Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it's our last: six degrees of the Pogues

Ah, Christmas... What's Christmas without the Pogues?

The cynical-beyond-her-years resident music nerd has declared that Fairytale of New York is the only Christmas song she can stand. (ed note: What about John Prine's Christmas in Prison if you want to get into the Paxil mood?) In her honour, I thought it would be fun to link Fairytale of New York to said cynic in six steps. Here goes:

1. Farytale of New York was written by Shane MacGowan, frontman for the Pogues (motto: "single-handedly upholding the reputation of Irishmen as drunks and brawlers").
Shane MacGowan is rerecording Farytale of New York, but the woman who originally sang the female lyrics in the song (and whose name I'm sorry I can't recall) has died. Her part will be sung instead by a woman whose name you just might be familar with:

2. Kate Moss (aka Cocaine Kate) will grace the song with her vocals. The last time I checked, Kate was more famous for introducing the modelling world to the phenomenon of heroin chic skinny chicks, for her ability to get dumped by most of her sponsors for her coke habit only to be embraced again by them after rehab (like there's a shortage of models in the world?), and of course for her on-again-off-again relationship with a certain junkie rock star:

3. Pete Doherty, former Libertine, and also former frontman of the crap band Babyshambles, looks every so sophisticated escorting Kate to her model world functions. That is when he's not busy breaking into former band-mate Carl Barat's flat and stealing stuff, or having methidone pellets sewn into his abdomen (while still taking heroin), oh lord I could go on and on about our Peter, but there's enough for a book, so I'll save the rest for a future post perhaps. Except to mention the Live 8 duet he performed in which he forgot the words to T-Rex's Children of the Revolution. He later claimed that he was not stoned, but rather discombobulated by the fact that Bob Geldof's daughter had grabbed his ass while he was going on stage. The duet was with another famous Brit:

4. Elton John. Oh pardon me, Sir Elton John, will be wed in a lovely I'm sure civil ceremony next year to his partner:

5. David Furnish is a Canadian.

6. The cynical-beyond-her-years resident music nerd is also a Canadian! Okay, I realise that was a bit of a stretch, as there are also a few other people in the world who would fit that description, but what the hell. She also plans to vote in the first Canadian elections for which she will be of age, if that counts for anything.


"You're a bum. You're a punk. You're an old slut on junk"

Fairytale of New York

Now that's a Christmas song!


eva said...

LIES! I like "Happy Christmas, War is Over" and most of the Southpark Christmas songs.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I stand corrected, honey.

You can't beat a good South Park song.

michelle said...

hahaha, Eva posted, heh...

Kate Moss singing, huh? Why not Annie Lennox? WHY?!? And goodness gracious Barbara, where the hell did you dig up that atrocious picture of Shane MacGowan? Sure, it's picture perfect but egad, talk about too many black and tans, that pic pretty much defines that kind of night.

In other words - excellent, girl!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle, believe it or not that pic was from a Shane McGowan fan site - those are some loyal fans! You gotta love the guy though, even with the dental retardation.

Can't wait to hear Kate Moss sing *snort*

Kellee said...

dental retardation?? HAHAHA! I think he has the most fucked up grill I have ever seen!!! Plus, you gotta love Eva looking quite like a cynic in those peepers she has on! X-mas just wouldn't be the same now without "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo"!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Kellee - I wish I could take credit for "dental retardation" but I stole it from Eva who stole it from Spin magazine. But harhar -"fucked-up grill" - I plan to steal that as well.
The glasses are actually 3-D glasses from a haunted house thingy we went to.
And, although the thought makes me gag, you can't beat Mr Hanky.

Ruhee said...

Haha, best entry EVER ... Eva's looking fabulous in those "music cynic" glasses, I must say. I'll have to procure myself a pair of those sometime.

It's Ruhee by the way, the one who hitched a ride with you back from Matthew Good. Woohoo! Nice blog.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ruhee! How nice you dropped by! We may just have another pair of those music cynic glasses around the house - they are yours if you want them. I'm sure that they would look totally sassy on you.

I checked out your site as well. That is the most thorough Sloan site in existent. Well done!

Ruhee said...

Thanks! Hahaha, it would be even more thorough if I remembered to update it, which I haven't since its inception. It's supposed to be this constantly growing monolith à la Wikipedia, but I can't seem to remember to upload the stuff I add to it. Oh well.

Kellee said...

I love ya Barb! Steal any one of my smartass torential tirade insults that you like! I come up with some doozies if I get pissed of - I can remix curse words into combinations that would make my mom's head spin around! hahaha! Hey there Ruhee, I'm the one that DIDN'T get to hitch a ride with Barb and Co. to the concert, in fact I mostly missed the concert as well...hahahaha! Did me meet? I am thinking so...Barb, who was it I met??

Kellee said...

PS: I don't care WHAT you all say, I in out of my gourd for gay 'ol Elton! *sigh* ;) He's such a BITCH..I love it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeah, Kellee, you did meet Ruhee at the concert - she's Eva's buddy.
And, Elton John, I certainly didn't intend to diss him - I think he's grand - and wish him marital bliss.

Kellee said...

Oh I didn't think you were dissing him at all! ;) I was just mentioning I love that short little bitch! hahahaha! He can rant better than ME!!!

Ruhee said...

Well hey Kellee, it's a small world :P

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