Friday, November 11, 2005

Music nerd stuff
First, a correction to the National Playlist post. Since yesterday, they have updated the week's list to include those brought in by the panellists yesterday (and subsequently dumped a couple of songs). Oh it's a heartless game!
Yay (!!!) that Aside has moved up to #3 (from 7)!!!!! Thanks to anyone who voted for them. Can't believe that Bob Dylan and MIA are behind Nickhellback (as Michelle calls them), but there's no accounting for taste. (And so much for my pledge not to slag Nickleback)
Also dropped is Hope There's Someone by Antony and the Johnsons, sadly. I have to admit I haven't actually heard their music, but I love Antony Hegerty. How could you not love a 6'4" transvestite gentle giant, I ask you?
Here's the current list:
Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out), Arcade Fire, Funeral

When a man loves a woman, Percy Sledge, The Hit Songs of Percy Sledge
Aside, The Weakerthans, Left and Leaving

Life on Mars, David Bowie,Hunky Dory

Photograph, Nickelback, All the Right Reasons

Mornings Eleven,The Magic Numbers, The Magic Numbers

Louisiana 1927 , Randy Newman, Good Old Boys

Galang, M.I.A., Arular

Like a rolling stone, Bob Dylan, Highway 61 revisited

House of Gold, Andy Stochansky, 100
I bought my first Belle and Sebastian cd today (Dear Catastrophe Waitress). For a while now, Belle and Sebastian have been my guilty pleasure, but I refuse to feel guilty any longer. Call me an emo kid if you want; I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm all blushing now. Stop it.

That "Galang" song is mentally persistent. I put it on a CD for a drive out to the coast that our family took in late August... my girls and Harrison (aka GOB, damn that's funny) asked me "What is 'Galang' and why do we care?" I had a moment of teen FUCK YOU, it's a good song, stop asking me questions and shut up already.

I'm so embarassed.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, PHOTOGRAPH is on the list? I dislike that song so much.

"Here's where I once threw up,
Here's where I skinned my knee
I'd drunken way too much
Luke-warm Kokanee.."

Someone needs to tell Chad that we were sick of plow-boy rock back when John Melencamp did it 20-odd years ago.

Eh, I'm babbling.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Michelle - those fuck you and shut up moments are the ones that make life worth living.
GOB - feel free to babble on ANYTIME - your babble is more insightful than many people's debates. If you hate Photograph then, like me, you must hate all the Nickleback songs = heard one, heard them all.

Rob said...

belle & sebastian are alright. only listened to them once.

i spent today rediscovering arcade fire and talk talk

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Rob, you sneaky sneak - changing your name like that. Have you gone into the Witness Protection program? I don't like all of B&S, and they're not the sort of band I would think I would like, but there you go.
I've not heard Talk Talk, but have heard good things about them. Must listen to them sometime. I'm rediscovering the Weakerthans these days (but that's pretty obvious).

Sean S. said...

Currently deeply in love with....

"Takk" by Sigur Ros......absolutely amazing album..

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sean, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Sugur Ros. Now I must listen to them myself. Ain't love grand?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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