Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Will Love Tear Us Apart?

On National Playlist yesterday, Ben Rayner brought in the Joy Division song Love Will Tear Us Apart, which was a brilliant move, as every playlist must have some Joy Division on it, although personally I would have gone for Transmission, or Warsaw, or Digital.

But then he said something rather disquieting about a new movie which is currently being cast. Control is the story of Ian Curtis, frontman for Joy Division, who became famous for hanging himself at the age of 24. Apparently Jude Law is to play the lead role.

Is it just me, or is Jude Law in everything anymore? I am getting mightily tired of him. Although in some ways, he is a fitting choice, as Ian Curtis was involved in an extramarital affair at the time of his suicide, and Jude Law always seems to be in some kind of extramarital affair, presumably contributing to his career suicide.

There has already been a movie about Joy Division - 24 Hour Party People. Okay, it wasn't strictly about Joy Division, rather about Tony Wilson, the founder of Factory Records, and it told the slightly fictionalised story of his signing of such acts as Joy Division/New Order and The Happy Mondays, and how he missed signing The Smiths. If you are at all interested in the Manchester scene of the 80's and how it ushered in the birth of rave culture, then you could do far worse than to watch 24 Hour Party People.

I know some people who are going to be pissed if the music of Joy Division suddenly becomes uber-popular with the release of Control. Certain people in this house who shall remain nameless are very protective of their music. They pride themselves on their esoteric sensibilities and don't want their tastes to become overly-popular. And in a lot of ways I can understand that. There's nothing worse to a worldly 14-year old than to have the mall goths commandeer your music (mall goths being defined as poseurs who hang around malls and listen to My Chemical Romance). There is definitely a matter of credibility being at stake here.

Ian Curtis has been dead for 25 years now. Will 2006 be the year that he blasts back onto the public scene?


Anonymous said...

I believe that my definiton is closer to "someone whose dress sense incorporates the worst of the gothic subculture, consider themselves to be a "goth" but listen to nu-metal and have never heard of Sisters of Mercy."

You were pretty close, though.

Anonymous said...

Also, it has to be *really* bad nu-metal, as QotSA are actually pretty good.

Anonymous said...

mall goths being defined as poseurs who hang around malls and listen to My Chemical Romance

HAHAHA, oh man I think I cracked a rib! The Hot Topic mall crowd kills me with all their spiky faux leather bracelets and angst du jour. One of these days I'm going to go all Kotex and lasso me an eyebrow barbell.

I must confess ignorance, I didn't know the history of Joy Division. It sounds terribly tragic.

Stephanie said...

You're totally right. Jude Law is in everything. Everywhere I look, Jude, Jude, Jude. and i'm Puke, Puke, Puke.

Neil said...

"angst du jour" he he he

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Eva - thank you for clarifying that definition of mall goth. It is precisely that kind of attention to detail which will determine your success in life. (sorry, couldn't pass up the teachable moment)
Michelle - the image of you finally snapping and then snorting and foaming at the mouth as you lasso an eyebrow barbell at the mall is going to stay with me for a very long time. And I will treasure it. You kill me, girl!
Yes, the story of Joy Division is fascinating and tragic (but not toe-tappingly tragic - nobody could ever acuse JD of making toe-tapping music).
haha Stephanie - puke puke puke - very poetic observation
Neil - I hope your angst du jour is not airsickness

Anonymous said...

Don't forget farting. My mouth end can handle only ~so much~ hot air...

It's always sad when someone dies by accident. I understand when it's one's time to go then it's time, but it's never easy to comprehend when we the living are left behind. From Kurt Cobain's "accidental" death (theories abound) to Michael Hutchence's untimely autoerotic asphyxiation to Jeff Buckley drowning to Jimi Hendrix choking on his vomit... death is mysterious. Just my take, of course.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

And farting too! Priceless!

But yes, far too many musicians go before their time - it's a killer lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

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