Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?
I HATE parent/teacher interview day, but probably not for the reasons you think. I hate it because it means all the fucking maniacs are on the road at the same time on the way home from work.
Here's what I think happens:
Some oil baron, who's never shown any interest in his or her kids' edumacation before, all of a sudden remembers at 4:15 that they have a parent/teacher meeting at 5:00. So they hop into their Lexus SUV and race like hell down the Deerfoot trying to make the meeting. Naturally all of us peons are also on the road, trying to do the same. This calls for random and frequent aggressive lane changes at 130 km/hour because the rules don't apply to oil baron, and what the hell are the others cars doing in the way anyway? Their kids don't matter.
I live 30 kms from work so I get ample opportunity to see asshole driving, but today was the finest I think I've ever seen.
Fucking arrogant assholes.


Kellee said...

No Barb - you did not see the biggest assholed driving yet, because I was in Montana today. Trust me on this one. ;)
I really miss was so good to have someone to talk to after my pals have all moved away and I am stuck here due to Josh's job. I didn't realize how lonely I was for CLOSE friends (not how ya doin' drinking buddies). Maybe I need a sunlamp after all.
all my love to the fam...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Kellee, I'm been in a similar place when we moved to Calgary. It is hard, and in some ways life's never the same again. But we are resiliant, right? This is when you dig in and solidify that inner core. Sunlamps and lots of exercise are good too.
I'm going to work on another mix for you this weekend. Have realized that Eva is too lazy so I will make one that I think she would make, if she were to make one. I think you'll like it.

Tydes Perdition said...

I tend to think that this incident on the Deerfoot probably isn't an isolated incident. That stretch of road is loaded with asshole fucktards every day around that time.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Tydes - you are right of course - the Deerfoot seems to draw assholes to it, but last night - sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's totally different down here. Parent-Teacher conferences are the best day to drive around town in these parts, except for the area around the mall. Parents don't give a shit and it's totally frustrating. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "I'm begging out because of excuse X-Y-Z" and I'm left a pariah because I defend my girls' level of education, for better or worse. I think I'd rather play musical lanes with Cadillac Escalades than deal with the apathy in my town!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle - keep up the good fight! If folks like you don't defend our kids' interests in the school system, who will? I salute you.