Friday, January 27, 2006

a love letter to Stuart Murdoch

When exactly did I become so smitten with you? Particularly as I didn't ever expect to like your music? It was insidious, that much I know. Robbie Burns Day clinched it - all Scottish music all day; Franz Ferdinand was perfect for exercising, and then Belle and Sebastian took over and never let go. Even the day after (would that be Robbie Burns Boxing Day?), B&S were still the exclusive performers on my playlist.

In fact, January 26 should be declared Stuart Murdoch Day. You are, after all, true heir to the title of Scotland's poet. Robbie has had his day, besides I can't understand a bloody word he wrote. True, your words may be a little enigmatic occasionally, but then straight narrative can become pretty boring pretty fast.

But how could I not love you? You have a poet's soul, an angel's voice (even though the NME called it a gay choir boy yodel - the fuckers). You are witty and clever and funny and, I am told, very kind. I even forgive you for ignoring Calgary on your upcoming tour.
I wonder if you realise you fascinate me so **
(**a free haggis for naming the tune)


Anonymous said...

I know you don't care for the music BUT

Anonymous said...

whoops - what did I do?
ANYWAYS - I am TWITTERPATED (you know, like in Bambi?) over James Blunt. I am admittedly obsessed over almost all things British - but I bit the bullet and bought the whole album and LOVE IT! He has the most romantic, yet real voice. But I know you're not much into sappy stuff - and deliciously sappy it is. And he's gorgeous.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hehe too quick on the send button, Kellee? I do that all the time.

Well, while nobody has called B&S sappy, they have been called twee, which is pretty darn close, and if loving B&S (and Stuart) means that I like sappy music, then so be it. Fuck off, all you nay sayers. (not you, Kellee!)
And Stuart may not be gorgeous, but he has that delightful starving artist vaguely gay appeal.

Anonymous said...

kellee I agree, James Blunt's voice makes me melt. It's totally sappy and WE SHOULDN'T CARE. Fuck 'um. ;) 'cept you Barbara because you rock even when you're sleeping.

You write killer love letters, Barbara. Even if Stuart is gay he'd join our team after reading your declaration of desirous dedication!

(must go find me some Stuart Murdoch)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle - we must all of us find us some Stuart Murdoch somewhere, somehow! And you are right, Michelle and Kellee, you should not care what other people think about your preferences. The world would be an exceedingly boring place if we were all alike-thinking automatrons. Vive le difference!
btw, Michelle, you are getting some Stuart Murdoch in the mail - I'm sending those mixes today and somehow Belle and Sebastian ended up being quite prominent on them (how did that happen?)

Anonymous said...

Oh damn, that means I have to hurry up and shred the cd I previously made you and come up with something better. I fear my music tastes are vastly inferior to yours, though! Ok ok, time to find my adventurous hat... oh dear.

And yes, brilliant Barbara, vive la difference! Vive les deferens too, lest we encourage inbreeding.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

no no Michelle - I am a total poseur when it comes to music. I'm sure your cd is fabulous, don't shred it, (although I have to admit to going through 3 incarnations before getting one of yours just right). Mixed cds are so much like porridge.