Sunday, December 18, 2005

This is my house on (Christmas) crack(ers)

I am maintaining a stranglehold on my freaking Goddess of Christmas title. Parcels and cards are sent, 85% of presents bought, 75% of those wrapped and under the tree. And one stinking week of work left! The nice thing about working at the University is they shut down the week betwixt Christmas and New Year's.

It's weird how the camera managed to show these pictures as I really do see them at night. Because I am developing cataracts, at night everything is blurry and the lights are all star-bursty, just like in these pictures.
So welcome to my head.

And this afternoon, Eva and I will embrace out inner Waltons by baking shortbread cookies. Jerry will drink rum. (Hey everybody gets ready for Christmas in their own way.)
Good night, John-boy


Neil said...

I always wondered what it would be like to see the world through your eyes. It was getting to the point where I was going to ask you to mail them to me so I could try em out. Thankfully, now I know.

Your house looks good, Barbara!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

haha Neil - it's scary inside my head, isn't it? Wouldn't you be surprised if you received a package of eyeballs in the mail someday.
Thanks for the compliment - I was going for the Comfort Inn look.

Jas B said...

Barb: thanks for the shortbread cookies and that brandy soaked fruit cake. Loved it! I ate so much that at times I thought I was a bit high!

Anonymous said...

Your home looks deliciously warm and inviting, Barbara! But the cataracts, that's not good. I hope you can get those treated soon, you deserve to see the world as bright as you make it.

*massive hugs*

Kellee said...

Barbarella you have a cozy, comfy abode...but goddamnit, now you are REALLY putting me to shame. Your house looks fabulous for X-mas...I think you are up to some shenanigans and are channeling Martha Stewart or something.......
So far I have only conjured up the Grinch with a touch of Courtney Love lunatic behavior! hahaha! (actually, I think that's closer to the truth than I would like it to be..) :)

Kellee said...

NOT BARB'S HOUSE. I felt 100% comfy and unworried about contracting something scary from her lovely furniture. I cannot say the same for the Comfort Inn.
Barbarella you put a crack in my ass you're so FUNNNNNYYYY! ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Jas - thanks back at you for the yummy chocolates today. That was very sweet of you, except that those Christmas pounds are now coming on faster than I had hoped.
Thanks for the thumbs up on my humble abode, Michelle. You throw a few cedar branches around and everything looks better all of a sudden. As for the cataracts, it's a great excuse for crappy driving LOL. I actually am on a waiting list to see a surgeon (yikes).
Kellee - HAR, the grinch with a touch of Courtney Love - that's priceless! I only let you see the less scary parts of my house for a reason, that's why you didn;t come down with some horrid disease.

Anonymous said...

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