Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oh Play That List!
So, been listening to National Playlist yet? You know the premise, right? Here's the description from the website:
What if your ipod only held 10 songs and you could only change them once a week?
THE NATIONAL PLAYLIST will bring you the songs you need, sorted, sifted, debated and defended by musicians critics producers celebrities and you, the listening audience. Every week host Jian Ghomeshi will bring together 3 people who know their music. They’ll each be armed with 2 songs and their arguments as to why their tracks should make the ever-evolving list. Eight songs are on the table; only four will make it onto THE NATIONAL PLAYLIST. It will be your responsibility every week to make room for the new songs by picking the one song you think most deserves the download, the four songs with the least votes are banished from the list. On Friday the new playlist will be revealed and on Saturday night THE NATIONAL PLAYLIST – Countdown will spin the songs that made the cut.
Here's the list so far:
Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out), Arcade Fire, Funeral, pitched by Jian Ghomeshi

Urge for Going, Joni Mitchell, Songs of a Prairie Girl, pitched by Larry LeBlanc

Mornings Eleven,The Magic Numbers, The Magic Numbers, pitched by James Keast

Heard ‘em Say, Kanye West, Late Registration, pitched by Jemeni

Life on Mars, David Bowie,Hunky Dory, pitched by Jian Ghomeshi

Photograph, Nickelback, All the Right Reasons, pitched by Larry LeBlanc

Aside, The Weakerthans, Left and Leaving, pitched by James Keast

Hope There’s Someone, Antony and the Johnsons, I am a Bird Now, pitched by Robert E-Green

Body’s in Trouble, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Miss America, pitched by Robert E-Green

When a man loves a woman, Percy Sledge, The Hit Songs of Percy Sledge, pitched by Jemeni

I just started listening to National Playlist yesterday and today only caught half of it, so I feel like I'm waaaaay behind. But I have started my voting campaign for the Weakerthans, as some things in life take priority. Here's the letter I sent Jian today:
Dear Jian:
Of course, the fabulous Weakerthans’ song Aside must stay on the National Playlist, but not just for the week, forever!
The song bursts into life with riotous joy. From the opening cymbal strikes to the final line, “sing my imperfect offering”, the driving rhythm is infectious and irresistible. If you have ever seen the Weakerthans perform this song live (and I’m sure you must have) then you’ll have seen the entire audience dancing and singing maniacally during this song.
As with every Weakerthans song, Aside is rich with evocative imagery. Where else would you hear lyrics such as “circumnavigate this body of wonder and uncertainty, armed with every precious failure and amateur cartography”?
The only problem that I can see with keeping Aside on your ipod is how to keep those little earplugs intact while dancing crazily around the room during the playing of this great song.
------ You'll notice I didn't even slag Nickleback - that would have been too easy ------

So vote early, vote often

I love these guys!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I confess ignorance to the works of The Weakerthans. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. Very nice to hear about new music. (well, new to me anyway...)

Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't torpedo Nickhellback, they're too damn easy. Arcade Fire? Blech, total 80's stuck in the 80's.

I vote for YOUR vote. Because you haven't steered me wrong yet. *hugz*

Barbara Bruederlin said...

GOB - I am honoured to have intoduced these lovely lads to you (well introduced their name to you anyway). Your bottom-feeder list of songs you posted the other day struck such a nerve with me that it still gives me the creeps, so I just know you would appreciate a band like the Weakerthans with which to cleanse your mind.

Michelle honey - our first fight! Is the honeymoon over? I actually like the Arcade Fire, but I can accept diversity. Love your spelling of Nickhellback! Genius, and true!

Teddy said...

Didja see em at folkfest? It was the only reason I went this year.

.te.d. is

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Teddy - not only did I see them at the Folkfest but somehow I ended up stalking John Samson all day long. Did you see me dancing like a crazy fool? I also saw them in concert with the Constantines at Mount Royal College and both bands were wonderful!
I was originally only going to see the Weakerthans at Folk Fest, but then I won the big Swerve playlist contest so went on Thursday as well. And Buck 65, Hawksley Workman and Jeff Tweedy were all spectacular!
I going to the entire Folk Fest next year.

Anonymous said...

It's ok to disagree on Arcade Fire! A little sandpaper in the mix gives that much more surface area to discover more lurrvin', sweets.

GOB (heh) is Amazon'in - goddess help me, you've created a monster.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is correct. I confess it's true, you have created a monster of sorts. Thanks again for the reference to the Weakerthans. Nothing is quite so wonderful as the revelation found in new and insightful music.

"Bottom Feeder Music"? Damn, wish I'd thought of that...

Thanks again, and sorry for creeping you out!

GOB (hee hee, love it!)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

"a little sandpaper in the mix..." - Michelle, you are a master of words.
To both lovely Michelle and the lovely GOB, I apologize if I have in any way contributed to music buying addictions, but it's not my fault. Blame those damned Weakerthans for making infectious and intelligent music!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SuperBarbara, but it's your wit that draws me back!

Please don't apologize for expanding our music library. We've been in a state of auditory stasis for much too long and you have introduced us to music that we each can enjoy both together and indivdually.

It's so cool, GOB has his Weakerthans and I have my Matthew Good (which arrived today - YEEAAAYYY) and you're the first atomic pulse. This probably should have gone to e-mail but I think the world should know just know thankful I am to you. :)

Rocker on rockish girl.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Awww!!!! *shuffles feet*
I'm just passing along the joy that my kid has given me by taking me out of my music stasis a few years ago.
And I'm sooo glad that your Matty has arrived. Do enjoy!