Monday, January 09, 2006

Who knew there was soooo much dust in those old (believe it or not) DOS manuals in the lab? (Some of you youngstas won't even know what those are!)
Jas and I threw out a whole bunch of crap and moved almost as much to the new lab and I'm beat.

I'm half-assed watching the leaders' debate and reading the paper. Mind is shot. It's amazing that I used my muscles all day, instead of my mushy brain as usual, and now my mind won't work. The Hour is not even on tonight, because of the stupid political leaders, so I'll have to get my edumacashion from South Park instead.
Remind me that tomorrow I want to ask you about your mixed cds that you have been tantilizing us with on Michelle's blog.

On an even happier note, Eva's buddy in Toronto won tickets to the Belle and Sebastian/New Pornographers show. We are so thrilled for her and plan to live vicariously through her as she tells Stuart Murdoch that not everyone in Alberta is a banjo-picking homophobe and that the next time they are out whoring a cd release they should drop in to see us.
Congrats, Sarah!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMFG, that toilet paper roll picture destroyed me. Forever from now on I will carry a Sharpie with me in the event that I'm in the Ladies' Room and I use the last of the TP, hahaha!

DOS manuals? You be jivin' right? Sheeit, I think the last version of DOS I worked with was back in 1993. Talk about taking computing back old school, that's hilarious. But your poor body and mind, you need a hot bath. Pronto.

YAY FOR WON TICKETS!!! What a rush, especially for a favorite band! The most I ever won was a Riders of the Purple Sage album in Missoula. I don't even like them but my roommate did so it was ultra kosher.

South Park has the capacity to uber edumacate. Why, Cartman got me over my fear of anal probes!

I didn't say that and I am not here.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

If I ever EVER run into that tp roll in the ladies' room, I'm a-coming gunning for you, Mich.

Yeah, DOS manuals - we haven't purged the lab in a while. But now that the boss lives in the UK, everything gets tossed! Yeah!

I'm still scared of anal probes, but no longer fear Barbra Streisand.

Stephanie said...

That is the best toilet paper roll I have ever seen.

Jas B said...

I have had that happen to me quite a few times. A load of kleenex that I always carry around came to my rescue!

Barb, we purged the lab quite bit. It was fun throwing away all those old journals and catalogues from the 70's and 80's.

Oh those big floppy diskettes...and MS-DOS, and Corel-Draw...Yikes, that is a reminder of how old I am....Yes, they all go straight to the trash please!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you ran across 5.25" diskettes... or whatever they are in metric, yeeks. I bet you had some great laughs over the "good 'ol days!" I'm pretty sure we have some of those massive disks stored back with our Compaq 386 somewhere... oh the memories.

Barbara, it's apparent we have a love of Cartman. But I promise you, if you see an empty roll of TP in Calgary with chiding obscenities on it, it won't be me. I'd warn you ahead of time, I love a good game of tag!

Neil said...

michelle, you are strait out of tha hood. Have you been studying your ebonics or what?

The picture was good though.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stephanie - sweet as the tp roll is, I hope I never personally run into it, if ya know what I'm sayin.

Mich and Jas - I'm starting to think we should have kept those big old floppy disks. They had a certain retro chic - maybe they could have been made into a room divider or something.

Neil - ebonics - har! Did you make that up?

Respect my authoritah!

Kellee said...

Cheap and Fantastic Entertainment! I'm w/Michelle - Sharpie in purse at all times. hahahaha! Miss you Barb - tell Eva and Jas hello (I have so many blogs to check up on..eeeek!) THANKS for making me CD' are starting a Canadian Muzak Revolution down here..we are all enjoying you and Jen C's Mixes!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We sneaky Canadians are taking over your country one ear at a time. Mwah haha!

Anonymous said...

I second Michelle's entire first paragraph. Sharpie is now a staple when one goes to the bathroom. OH MAN, why is that photo so funny?!

Also, B&S/New Pornographers, I AM JEALOUS. Oh Toronto, land of the best shows evaar.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Barbara, Neil wasn't joking about ebonics (HAHAHA). The short story is that some black educators in California wanted schools to cater to the way black people talked in da 'hood. They thought it was discriminatory to force these 'hood kids to speak proper English because it's not the way they communicate in their homes. So these lobbyists and educators came up with the term "Ebonics" to classify their language.

If you too want to speak Ebonics, here's a wonderful translator for you to 'schoo yo fine seff.

There's also Gizoogle:

Jas B said...

The websites are quite entertaining, Michelle!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ruhee, if all goes as planned, soon you will be immersed in the land of the best concerts evaar, and we will all be jealous of you.

Michelle, I am gobsmacked, I didn't realise my education was so lacking. I love the ebonics translation site and have bookmarked it.

Anonymous said...

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