Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'll sue you in England!
Did you see South Park last night? Oh, the drama-rama! Apparently, Tom Cruise successfully blocked the showing of the episode in the UK. Just shows you what you can do with too much money and ego.
The show had already aired in the US, and, according to Eva, nobody cares about Canada, so we got to see it haha.
Matt Stone and Trey Parker (pictured in their Oscar finery, left) are brilliant and I think they should win the Nobel Peace prize or something for their service to humanity.
other random-o-rama:
Big excitement at the Junior High school yesterday. One of the vending machines caught fire and Eva and Holly got all wild when the firemen showed up; they were hoping they would turn out to be strippers, but, alas, they were actual firefighters.
We got our Ralph bucks aka prosperity cheques yesterday. I want Jerry and I to put ours toward a new piece of exercise equipment. I'm thinking an elliptical machine; he's thinking a fly rod.
Eva re-introduced me to the Talking Heads, whom I haven't listened to in probably decades. Holy shit, they sure sounded fresh. We was just groovin as we drove the urban assault vehicle around, doing errands.
Some words look wrong no matter how you spell them:
William Shatner is brilliant in so many ways. I cannot stop listening to his and Ben Fold's cover of Common People. It's a glorious beautiful mess, and I shall recommend it to Jian Ghomeshi to be added to the National Playlist.


Stephanie said...

I love elliptical machienes. Loads of fun to be had. I haven't gotten my cheque yet. :(

Anonymous said...

Personally I can't take much more to do with Tom Cruise. After his comments about knowing the history of phscyology I have been really irked with him and have been boycotting anything to do with him. Not that my own personal war against him will really make any impact its fun to try!

Anonymous said...


Beware the flaming vending machines!! I am not sure of the connection, but I suspect a conspiracy of nefarious and evil origins. Can it be a mere coincidence that the Conservatives take power and then the vending machines mysteriously burst into flames? I think not. And as for the “firefighters”…did anyone check their credentials? I assure you, the vending machines were a ruse.

Words that I always think I’ve misspelled even when spelled correctly:

- Misspell (how that for ironic?)
- Satellite
- Roquefort (I usually just say “Bleu Cheese” instead)

Good reference to Shatner’s work…my favorite would be his “I am Canadian” parody. BRILLIANT!

All the best, watch out for those vending machines.


Stephanie said...

monica - I too am boycotting Tom. He's a lunatic. That Matt Lauer interview was hilarious and scary at the same time. So if two of us are boycotting, that's way better than one!

Anonymous said...

An elliptical machine, a fly rod, hmmm... if you combine the two it sounds like some nifty sex toy.

Throw in some squirrels with talking heads eating broccoli and you have a serious chance at the Cannes Film Festival next year!

On a serious note, I'm inviting William Shatner to my first DIBBQ (Desert Island Barbeque). Really.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stephanie - what are you planning to do with all that moolah?

Monica and Stephanie - I've never liked Tom Cruise, so I've kinda always boycotted him, but I'll boycott even harder now. He is a turd.

GOB - you may be onto something there. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you. I'm not aware that anyone actually checked the credentials of said "firefighters", although I'm sure the girls were trying to check to see if they had waxed their chests. Damn those Conservatives!
I'm all excited for you to receive those mixes now, because, without giving too much away, may I tease you with these words: William Shatner and Henry Rollins.

Michelle - I was getting all excited about the elliptical-fly rod combination, when Jerry corrected me that it was actually a reel that he wanted to buy. Now I have to rethink the whole design of the aforementioned sex toy (and frankly, I'm not sure if it will ever be as good as the original proposal).

What do you suppose Bill Shatner will wear to the bbq? Oh I hope it's his Captain Kirk outfit!

Anonymous said...

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