Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New day, new headspace
... the team is strong and we shall overcome...

Speaking of new headspaces, get your head into Ruhee's podcast. It is exceedingly kewl.

We're going to be on The Hour next Tuesday (Feb 7)!
We got confirmation of our tickets today, so Eva and I are going to hang again with our old friend, George. I wonder if he'll remember us; we remember him.

Hey Monica, I'll see you there. Come say hi, okay?

RIP, Coretta Scott King

Monday, January 30, 2006

Fuck the fucking fuckers!

How exactly does someone do their job when the mighty institute of higher learning where they labour gives them absolutely no fucking support? How do I work now with no office, no internet, and a hostile environment. How does my colleague - a professor - work in a tiny run-down shithole of an office shared with 2 grad students, with one internet connection ("but we can put one in for you in about 3 weeks for $900.00 and thanks for giving up your nice office where you already paid for 2 connections, sucka!"), and one fucking electrical plug?

The sad thing is, if I were to quit, it would only hurt the people I care about, not the fuckers who are making it impossible for me to do my job. They either don't give a shit or they are wringing their hands in glee because hey! it opens up more space for them. My hands are tied.

Fuck them all.

Thank you for listening; I feel better now.

Bruno is 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, big brother!
You rock the casbah, you sassy thang.
And not just because you look like Jack Layton.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I was born in the Year of the Dog, so I hope this means that it's an especially lucky one for me (oh yeah, and you too).
My fortune cookie last night said "success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pocket". There's a joke in there somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it right now (probably because my hand is in my pocket).
Actually I prefer the horoscope that my friend did for me a few years ago. It said "you are not as nice as people think you are". I shall want that to be my epitaph.

Here are the characteristics of DOG people:

responsible, compassionate, reliable, honest, pessimistic, anxious, overwhelming, nosy

Is it just me or do some of those characteristics cancel each other out?

Apparently those born in my particular year are of the subspecies EARTH DOG. Here's what the powers that be say about us dirt puppies:

The earth Dog is clever and genuine. She is rational and supportive, stable and stoic. Earth gives this Dog an element of security, for she is inspiring and confident. These characters are just, certain to hear both sides before making a decision. She makes a great leader because she is such a trustworthy, diplomatic individual.

Yup, that's me all over!

I am also, of course, a LIBRAN DOG:
These are charismatic characters. Libran Dogs are genuinely concerned about the well-being of other people. They are just and kind souls who value their families and friends.

Gosh, I'm getting all verklempft now...


I hope the Year of the Dog brings you much happiness

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'll sue you in England!
Did you see South Park last night? Oh, the drama-rama! Apparently, Tom Cruise successfully blocked the showing of the episode in the UK. Just shows you what you can do with too much money and ego.
The show had already aired in the US, and, according to Eva, nobody cares about Canada, so we got to see it haha.
Matt Stone and Trey Parker (pictured in their Oscar finery, left) are brilliant and I think they should win the Nobel Peace prize or something for their service to humanity.
other random-o-rama:
Big excitement at the Junior High school yesterday. One of the vending machines caught fire and Eva and Holly got all wild when the firemen showed up; they were hoping they would turn out to be strippers, but, alas, they were actual firefighters.
We got our Ralph bucks aka prosperity cheques yesterday. I want Jerry and I to put ours toward a new piece of exercise equipment. I'm thinking an elliptical machine; he's thinking a fly rod.
Eva re-introduced me to the Talking Heads, whom I haven't listened to in probably decades. Holy shit, they sure sounded fresh. We was just groovin as we drove the urban assault vehicle around, doing errands.
Some words look wrong no matter how you spell them:
William Shatner is brilliant in so many ways. I cannot stop listening to his and Ben Fold's cover of Common People. It's a glorious beautiful mess, and I shall recommend it to Jian Ghomeshi to be added to the National Playlist.

Friday, January 27, 2006

a love letter to Stuart Murdoch

When exactly did I become so smitten with you? Particularly as I didn't ever expect to like your music? It was insidious, that much I know. Robbie Burns Day clinched it - all Scottish music all day; Franz Ferdinand was perfect for exercising, and then Belle and Sebastian took over and never let go. Even the day after (would that be Robbie Burns Boxing Day?), B&S were still the exclusive performers on my playlist.

In fact, January 26 should be declared Stuart Murdoch Day. You are, after all, true heir to the title of Scotland's poet. Robbie has had his day, besides I can't understand a bloody word he wrote. True, your words may be a little enigmatic occasionally, but then straight narrative can become pretty boring pretty fast.

But how could I not love you? You have a poet's soul, an angel's voice (even though the NME called it a gay choir boy yodel - the fuckers). You are witty and clever and funny and, I am told, very kind. I even forgive you for ignoring Calgary on your upcoming tour.
I wonder if you realise you fascinate me so **
(**a free haggis for naming the tune)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Great chieftain O' the puddin'-race
... and tatties and neeps and all that
You would not believe how many recipes I have found for haggis - traditional haggis and kid-friendly haggis and even bagless haggis (which would actually make a pretty decent name for a band).
I have never eaten haggis and I'm not about to cook one tonight, but I'm game to try it. Somebody invite me to a Robbie Burns supper, already.
Did you know that you can buy all kinds of Robbie Burns Day speech packages on-line? This one is only $23.42 CA and if you order two products, you get $5.00 US off the second.
You get 7 speeches, and even a bonus speech: "How to deliver a speech like you're a pro even if you're scared to death of speaking in public."
A bargain at half the price!
Happy Robbie Burns Day!
In honour of the day, I will play only Scottish music. No great sacrifice there - Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Ball Boy, the Proclaimers.
I'm drooling, and it's not just the smell of the haggis.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In the words of my friend, GOB: "don't blame me - I voted for Giant Douche"
- actually I voted NDP, but WTF ...
trying to count my blessings:
1. it's a minority government (meaning another election in 20 months, I'll wager)
2. at least the Conservatives took some power away from the Bloc in Quebec
3. the NDP made considerable gains and Jack will act as the conscience of the nation

Monday, January 23, 2006

Polls are just closing here.
I fear I may have cast the only NDP ballot in the city of Calgary.
Let's hope all the soft conservatives got scared at the last minute and said "Holy fuck, we may just get stuck with Steven Harper" and voted ANYBODY BUT CONSERVATIVE!!!!!!
CBC Newsworld has got some kick-ass election coverage tonight:
the venerable Peter Mansbridge, the ever-sassy Rick Mercer, the comedy duo of Don Cherry and Ron McLean, the eloquent Rex Murphy, and our boyfriend, George Stroumboulopoulos who's hosting a party in the CBC atrium. And Matty Good is there with his laptop and he wore a suitjacket and looks all cleaned up and nice.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why, Cillian Murphy, why you gotta be like that?
Why Red Eye? Remember those other films you were in, that were so great?
We loved you in 28 Days Later. You were so terrified and confused and brave (and naked).
We adored you in Breakfast on Pluto. You were sweet and vulnerable and beautiful.
What happened?
Why did you agree to make a Hollywood stinker? What happened to your lovely Irish lilt?
We understand that you have to eat, but we are happy to support films that are not formulaic and boring and ridiculous. Your character in Red Eye had no character. There were no surprises, no drama. The best part was that first head butt:
("he just Doherty'd her!")
After that ... nothing.
We felt nothing when you died. (No spoiler here - you could see it coming from the beginning of the film)
We were far more shocked in Breakfast on Pluto when the bomb went off in the nightclub, and you were worried that you had wrecked your stockings.
Please consider your films more carefully. You will be lost in the Hollywood machine and you are too special for that.

Friday, January 20, 2006

This Much I Know ...

... our man Matt Good will be on The Hour again on Monday night as part of an election night panel. It appears that The Hour will only be on once that night, in the 8pm ET slot, but I think to be safe, it would be best to stay home on Monday and watch CBC Newsworld all day long ...

... The Hour is coming to Calgary February 6 and 7!!!! Tickets will be mine, mine I tells ya, because George Stroumboulongname and me, we're like this now ...

... I can only think of two Welsh hiphop bands - Goldie Lookin Chain and Super Furry Animals, and SFA are not even strictly hiphop ...

... I will never watch the film Karla. Its very existence is testing my feelings about censorship, but I have to stick to my principles. I refuse to in any way pay homage to these two sadistic people who kidnapped, tortured and murdered teenagers in Southern Ontario. Burn in hell, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

... is it just me or is Julian Casablancas (the Strokes) sounding more and more like Rufus Wainwright? He is starting to affect that slightly exasperated, slightly bored whine. Maybe it's a New York thing.
Not everyone agrees though. Here's my conversation with the resident music nerd in the car this morning:
me: don't you think that Julian Casablancas is channelling Rufus on this song?
Eva: no, he's just pissing me off!
We both agree, however, that Rufus is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettier. Plus he has the best sideburns in rock.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Would I have what it takes? Somehow I don't think so.

I can't stop thinking about Master Cpl. Paul Franklin.

He is the medic who lost part of his leg in the suicide bombing in Kandahar on Sunday, which tragically killed three Afghan civilians and Canadian diplomat Glyn Berry, and wounded 10 Afghan citizens, as well as two Canadian soldiers.

When their vehicle was torn to shreds by the bomb, Paul Franklin tied a tourniquet around his own partially severed leg and tended to the other wounded people. The next day, his wife, who is astounding in her own stoicism, reported him as saying that he has given himself a new nickname - Stumpy McGillicuddy - and recounted their conversation in which she laughingly told him that now they had to get the automatic transmission car for which she has been lobbying to replace their old standard vehicle.

How do people get the strength to deal with such overwhelming situations with this much courage and grace?

I don't want to comment on whether Canada should be sending 2,000 more troops into Afghanistan as part of a multinational partnership. I don't want to split hairs over whether this is indeed a peace-keeping mission, when in fact, there is little peace to keep. The fact is Master Cpl. Franklin is a medic. He tested his training to the ultimate degree, putting aside his own pain and horror and blood loss, while tending to the wounded.

And that is heroic.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

If you live in Alberta, you've seen this bumper sticker many times, sadly.
The other day I passed a truck with this sticker on it, only the bottom line was a bit obscured,so I thought, instead of "no gun control", it said "no guns 'n roses". And I thought, hell ya, finally they got something right!
Photoshopping courtesy of Eva

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lost and Found

I've lost 3 of the 5 Christmas pounds that I've gained, but Christmas fat is relatively easy to get rid of - it's transient. It goes on in a couple of weeks, takes a look around, and is gone again in a month or so. The pregnancy fat I'm still trying to get rid of, now that's another story. Let's see, my kid is 14 years old now, so those fat cells have definitely put down roots. They're sending their kids through university and joining the Chamber of Commerce. They are fine upstanding citizens. They are pillars of the fat community. They are not going to be driven from their home without a fight. They just got new carpet, fer Christ's sake!

But that kid of mine, she's blown my mind again. (lame segue, sorry) When we were tearing down the Christmas tree a few weeks ago, she played me a new cd - Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want - The Soft Pink Truth. I honestly didn't think much of it at the time.

But yesterday, it was my turn to carpool the neighbourhood kids to school and she slipped this cd in as we were pulling out of the garage and holy shit, I was gobsmacked! I've never heard anything quite like that. Loved it! Loved it!
If you too are not familiar with the Soft Pink Truth, they cover songs in an electronica (electro-crass, Eva calls it) vein. My ears have been opened to a whole new sound.
I don't know what the lads in the carpool thought of this cd, though. They are used to Eva and I playing weird stuff, but this was highly profane.
Ah, fuck em if they can't take a joke. If you can't learn to swear properly in your carpool, where are you going to learn it from, I ask you?
Eva got glasses - do you like them?
I think she is the shit!
But I wonder sometimes, what is she going to be teaching me when she is not 14?
Help me.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich?

I love election time.
There are those who say that having two federal elections in the course of 18 months is waste of taxpayers' money, but I have to disagree. Where else are you going to find such good value for your entertainment dollar? So nobody is governing the nation, what else is new?
And at this point in the campaign is when things really start to get interesting.
This is when the attack ads start.
Things heated up with the instantly infamous Liberal ad:
"Stephen Harper actually announced he wants to increase military presence in our cities. Canadian cities. Soldiers with guns. In our cities. We did not make this up"
Scary, eh? Trouble is, they did make it up. They've since pulled it, but they have similar ones running. One suggests that Harper made secret alliances with Bush officials, and ends with the words "A Harper victory will put a smile on George W. Bush's face".
Oh it's grand.
The Tory attack ads are actually disappointingly lame - the most prominent showing a red balloon with Martin's face on it (making him looks like he's ready for a major coronary) slowing deflating. Sadly lame and lacking in vigour, that ad.
The Conservatives did score with a spoof ad, based on the soldiers in the street ad. (See? political spoofs are not just for Rick Mercer anymore; even politicians are spoofing politicians now, and I for one think the world is a better place for it.)
Here's the Tory spoof ad:
"Stephen Harper has a dog. You know who else had a dog? Hitler. Adolph Hilter. That's who. Did Stephen Harper train his dog to attack racial minorities on command? We don't know. He's not saying."
Okay so maybe not all Conservatives are dour, homophobic, anally-retentive racists. Some of them are actually quite funny.
Bonus points for naming the source of the title of this post. Aw c'mon, you know this one.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Mixology Primer

You lot got my curiousity piqued the other day when we all had our own desert islands on Michelle's archipelago. What a nice place that was. (For the uninitiated, Michelle is the non-Martian half of the insanely sassy Big Porcupine team).
Neil and Jen both chose as one of their desert island cd picks their own mixed cd, which of course, made me sit up and take notice, as I am an obsessive mixed cd maker, and very nosy to boot.
I burn a shitload of mixed cds, for two main reasons: 1) to keep me sane during my 45 minute one-way commute, and 2) to inspire me to keep exercising. I also make quite a few mixes when I get that prickly feeling that somebody I know just has to hear some of my new music or they won't be able to survive. (No huge egos in this family)

Besides wanting to hear what some of your gold standard mixes are, I'd be interested to hear how you decide what goes into a mix.

Here's my recipe (because making a mix is sooo very difficult). Because I'm an incorrigible multi-tasker, each mix has to fit some stringent criteria:
  1. use the whole 80 minutes (I cannot tolerate waste)
  2. as most of the cds eventually end up beside the stationary bike, the first 45 minutes or so need to be primarily lively or I ain't going to pedal hard enough
  3. very rarely reuse songs, especially favourites, because God forbid I ever get tired of hearing them
  4. go back into the archives for some old favourites (ie, the Clash, Elvis Costello, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers) - they sound surprisingly fresh after a few years absence
  5. don't be afraid to throw in something unusual on each one (ie, Louis Prima, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Handel)
  6. and perhaps, trickiest of all, when making a cd for someone else (and of course I want to burn a copy for myself - it's that multi-tasking obsession again) have to follow all of the above plus make it unique for my buddy

So to start off the exercise, here's an example. I just made this cd for Kellee, in which I was trying to showcase to a certain degree some Canadian artists, highlight the Constantines, but nothing from Tournament of Hearts because Kellee already has that, and avoid repetition from some earlier cds I made for her. And I also couldn't resist putting on some songs from my new cds (ie, Franz Ferdinand, the Decemberists, Belle and Sebastian)

1 At home he’s a tourist – Gang of Four
2 Evil and a heathen – Franz Ferdinand
3 Watermark – Weakerthans
4 Ariel vs Lotus – Limblifter
5 National hum – Constantines
6 Electric version – New Pornographers
7 Rock the casbah – the Clash
8 Diagnosis – Weakerthans
9 Goodnight goodnight – Hot Hot Heat
10 Teenage lobotomy – the Ramones
11 This boy – Franz Ferdinand
12 Asleep on a sunbeam – Belle & Sebastian
13 Steal this sound – the Constantines
14 Hollywood is high – the Violent Femmes
15 We both go down together – the Decemberists
16 Ever fallen in love? – Buzzcocks
17 Justice – the Constantines
18 Germ Free Adolescents – X-Ray Spex
19 Buona Sera – Louis Prima
20 Hyacinth Blues – the Constantines
21 The fake headlines – the New Pornographers
22 Eli, the barrow boy – the Decemberists
23 Coax me – Sloan
24 Lord Anthony – Belle & Sebastian
25 Sea ghost – the Unicorns

Okay class, wake up!

Here's your assignment for 30% of your mark:

Hand in an example of a mixed cd. How do you decide what is burn-worthy?

Bonus points for wow factor.

You may begin ... now

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One of those days

This is just a self-indulgent pity-fest for the sake of purging. No sympathy required.

But sometimes don't you wish you could just crawl inside your computer and live in the lovely internets?

Or are those just the words of a pathetic loser?

Thank the powers that be for fuzzy slippers, wine, a sassy family, and South Park.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Who knew there was soooo much dust in those old (believe it or not) DOS manuals in the lab? (Some of you youngstas won't even know what those are!)
Jas and I threw out a whole bunch of crap and moved almost as much to the new lab and I'm beat.

I'm half-assed watching the leaders' debate and reading the paper. Mind is shot. It's amazing that I used my muscles all day, instead of my mushy brain as usual, and now my mind won't work. The Hour is not even on tonight, because of the stupid political leaders, so I'll have to get my edumacashion from South Park instead.
Remind me that tomorrow I want to ask you about your mixed cds that you have been tantilizing us with on Michelle's blog.

On an even happier note, Eva's buddy in Toronto won tickets to the Belle and Sebastian/New Pornographers show. We are so thrilled for her and plan to live vicariously through her as she tells Stuart Murdoch that not everyone in Alberta is a banjo-picking homophobe and that the next time they are out whoring a cd release they should drop in to see us.
Congrats, Sarah!!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm going to end up on Jerry Springer

God help me, I'm turning into an indulgent, I'll-give-my-kid-anything parent. Pass me a folding chair, I'm heading straight to the Springer show. I've actually spent the last couple of days trying to figure out how Eva and I can get to the Belle and Sebastian/New Pornographers show in Toronto.
Belle and Sebastian AND the New Pornographers!
What a dream concert - that's bigger than the Weakerthans/Constantines show we saw in March!

A year ago I hadn't heard of Belle and Sebastian, the Scottish indie collective, and now I am mad for them. I didn't expect to like their music; it's boy-girl vocals (which I am just now starting to get into), and lilting melodies, albeit with some pretty dark subtexts. And Stuart Murdoch, the song-writer, main boy vocalist, and all-round wunderkid behind B&S has the sweetest voice this side of heaven. Although the NME refers to it as a "gay choir-boy yodel", I have to protest that he does not yodel. Jury's still out on the gay part.
They don't make it to North America all that often and only to the big-assed cities in Canada (you know who you are, you centres of the universe).

I have written about the New Pornographers before, about what an amazing voice Neko Case has and how gorgeous and sexy she is, and what insanely catchy songs Carl Newman writes, even though the NME (again! those bastards) refer to him as a trout-faced, cardigan-wearing, supply teacher.
They are quite simply one of the best bands today.
Eva was quite bummed out that they weren't coming to Alberta at all and is convinced that Stuart Murdoch personally hates her. We actually looked into flights and making a side trip to London to visit Jerry's mom to justify our madness, and then found that they had changed the venue to a +19 show (as was the Vancouver show).
The insanity got to the point where I discovered that the Seattle show was all ages and started looking into flights before Eva (dear sweet sensible Eva) said "Mom, let's just stop the insanity now. It was a nice fantasy, but it's getting out of hand."
So to honour my great kid, I have written a song for her from Stuart Murdoch, sung to the tune of Lord Antony:
Eva, we're not playing in Alberta
cause you're all homophobic there
and you called me vaguely gay
And we're only going to play +19s
so you still can't go
even if you fly
because I hate you
but keep buying my records
because I like to eat food
even though I'm quite skinny
So maybe in five years
you can come see us
when you're 19
and visiting Glastonbury

Saturday, January 07, 2006

God that was strange to see you again
introduced by the friend of a friend
- Your ex-lover is dead
- Stars
Last night was the first time that I have ever been to a Leaf's game and cheered against them, but I had to cheer for the Flames. They gave us so much fun in the spring of 04. I was the only red shirt in a sea of blue (there are always a tonne of Leafs fans at Flames games - they really are Canada's team) and when we scored the only goal, I was a real asshole and did my Cartman dance, pointing at Jerry and singing "nyah, nyah, nyah". I love chanelling Cartman.
(note to Kellee: we got the corporate seats at the last minute and the game was sold out weeks ago, so didn't contact you guys about going)
Jerry, who has never had a problem making a decision in his entire life, was completely torn as to which shirt to wear. In the end, he wore his Leafs jersey (Tie Domi) with a Flames t-shirt underneath.
I ran into Lanny MacDonald in the hallway, and Jerry saw Ralph Klein in the fancy-assed box behind us. I've met Klein before - he's really short - I could take him.
Kippy was spectacular and sipped his water bottle adorably, and I kept elbowing Eva and pointing that out until she got annoyed.
Eva says Kippy looks like an inquisitive ferret.
I hate the new schedule system, though. The last time the Leafs played in Calgary was 2003, and after last night they won't play here again until the 2008-09 season. That's insane!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Things That Creep Me Out
1. Cover bands
and tribute bands, too, although I'm not really sure how they differ from each other. Is there a difference? I'm sure the purists who follow the genre would know.
Some cover bands have some quite creative names, like UTuba and BC/DC. So my question would be, why don't they use that creativity to make original music?
Cover bands give stalkers a bad name.
2. Frosty-tipped hair on men

Isn't this look so totally over? If not, it should be.

And it hasn't even been out of style for long enough for the guys sporting it to claim that they are wearing an ironic hairstyle. I think a certain length of time has to pass between the demise of a look and its resurrection as an ironic look. Perhaps someone who is hipper than I can either confirm or deny this theory.


3. Monkeys

Monkeys are nasty, vicious, dirty creatures. But I don't even hold that against them so much, that's just their nature. What really bothers me are people who think that owning a monkey as a pet is a good idea. Especially if they dress them up in stupid little hats and shit. I'd be nasty, vicious and dirty too if someone did that to me.

Now, the magnificent western lowlands gorilla, on the other hand ... that's a primate!

4. Return of the ultra high-rise waistline
This is just as bad as the ultra low-rise.
I am not going to start dressing like my grandfather, with my belt up under my armpits.
And if you thought visible thongs were bad, wait until you have to start seeing boobs hanging down over beltlines. Not nice.
5. Purse dogs
I guess here again it is not the fault of the dog that some sickos have decided it's a good idea to manipulate breeds until they look like deformed rats. But they are still creepy, especially when lugged around like a fashion accessory. No wonder Paris Hilton's dogs keep committing suicide. (Oh wait ... that was on South Park)
Now, the majestic German Shepherd ... that's a real dog!
6. Clowns
Don't even get me started on clowns.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

All independent movies are about gay cowboys eating pudding
(Eric Cartman)

I think in Brokeback Mountain they eat butterscotch pudding. I have nothing to base this on, I'm not sure why butterscotch, I just feel that it’s so.

Let it be known, that I am completely stoked to see Brokeback Mountain. Jen actually already scooped me on this and wrote earlier today in her insanely sassy blog about how much she wants to see it, how she loves gay cowboys.
And that actually illustrates the point I wanted to make: there’s speculation that straight actors, particularly those that fall into the heart-throb category, are reluctant to take on gay roles as it would turn off the lucrative young female audience. To this I say “BULLSHIT!”
Who wouldn’t want to see a couple of nice looking cowboys getting it on with each other? That’s a selling feature, as far as I’m concerned.
Who agrees? Okay, maybe some of you men might not be so thrilled about the idea of sweaty cowboy bodies rubbing up against each other, but hey, you never know. But I'll just betcha that all the women are. Let’s see a show of hands.
Can I get a HELL YEAH?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This can't be good
It's time to get Sputnik reading something a little more meaningful than the NME, methinks. Sassy as it is, all that music industry gossip will rot her brain.
Dostoevsky for you, cat!

Monday, January 02, 2006

There goes my reputation ...
Any credibility I have as any kind of scenester is now shot when I admit to you that until last night, I had never seen Hard Core Logo.
Somehow I thought that I had seen it before. It must be that its reputation as a milestone of pseudo-rockumentary was so established in my feeble little brain that it was as though I had already experienced it through osmosis.
What a powerful film.
It's mistakenly labeled as a comedy, although there are many (albeit very dark) comedic touches in it, as one would expect from director Bruce McDonald (also involved in one of my favourite tv classics, Twitch City). And the music is actually very good.
Hugh Dillon of the Headstones is mesmerizing as Joe Dick, and Callum Keith Rennie, as guitarist Billy Tallent, bears a disturbing resemblance to John K Samson.
If you like punk and you haven't seen this film about the reunion of a Canadian band for an unforgetable tour across the prairies, you must see Hard Core Logo.
4 guys - 5 nights - 3000 miles - 764 gallons of gas
- 987 bottles of beer - 3457 cigarettes - 1 last shot

Sunday, January 01, 2006

To start the year off right...
The Hour has posted "George takes Matt Good to the newsstand" on the video archives, in case you missed the original broadcast.
(Is it just me, or is Matt chanelling the Deer Hunter in that look? But he does get to use the word "plutocracy")