Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Last one out switches off the light

Well that was an interesting day. I had a meeting with the new Director of the Institute yesterday and was essentially given the kiss-off. Come summer, when the grant money runs out (timeframe forecast by yours truly btw), my services will likely no longer be required.

This is oddly liberating. I can now publicly announce that I am looking for a new job. Bring on the offers!

For the past year, I knew this was an eventuality. When your position is grant-funded and the grant holder moves out of the country, it's only a matter of time before those grants expire and of course all new funds head to the new institution. I have no desire to move to Oxford, well maybe slightly, and have been thinking for a while that it's time to get into a new racket. I have worked at (or been a student at) universities almost my entire adult life. Wonder what it's like in the real world?

A few of us will be set free, I'm assuming, leaving just the bare bones of the program. I feel badly for my boss who worked hard to establish a bridge between acute care, clinical trials and research before he left the country, as that bridge appears to be, if not crumbling, at least turning into a precarious rope strung between the craggy cliffs.

Come March, I will have been in this position for seven years, and surprisingly have developed into a pretty damn good administrator, actually. My role really was a critical support to an incredibly busy director, clinician and researcher, but as the research arm is being taken up by junior professors now, it really is a luxury that they cannot afford. HAHAHA I am a luxury that someone can't afford! This pleases me.

Criteria for the ideal job:

  • no more than 3 days/week
  • no evenings or weekends
  • a lot closer to home (I can't do the 30 km one-way commutes anymore)
  • willing to accept considerable stress, responsibilities, blame, in exchange for creative freedom

Any offers?


Neil said...

I think you should devote your professional life to being a really super neat blogger. You could have it so great that people would be paying you to advertise on your blog. What do you think?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neil, have you been peeping through my windows lately? That would be my dream job!
(hey you got a new picture! kewl)

WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

Want my job? lol There might be an opening! hehehe Trust me, you don't, but I had to make the offer.

Well, whatever will you do with you free time.....oh I know, blog and listen to tune, perhaps exercise....

It's always odd leaving a job, whether you are ready or not. You spend more time at work then at home, so it can feel really wierd. You know I'm with ya. If you need anything, let me know.


WolfHeart RavenHorse said...

God, I have no grammer today! lol I forgot lots of s's and crap!! lol oh well, you can get the just of it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks Bev - my first job offer! Uhh, no thanks though - I've heard about some of the crap that you had to put up with.

We may be on the dole together. woohoo!

Jas B said...

I got the official boot as well this afternoon, Barb. Time to seriously start looking for a job...just 4 months to go...time flies real quick, eh.
It is going to be very tough leaving this job and Calgary, and especially leaving you and ZZ...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sorry to hear that Jas, although no surprise. Yes, time to start whoring around our cvs. I'll certainly miss our team as well. The world is your oyster my friend - think hard about what great adventure you want to try next.

Anonymous said...

New job? How about that magazine you'd be so famously superb at publishing?!?

Seriously, all the best to you. I'm sorry that your frustration has become so pervasive but I'm certain that you will have no problem in finding the employer who is best suited to YOU. Yooz got de mad skillz, girlfriend!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for the kindness, Michelle! One of my colleagues is desperately trying to get funding to allow me to stay, and while I really appreciate his support and his efforts, and it will kill me to leave him in the lurch, in my heart I'm already gone. Time for the next big adventure!