Friday, January 06, 2006

Things That Creep Me Out
1. Cover bands
and tribute bands, too, although I'm not really sure how they differ from each other. Is there a difference? I'm sure the purists who follow the genre would know.
Some cover bands have some quite creative names, like UTuba and BC/DC. So my question would be, why don't they use that creativity to make original music?
Cover bands give stalkers a bad name.
2. Frosty-tipped hair on men

Isn't this look so totally over? If not, it should be.

And it hasn't even been out of style for long enough for the guys sporting it to claim that they are wearing an ironic hairstyle. I think a certain length of time has to pass between the demise of a look and its resurrection as an ironic look. Perhaps someone who is hipper than I can either confirm or deny this theory.


3. Monkeys

Monkeys are nasty, vicious, dirty creatures. But I don't even hold that against them so much, that's just their nature. What really bothers me are people who think that owning a monkey as a pet is a good idea. Especially if they dress them up in stupid little hats and shit. I'd be nasty, vicious and dirty too if someone did that to me.

Now, the magnificent western lowlands gorilla, on the other hand ... that's a primate!

4. Return of the ultra high-rise waistline
This is just as bad as the ultra low-rise.
I am not going to start dressing like my grandfather, with my belt up under my armpits.
And if you thought visible thongs were bad, wait until you have to start seeing boobs hanging down over beltlines. Not nice.
5. Purse dogs
I guess here again it is not the fault of the dog that some sickos have decided it's a good idea to manipulate breeds until they look like deformed rats. But they are still creepy, especially when lugged around like a fashion accessory. No wonder Paris Hilton's dogs keep committing suicide. (Oh wait ... that was on South Park)
Now, the majestic German Shepherd ... that's a real dog!
6. Clowns
Don't even get me started on clowns.


Anonymous said...

cover bands play songs by a variety of artists. ie; the twilight singers, the soft pink truth or me first and the gimmie gimmies. tributes bands cover only one artist (and usually dress up as them) ie; bc/dc, utuba.

Teddy said...

Re: Purse Dogs

Any "dog" that is small enough to be punted for a field goal doesn't deserve the title.

It's a rat with legs. hairy or not.

Jas B said...

I wouldn't know anything about cover bands. Thanks to Eva, our music enlightener!

I agree with all other items on the list, they totally creep me out.

The worst thing with the frosty-tipped hair is when bollywood actors sport that look. They look hideous!

I can't imagine wearing the high-rise waist jeans and trousers that I used to have about 15 years ago. DOWN with ultra-high waistline and for that matter the ultra-low waistline.

Monkeys as na na

And I agree with Teddy on purse dogs.

Tydes Perdition said...

The only thing that creeps me out more than purse dogs are snooty women who own purse dogs and buy them a larger wardrobe than I own. I'm sorry, animals were not meant to wear clothes.

I guess that sort of ties right into your monkeys thing too, doesn't it?

Tydes Perdition said...

Oh... and clowns. They creep me out more than both combined. Good call on that one.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Eva - thanks again for saving my sorry ass (B&S reference, ha!)

Teddy - even some slighter larger than field goal punting size dogs, I have an issue with. You gotta be able to wrassle a dog to call it a dog.

Jas - I cannot imagine Bollywood actors doing the frosty-tipped hair - that is so very Indian, isn't it? And we can go NOT shopping for high-rise pants together sometime.

Jeff - those snooty women probably spend more on their deformed rat-dogs than we make in a year, as well. But I don't think it makes up for being owned by Paris Hilton. We should sic a clown on her.

Anonymous said...

But I don't think it makes up for being owned by Paris Hilton. We should sic a clown on her.

HA! Ya know it! Make her wear a pair of high-waisted pants as punishment on behalf of all microbred dogs.

Clowns. Whoever thought that people with receding hairlines wearing waxy face paint portraying freakishly large smiles with enormous primary red lips needs to be invited to my nightmares.

Anonymous said...


Great post!! May I comment? Thank you.

Cover Bands: While bands that do nothing but cover the songs of others are indeed creepy, there is one exception that I make: Bands that covers songs in a new style. Case and point: Me First and the Gimee Gimees and their punk covers of pop tunes. Check out their cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Genius…sheer genius!

Also great, but odd, is the band Big Daddy that took the lyrics of songs from the 80’s and set them to tunes from the 50’s. Purple Rain as it would have been done by Buddy Holly. I can say no more.

Frosty-Tipped Hair: Ouch. That hit’s close to home. Have been known to bleach. Shhhh!! Don’t tell anyone!

Monkeys: MONKEYS?!?

High-Rise Waistline: michelle has been known to yank my pants/sweats up by the beltloops until my fly is just under my chin. Ask her about it. She laughs and laughs. I laugh less.

Purse Dogs: Agreed. German Shepherds – now that’s a dog! Mia met one today. They are now friends. Awww.

Clowns: Again I reference michelle. Ask her to show you the clown photos that she manipulated. **shudder**

Again, GREAT post!!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle - I'll just bet Ms Hilton already owns ultra high-waisted pants - you just know she would.

GOB - I agree with you on Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. I had forgotten about them when I wrote this (I really like their cover of My and Julio Down by the Schoolyard). And I've got to check out Big Daddy - now that's creativitity!

So I guess I really meant tribute bands, now that I know the difference.

And guys with bleached hair are fine, in my books. It's when they try to look natural, but don't quite pull it off that I start to say no ... don't bother.

That musta hurt with the pants-yanking, huh? That Michelle, what a zany funster.

Tydes Perdition said...

Picture this: a drunken clown with a monkey grinder and a purse dog c/w clown nose and big shoes.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Jeff, and I'll bet the clown is wearing pants with a waistband just under his armpits, and he's got a frosty-tipped curly red wig.

Man, there's no way I'm sleeping tonight.

Tydes Perdition said...

I can't remember that tard's name with the frost tipped hair... but he needs to die. Now.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Why, Jeff, that's a picture of GOB!

Kidding, kidding, put the knife down. It's that Ryan Seacrest tard from that retarded American Idol show. You can pick up the knife again now.

Anonymous said...

I re-visited this entry that I originally hadn't commented on because I realised I know some guys who wear frosted hair and look really good.

Whatcha gonna do about that?

No, I kid. I actually don't mind the style mostly. Jas is right though, Bollywood should just have never touched it in the first place.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ruhee, some guys can definitely pull it off, but far too many cannot. Yet still they try.

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