

While I was in school, the teacher would always edit the essays that we wrote (of course we tried to do our best!). I dunno how things are now in India...

Ben Heller said...

No copy of "OK Computer". No wonder the Android is Paranoid.

Foe some reason I have 2 copies of it. Don't know why. If I'd have known I'd have sent one.

Barbara said...

Sends Jian thoughts of Three Dog Night... I will let him pick the song.
RE: the homework thing... I don't recall ever getting my parents involved in my homework troubles. The less they knew the better. The less they knew the less I knew... whatever

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stephanie - people really should't indulge my attention-whore tendencies. It could get ugly. And you'll always be my hero - you actually LIKE biochem!

Teddy, apologies again on the teacher trashing, we have lots of teachers in our family so it becomes somewhat of a household sport around here. Good thing you teachers have thick skin.

Jas, I imagine things are quite different in India now, if Canada is any example. My own school experience is completely different from Eva's and that was only 100 years ago.

Ben, very kind offer - you could have saved me from embarassing myself on the world wet web, although I am quite certain I would have found another way to do that. Do you think that once the scenesters' union in the UK finds out about my shameful past, they will still allow me to attend Glastonbury?

Barbara-mtl, good idea, sending your thoughts telepathically. You seem to be very good at that.
I agree, my parents knew absolutely nothing about my life when I was Eva's age, but then I have a totally different relationship with her than I did with my own mother.

Ben Heller said...

I'm not sure whether Radiohead were ever part of "the scene", but that album is brilliant so who cares. You could gain access to Glastonbury anytime. No worries.

Neil said...

I don't own OK Computer either.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ben, you are right. Radiohead has always been beyond the scene. I'm not part of the scene either, but at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Yes but Neil - you are not as kewl as I am, see? So nobody expects you to be on top of the hip scene.
KIDDING! KIDDING!! You have more cool in your baby finger than I have in my entire being!

Teddy said...

OMG Barb, don't sweat it. I give as good as I get.

Mind you, I am totally disgusted with the CBE and their way of doing the edumacashun thang. It will be hard to go back.

Neil said...

pfft. I'm as cool as Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons.

You could teach lessons in cool at a local university.

Barbara said...

Barbara I come over to your blog to sit down, have a coffee and chat with you and all your friends. You are a very good hostest. Are you liking the snowstorm?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read (somewhere) that Belle and Sebastian turned 10 today, that's the shit! I had to whip out your cd to listen as a mental show of appreciation and joy - man they must bring down the house in concert.

Although I've never been in the position where a parent who thinks their kid walks on water calls me up to talk shit to/about my kid, I'm certain you handled the situation with extraordinary tact. It's MY job to talk shit to my kid, not anybody else's... ya know, if I wanted community parenting I'd be living in a commune. I'm glad everything got worked out, though. That's most important.

OK Computer is good but I prefer Pablo Honey. Oh hell that's a lie, I like them both, I can listen to anything Radiohead. But I have a secret crush on Thom Yorke so my opinion is decidedly biased. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So Ted, we're good? We're good.

Neil, I knew there was something extra special about you. I LOVE Comic Book Guy! He totally has it happening!
But we should quit with the mutual admiration society before we make the rest of the folks here puke.

Awww, Barbara, that's such a nice sentiment. That's exactly how I like to envision this little stain on the blogosphere as well. There're sure some outstanding people who drop by - wish I had better coffee though.

Michelle, so sweet of you to indulge me in my B&S obsession. They are 10 - happy anniversary to them! You know what they say about Stuart Murdoch: He's older than he looks; he's odder than he looks too.
I like Pablo Honey too - even Creep! And I think everybody has a secret crush on Thom Yorke, wonky eye or not (I know I do).

phlegmfatale said...

It's sad for the manipulative kid that he's not getting better parenting, but good for your daughter for sticking to her guns about the issue. I'd feel the same about the other mother - it would be difficult to respect her after she went off the rails like that.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for the vote of support, Phlegmfatale. I think both kids learned a valuable lesson from the experience, but sadly I lost my innocence.

Anonymous said...

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