Thursday, February 02, 2006

roasted groundhog ... barbequed groundhog ... deep-fried groundhog ... fricasseed groundhog ... ground groundhog ... stir-fried groundhog

Even though Groundhog Day is essentially meaningless in a country like Canada (six more weeks of winter? most definitely), I still like it.

One of the best parties I ever threw was a Groundhog Day party when I was in grad school. I shared a house with Pat Gordon (who was a great roommate and I'm still in touch with him to this day) and a series of third roommates from hell, from the tightwad killjoy to the psycho lazy aerobics instructor/princess to Pat's brother who was so dumb he didn't even realise it and spent all our rent money on shopping channel gadgets.

The party started in usual fashion of grad student parties - cheap beer and wine and stuff, loud tunes on the crappy stereo so that the Jamaican guy next door came over to complain and stayed half the night. Pat even made groundhog balls on toothpicks for snacks. A whole bunch of people slept over and the next day the party left-behinds got into a cut-throat game of Monopoly.

The next day (Monday) we piled into our Chevy Nova and VW Beetle and headed out to school, but the first car got sidetracked by the sun glistening off the ice on the river. We called a halt, came to our senses and all went home for our skates. So no data was analysed that day.

Because after all the skating, we needed to get a little warmth into us, back to the house we stumbled with a bottle of whiskey.

And with a fire roaring in the fireplace that we keep stoked with old pallets that we stole from shipping departments, we played monopoly for another two days.

God I miss grad school sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Drinking, Monopoly, skating, drinking, Monopoly, drinking, drinking, Monopoly... ahh, now THAT sounds like a party, woman! I didn't go to grad school but you're making me wish I had. I fondly recall my undergrad years though. Sort of. Ok not really but I'm pretty sure I had a great time!

I think I missed more by not going to school in Canada, you know how to party RIGHT.

And happy Groundhog Day to you, beautiful! 6 more weeks? I don't think I would have noticed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle, a lot of it is hazy for me as well. We didn't always have 4 day parties, but enough time was spent screwing the dog that it took me 3 years to finish my master's.
Hope your Groundhog Day was truly special and not filled with all that commercialism that is plaguing Groundhog Day celebrations these days. Another 6 weeks of rain for you?

Grover said...

Oh man! One of these days I hope to live like that. How wonderful!

(and I'm still waiting for winter to start... weather-wise, it's more like we've had one really long autumn)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It sure was a fun time. Sometimes I look around me and I'm amazed to remember that I actually used to have a life. Not that it's so bad now, just a lot tamer.
We haven't had any real winter either. We're waiting till July for that.

Anonymous said...

You spent time with other folks "screwing the dog." Too... many... ideas... for... euphemisms...

Ah yeah, Groundhog Day was spent, can you believe it, in the rain. I do love the rain as it gives western Washington its beautiful green landscapes but woo it gets a little blue with all the gray every day.

I'm jonesing for some snow big time and I'm afraid we're not going to get any meaningful levels again this year. Hopefully mr. groundhog will follow through this year and send us a foot of powder (please please please).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha I can't believe I stumped you with screwing the dog, Michelle. Finally!

I love rain too. When we get no snow here, we just get dust instead.