Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thank you Dr. Gustavo Roman

It's incredible what a talented speaker can accomplish. I sit through far too many academic presentations that hold my interest for about 15 minutes before I start composing grocery lists (or blog posts) in my head, because I cannot look at yet another slide of an MRI brain scan. I'm not a neuroradiologist. All those brain scans look exactly the same to me.

Dr. Roman's talk on vascular dementia today not only had me hanging onto every word for 45 minutes, but his synopsis of the history of neurobiology was astounding. Did you know that the first neurobiology textbook dates back to 1549? And that the concept of dementia was documented in it? I now have a much better understanding of lacunar stroke as well, thanks to that lecture.

And there were only 2 radiology slides.


If you are looking for Matt Good pictures, ummm, sorry, still haven't dumped the camera yet. I've been crazy busy. But don't be sad, peeps, because Teddy has totally amazing pictures of the very same concert for your astonishment and delight.

Prepare to be amazed here.


vwbuglover said...

I love your insult of the day......... It sounds different in English but extremely effective.
Who the hell is Matt Good??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Neil said...


Another someone who doesn't know Matt Good.

Time to enact the emergency Matt Good Education procedures.

VWBuglover... go to:

Check out his website and listen to a bit of his songs on it. He's a hero of a bunch of us bloggers.

PS - Barb, hope you don't mind I answered that before you. I was just droppin by to say "Good Mornin'", couldn't ignore that post.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Neil - here's the horrifying part - vwbuglover is my own brother! I am so ashamed! Thanks for setting him on the path to enlightenment - you're a hell of a man doing a hell of a job.
Bruno, you really need to to get out more. I never thought to try that insult out in German - good plan.

Neil said...

Good god, you need to educate your family!

Anonymous said...

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